The Truth about the Assad Family, Black September and the Hama Massacre

SUNDAY POST 4-9-2017

Following in the political and inhumane  footsteps of his father Hafez, who was described as a “radical socialist” and “terrorist” and his brother Rifaat known as the “Butcher of Hama”Bashar al Assad has also demonstrated a repeated history of his lack of regard for Syrian lives and for human lives in general.  A rare trait for someone who is a Medical Doctor.

The recent Syrian war crime allegations are not limited to the Assad regime. It’s apparent and alleged that horrific crimes have also been committed by the Syrian ISIS insurgents

On the other side, some rebel groups “fired indiscriminately in attacks that killed and injured dozens, including women and children.” These attacks were launched “without a clear military target” and “intentionally terrorized the civilian population,” 

The rebels’ use of an improvised mortar — known as the “hell cannon” — “terrorized” residents of government-held western Aleppo, according to the report. And it said that some armed groups also withheld humanitarian aid and restricted the movement of local residents, instead using them as human shields. NBC News.

The allegation that Syrian President Assad has gassed Syrian citizens is not the first time Assad  family regime has been accused of war type crimes against its own citizens. . Bashar al Assad assumed control of Syria in July of 2000 when his father, Syrian President Hafez el Assad died in office . In 1982 Syrian president Hafez and his first son General Rifaat al Assad were held responsible for the murder of approximately 1000 Syrians in an incident later referred to a the Hama Massacre.

The Hama massacre (Arabicمجزرة حماة‎‎) occurred in 2 February 1982, when the Army Syrian Arab and the Defense Companies, under the orders of the country’s president Hafez al-Assadbesieged the town of Hama for 27 days in order to quell an uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood against al-Assad’s government.The massacre, carried out by the Syrian Army under commanding General Rifaat al-Assad, effectively ended the campaign begun in 1976 by Sunni Muslim groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, against the government.

Initial diplomatic reports from Western countries stated that 1,000 were killed. Subsequent estimates vary, with the lower estimates claiming that at least 2,000 Syrian citizens were killed,while others put the number at 20,000 (Robert Fisk), or 40,000 (Syrian Human Rights Committee).[2][6] About 1,000 Syrian soldiers were killed during the operation and large parts of the old city were destroyed. The attack has been described as one of “the single deadliest acts by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East”. According to Syrian opposition, the vast majority of the victims were civilians.

According to Syrian media, anti-government rebels initiated the fighting, who “pounced on our comrades while sleeping in their homes and killed whomever they could kill of women and children, mutilating the bodies of the martyrs in the streets, driven, like mad dogs, by their black hatred.” Security forces then “rose to confront these crimes” and “taught the murderers a lesson that has snuffed out their breath”.Wikipedia

According to author Patrick Seale, “every party worker, every paratrooper sent to Hama knew that this time Islamic militancy had to be torn out of the city, whatever the cost…” The military was mobilized, and president Hafez al-Assad sent Rifaat’s special forces (the Defense companies), elite army units and Mukhabarat agents to the city. Before the attack, the Syrian government called for the city’s surrender and warned that anyone remaining in the city would be considered a rebel. Besieged by 12,000 troops, the fighting in Hama lasted for three weeks – the first week “in regaining control of the town,” and the last two “in hunting down the insurgents.” Robert Fisk, in his book Pity the Nation, described how civilians were fleeing Hama while tanks and troops were moving towards the city’s outskirts to start the siege. He cites reports of high numbers of deaths and shortages of food and water from fleeing civilians and from soldiers.

According to Amnesty International, the Syrian military bombed the old city center from the air to facilitate the entry of infantry and tanks through the narrow streets; buildings were demolished by tanks during the first four days of fighting. Large parts of the old city were destroyed. There are also unsubstantiated reports of use of hydrogen cyanide by the government forces. After encountering fierce resistance, Rifaat’s forces ringed the city with artillery and shelled it for three weeks.

After the initial attacks, military and internal security personnel were dispatched to comb through the rubble for surviving members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their sympathizers.Torture and mass executions of suspected rebel sympathizers ensued, killing many thousands over several weeks. Rifaat, suspecting that rebels were still hiding in tunnels under the old city, had diesel fuel pumped into them and set ablaze and stationed T-72 tanks at the tunnel entrances to shell the militants exiting the tunnels Wikipedia.

It is no surprise that Syrian President Assad would turn on his own people without regard and with impunity  Assad does not understand or will not admit that the US strike on his military installation was in response to his chemical attack on innocent Syrian citizens and not a signal that the United States supports his opposition. Quite the contrary, the US should have bombed them both in a signal that attacks on civilians from either faction  will not be tolerated. . Assad probably and erroneously assumed that since he has had impunity from past US Presidents, his chemical attack would of course be ignored. And Mainstream Media in the US reports that Bashar Assad is fighting terrorism. . 



Food Prices Drop in Mexico as Trump Threatens to Cancel NAFTA

THE SUNDAY POST 01/29/1917

IS TRUMP A SLY ACHIEVER? Trump’s Threat to Cancel NAFTA has Caused a Reduction in Food Prices in Mexico.

During an interview of both Canadian and Mexican citizens in preparation for this article this Canadian sentiment was voiced.  It may also be the sentiment of other non US Citizens. “Why should we pay the United States to use a pipeline that we own? The Americans are greedy, they want nice new cars, nice new homes at the expense of Canadian citizens.”

NAFTA  vs Oil and the Border

There are two oil pipelines that have been a mired in political rhetoric, accusations of big business interference in National Policies , Indian claims that their land is being ravaged and exposed to profound future pollution as well as  a proposed border wall.  All are influenced by NAFTA.  NAFTA is the one single thing that has enabled all of the above controversies.

The Mainstream Press continues to report inaccurate biased illogical information based on either deception or ignorance  on these issues and  how the Trump Presidency and subsequent Executive Orders affect the US.

The status  of the NAFTA and Oil pipe lines appears to have been easily dealt with by our new President. And both issues appear simple. We will build a wall that Mexico will pay for and we will complete the oil pipe lines. Without knowing all of the facts these decisions seemed to have been made off the cuff during Trumps campaign and followed with actual Presidential Executive orders.

With a little knowledge and in consideration of Trumps history of business success  it’s really not difficult to see through the tsunami  of drama created by the mainstream media.  Many who voted for Trump did so out of desperation, and so the “Jury is out” as to whether his actions are economically reasonable, and logically  in the interest of the United States of America. Its possible that the Politician’s in Washington and the Press wouldn’t know whether or not Trumps actions are  based on solid good business practices or not. But Trump was elected on the assumption that he  knows.

Based on interviews with the Mexican people , knowledge of the Mexican economy, interviews with many Canadian citizens a layman’s reasonable analogy of Trumps decisions can be made.  It’s a simple analogy  that no-one is really talking about much and is outside of the National Media agenda.

First the border wall.  It’s true that NAFTA is an unfair agreement. Why would any business let alone a country like the United States initiate agreements with the likes of Canada, Mexico, China or any other country that allows competitive countries to charge fees and taxes on anything and everything imported into their respective countries and  then allow these same countries to ship anything and everything into the United States fees and tax free?  Did you know that Chinese goods can be shipped from San Diego to New York for the price of a US Postage stamp.?   The Canadian inaccurate press rhetoric is understandable coming from a country that has enjoyed generational tax and tariff free exports to the United States.  Canada’s nationally sponsored news media reports that the elimination of NAFTA would have adverse affects on Mexico. This demonstrates the  poor understanding of the Mexican situation  not only by Canadians but by Americans..

How can manufacturing in the United States compete under conditions created by NAFTA? The answer is they cannot.  Who benefits from this kind of agreement?  The answer is Big businesses benefits .Their goal is to manufacture goods destined for sale in the United States using cheap foreign labor and materials free of tariffs and taxes in the United States.  Big business and the US Press argue that this causes lower prices in the United States. The truth is that no retail prices in the United States were reduced as a result of NAFTA in fact prices have increased.  It’s obvious that the difference between cheap labor and US labor has gone into the pockets of the fat cats in the United States.  It’s a fact that if you shipped a 10 pound parcel containing a new item manufactured in the US to Mexico, there is a minimum Mexican tax of 16% charged on the item. It’s also a fact that if you shipped a railroad car loaded with clothing made in Mexico, or China or Canada (including oil)  to the United States there is NO TAX or TARIFF imposed by the United States.  The boomers can remember paying 10 cents per gallon for gasoline. That was before NAFTA was created by the George Bush Sr. administration.. By the way, the Bush family just happened to be in the oil business.  Ask yourself, has the price of gasoline ever had a sustained reduction in price?

What’s all this have to do with the border wall?  Over the last 25 years the United States has poured over a billion dollars into Mexico to assist in the fight against drugs.

This is where the interviews with local Mexican residents and police officers comes in.  It’s also a fact that very little of this billion dollars actually made its way to the Mexican fight against drugs. Anyone who lives in the United Sates knows that the war to stop Mexican drugs from entering the United States is being lost…  So yes, with the stroke of President Trumps pen, Pena and his cronies will pay for the wall or that billion dollars they are receiving from the US may be diverted to the construction of a brand new border wall. A wall  that we can see and feel. A wall  that may help curb the flow of drugs into the country.  Trump has said that Mexico also will need to pay a tariff on their goods shipped into the United States.

The US news  media has painted a picture of Trumps actions that couldn’t be more inaccurate. The Mexican people are getting panicky about the price of goods in Mexico.  What will happen if Trumps plan to negate NAFTA comes to pass.  They fear the worst.  The US news media is directly responsible for this fear.

It’s also a fact that just this past week when Trump announced his plans to negate the NAFTA agreement, the price of food in Mexico began to fall. Why?  Because its good business that’s why. What are the growers and manufacturers going to do if they no longer have The NAFTA guaranteed  price advantage in the United States. What are they going to do if the US consumers now can purchase the same goods made in the USA for less or the same amount of  money than the goods manufactured in Mexico and China?  In anticipation of this, the Mexican distributors  have already begun to dump goods, especially perishable goods like vegetables into the Mexican economy.  They would rather sell the items for less to the Mexican consumer than get stuck with spoiled vegetables, or warehouses loaded with clothing.   Trump knows this.  So the ultimate truth of the matter is, the Mexican people have already begun to benefit not suffer from the Trump presidency.  Presumably China will be next.

About the Canadian pipelines.  This is a particularly sly move by Trump in the best interest of the US. It’s questionable whether or not Trump would have been in favor of the pipelines at their inception but the facts are (as mentioned above) that the deals with Canada and Mexico were made by previous administrations and now he must clean up the mess.  The NAFTA question must also be asked in reference to the Canadian Pipe lines.

Why would any Country allow not one but two or more new pipe lines to literally dissect the country from North to South and allow a foreign corporation to own the pipe and its contents at no cost other than the cost of construction.  We know what the answer is.  Big business taking care of themselves. The fact is that its not certain that  Canadian crude  refined by US refineries will be sold in the United States.  Its possible that the refined oil could be sent to United States adversaries.

Trump has made it clear that the pipe lines should be completed but the game of cards is going to be changed  to one that favors the “house”. (The United States.)  The pipe lines are a nasty problem not just because the contents pose a threat to the environment, but because they infringe on Native American lands. That being said, it’s very probable that Trump will change the location of the pipe to appease our beloved Indians. It is also known that Trump has made it clear that American Jobs and materials will be used to complete the construction. What is not known is what other changes in the agreements Trump will demand.  A Codefore mole has indicated that with the elimination of NAFTA, there will be Tariffs and Taxes to be paid on each and every barrel of crude that passes through the oil pipe lines and that the Indians will benefit from some of this. The Dakota pipe line is owned by Dakota Access, LLC, a fully owned subsidiary of Bakken Holdings Company, LLC which is a joint venture of Energy Transfer Partners LP (60%) and Sunoco Logistic Partners LP (40%), owns 75% of the pipeline, while Phillips 66 owns a 25% stake.  Transfer of ownership has already begun, and it looks like Sun Oil will be one of the main operations managers.  It would not be a surprise to see individual states end up owning their portion of pipe line and  that this  line will be subject to state regulations as well as Federal regulatilons.  Similar to a state owned “Transit Authority”

Both Canada and Mexico have similar problems.  In Canada’s case, they do not have sufficient if any ability to process their crude oil.  Their best option is to refine their oil at one of the US refineries located on the Gulf of Mexico.  The question is how to get the oil there.  Ship, tank trucks or pipeline?

The case of Mexico is slightly different. Mexico does have refineries but they are only operating at about 70% and the remaining Mexican crude is refined in the US ,Gulf of Mexico shore. Why?  Because the United States imports about 70% of its crude from Mexico. Why would Mexico who’s crude oil comes from the Gulf, ship it back to Mexico when its destined to go to the United States.?  It’s a fact that Mexico’s  crude comes from platforms located on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a fact that this crude is shipped to the US refineries in the Gulf and then some of it is shipped back to consumers in Mexico.  The logic there is that it’s more profitable for the Mexican government to sell the oil to the US than to the Mexicans. Once they realize that they will be paying a Tariff on the oil, they may decide to sell more oil which equates to lower prices, to their own population.

Based on all of the above information, its reasonable to assume that if Donald Trump wants Mexico to cough up the cost of the border wall that Mexico will do as requested. It’s also a strong probability  that Canada will continue to ship their crude to the Gulf refineries except that now they will pay the United States a fair Tariff and taxes.  It’s also a strong probability that the United States will begin in earnest to explore all other energy options to lessen the reliance on Canada and Mexico’s crude oil.  If the Canadians don’t like the “greedy” Americans, maybe they should build their own refineries.

In any event, new Tariff agreements are needed. Agreements created in the interest of the American people, not created for the elite businesses in the US.

Is NAFTA Good for the US or an International Scam?



Donald Trump has said he will make changes to our international trade agreements, including the China agreement and NAFTA.  If he doesn’t do anything else but this he will have done more for this country than George Bush and Bill Clinton did to harm this country by authoring and  getting the NAFTA passed into law by Congress.

What is NAFTA?

NAFTA stands for the North American Free Trade Act.  and is an agreement between Canada, US and Mexico.  There were side agreements added by President Clinton before becoming law these are:

1. North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation

2 Commitment to Labor Cooperation

Who was responsible for these agreements?  The NAFTA  agreement was actually authored By George HW Bush. He failed to get re-elected and  could not sign it into law. After promising that he would not, Bush’s  successor  Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and revisions into law in 1992 to be effective in 1994.

Representatives approved NAFTA on November 17, 1993, by a vote of 234 to 200. The agreement’s supporters included 132 Republicans and 102 Democrats. NAFTA passed the Senate 61-38.

The signatories were President William Clinton, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulrone and Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

It has been said that the NAFTA idea actually goes back to the Lyndon Johnson presidency but never became a law.

All countries need trade agreements. There are “Trade agreements” and there are “Free trade agreements.  The difference is that “Free Trade agreements eliminate tariffs for merchandise being imported into a country.  The purpose of trade agreements is to promote international trade but should not be so drastic as to  harm businesses in the United States.

Trade agreements involving the United States  should be implemented to establish competitive trade between two or more nations, but caution must be taken not to enter into a trade agreement that is so one sided that whole industries within the United States are  disadvantaged to the point of going out of business.  Trade agreements must be authorized by Congress. Although it is  generally agreed that the result of Trade and Free Trade agreements is  not only to encourage out of country businesses to seek to sell their wares internationally, but to encourage fair competition. High Tariffs placed on incoming goods to the United States can prevent the foreign goods from being priced competitively.  No  Tariffs (Free Trade) placed on incoming goods to the United States can make goods produced within the United States noncompetitive even if sold in the United States.

Current Free Trade agreements with China, Taiwan and Mexico stipulate virtually no tariffs on goods coming from those countries. How has that affected the US Consumer?  It has nominally  lowered prices on products, it has forced many US business to go out of business, and it has resulted in the loss of US jobs as a result of closed business but more than that, these Free Trade agreements encourage US  businesses to relocate out side of the United States to remain competitive and or strengthen their profits. Its a balancing act and our Trade agreements with China and Mexico are out of balance and need to be either negated or re-negotiated to stop the decades of migration of our American businesses out of the United States.

The long term outlook of this action might mean rising prices on some products, but the balance is that we would encourage foreign businesses to relocate into the United States which means jobs. It would mean that our current US businesses would turn larger profits and that also probably means more jobs. When our work force is doing well financially, so is our economy.

In 1984, Congress passed the Trade and Tariff Act. That gave the President “fast-track” authority to negotiate free trade agreements more freely. It eliminated  Congressional input to the ability to approve or disapprove. Congress lost the ability to change negotiating points. NAFTA and the Chinese agreement replaced this “fast track” authority.

The purpose of NAFTA was to designate Canada and Mexico as countries who enjoyed “Most Favored nation status” in import/export matters. It intended to eliminate barriers to trade and facilitate cross-border movement of goods and services, promote conditions of fair competition and increase investment opportunities. It also provided  protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. (In reality the Chinese have never honored these rights)

NAFTA was supposed to create procedures for the resolution of trade disputes and establish a framework for further trilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation to expand the trade agreements benefits.

The question is who, exactly do these trade agreements benefit today.?  Do they benefit big business or the consumers who live in  NAFTA countries? Generally speaking, the  mainstream media ,who have dubious  motivations, claim that NAFTA has benefited the jobless, lowered unemployment rates and generally is responsible for lower costs of goods and manufacturing. They claim NAFTA is responsible for quadrupled trade figures, lowered prices, increased economic growth, job creations, increased foreign direct investment in Canada and Mexico, and reductions in  government spending by allowing inter governmental contract awards that increase competition resulting in a reduction in the cost of Government expenditures.

The icing on the NAFTA mainstream  media cake is the threat that if the NAFTA trade agreement were changed or negated the result would be the end of low cost manufacturing in Mexico, a reduction in Mexican exports to the United States and Canada and would undercut American workers sent to Mexico to implement American manufacturing. There is also the suggestion that Mexico might refuse to renegotiate in the face of  Mexican export tariffs levied against Mexico and Canada. Canadian exports are primarily fossil fuels. Are these claims, by the National media, of profit, and wonderful economic conditions  created by NAFTA accurate? It would appear not.

Although the NAFTA agreement  basically eliminates tariffs on goods crossing the borders from Canada and Mexico into the United States, it’s a fact that Mexico has and is currently imposing tariffs on all goods imported into Mexico from the United States. The minimum tariff is 16% on most goods but is increased on some goods. Mexico pays no tariffs on goods exported to the United States. The US government has “looked the other way” on the Mexican tariffs on imported goods from the US.mexican-tariffs

The practice of allowing countries to have no tariff charges on goods entering the United States is not unique to the NAFTA agreement. A similar and more beneficial agreement to a foreign country  exists within the Chinese Taiwan/United States agreement.  This agreement is known as the Asia-Pacific free trade agreement. In 2015 China sent 366 billion dollars more in goods than the United States sent to China. This trade agreement also gave the Chinese unheard of shipping concessions on goods after arriving in the United States. China on the other hand has avoided paying established port fees in the United States by shipping goods including automobiles manufactured in China to the Ensenada Port in Mexico. It is reported that this port is actually owned by the Chinese and thus its likely that the Chinese  port fees are negligible.  In Mexico, China can  take advantage of the NAFTA agreement between the US and Mexico and ship the Chinese goods via Mexican trucking companies, North across the US Mexico border. It appears in this case there is no benefit to the United States working force but great benefit to US Businesses who receive goods from Mexico and China from the Mexican Ensenada port at lower costs and sell their products in the US at much the same price as if it were manufactured in the United States. The low cost of goods has not been passed on to the consumer.

The US  price  of consumer goods produced by US industry is not relative to consumers in Canada or Mexico.  The cost of products  in US dollars is the same in Mexico and  Canada as it is in  the United States no matter where the goods are manufactured.  Mexican factory workers get paid much less but the cost of the vehicles and other goods they produce for the United States  is the same as if it were produced in the United States.  What this means is that as indicated in the chart on  the  rising cost of vehicles. A vehicle purchased by a Mexican or Canadian from  a United States distributor for $10,000  will cost the same amount in Canada or Mexico as it does in the US,  plus tariffs. The only difference is the dollar exchange rates. screen-shot-2013-09-06-at-11-03-33-am

The question is answered. NAFTA didn’t do any of the above listed intended benefits to any of the consumers in the three countries except make it legal for industry to make more money using cheap labor in third world countries. The prices went up and in most cases the cost of labor to produce went down. The US consumer is paying the same amount of money for a new car after NAFTA as he would have been paying had NAFTA never existed except that now he probably doesn’t have a job  and more.20120929-the-graph-that-proves-gas-prices-didnt-surge-because-of-obama

This scenario is not unique to the Automobile industry.  Canada has the approval to construct pipe lines across the United States to the refineries on the gulf thanks to NAFTA. Gas prices have climbed up just the same as if there were no pipe lines across our country.  Mexico and China are manufacturing and shipping goods to the United States and selling as if the items were made in Detroit or New York and don’t even afford the courtesy of passing through US ports. If you shop in JC Penney,  Walmart or Macys, the prices have not decreased even though the products come from Tiawan, China or Mexico. How can a US Steel mill compete when China can make a steel product ship it to the US, pay little or no tariff and then ship the item to your door for the price of a US postage stamp?consumerexpendaturepercarjan1967-oct2011wtmk

Our friends in Mexico have been falsely convinced by the Mexican and US media  that the NAFTA agreement has and is providing them with jobs and opportunities that would not exist without NAFTA. They do not realize that they are being used by their own government who in effect has made it possible for greedy businesses in the United States to benefit from near slave labor to produce products for shipment to the United States tariff free. This arrangement with Mexico  is one reason why the United States government has tried to convince us that its necessary to stop the Mexican people from migrating to the United States in search of employment.  It is not because the Mexicans are stealing US jobs or because the Mexican people are shipping drugs across the border.  The United States government is known to have bought and sold significant amounts of drugs itself during CIA operations and it has been said that the US is one of  the largest illegal drug dealers on the planet..   The border closure is because industrialists in the United States do not want the Mexican people to get familiar with wages paid in the United States.  Why would a Mexican worker perform his work in Mexico for 10.00 per day when the same job in the United States pays 10.00 per hour and is only required to work 8 hours per day, received insurance, vacations etc: ?  The same goes for those in the clothing and other Mexican industries. Yes there are jobs in Mexico created by US manufacturing located there  for those who chose to bite the United States pie, but the rest of the Mexican people  and the people of the United States do not benefit from NAFTA and in the big picture, neither do the Mexican people who work like slaves for industry owned by  United States businesses becausechinese-ship-off-loading-ensenada the prices of goods shipped into Mexico from the United States are higher than in the US after including  the Mexican Tariffs. The prices of goods shipped into the United States from Mexico and China are tariff free, but these savings are not passed on to the American consumer. The prices of these goods remain the same as if they were manufactured in the United States.  Who benefits from these Free Trade agreements?  The consumer or big business?

For simplicity purposes the graphs were targeted in reference to the Auto Industry. This was  because the industry is easily defined, and is heavily impacted by the existence of NAFTA and the Chinese agreements. The automobile industry is also impacted by the cost of fuel and that cost is directly linked to Mexico and Canada. The United States imports around 60% of its raw crude from Mexico and because of this is Mexico’s largest exporter.

John Podesta. How to Wash Millions Get Hillary Clinton Elected and Get Away With it.

John Podesta  Claims Center for American Progress Action Fund is a Non Profit “Social Welfare” Organization.  Codefore Publishing Disagrees and Says John Podesta and the CAPA Fund is Laundering money for Hillary Clinton.

Codefore Publishing has been researching and writing about Clinton enterprises for some time. The  early years Clinton Arkansas information is hard to find but some of it is actually there if a person looks hard enough. The Clinton Family Foundation so far has been well concealed and this secrecy keeps them in the money. Money laundering will not work without secrecy.podesta-group

It wasn’t until recently that information became available that provided insight as to how the actual passage of money was performed.  This information came from an unexpected source.  John Podesta and his Center for American Progress. The Clinton methods of operation have not changed since the Arkansas days. Money is electronically transferred from companies, or foundations, to other companies or foundations, sometimes 4 or 5 times before the actual cash shows up.  Please understand that you can transfer money electronically fairly easily and unless the money is actually deposited in an account and left there and spent it doesn’t exist. This is why “off shore” bank accounts are valuable to the money launderer.  This is also why you will not find the name Clinton anywhere in the Center for American Progress. You will however find that when you look at the below  included list of people that make up the Center for American Progress that they are all, in one way or another,are past or even present  Clinton colleagues.


 A case in point. When Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas he formed a State of Arkansas foundation named the Arkansas Development Finance Authority AKA the ADFA and Bill Clinton claimed this State owned and operated state organization was going to simulate the Arkansas economy by granting or loaning money to businesses. Bill Clinton was the sole administrator and made all decisions while he was governor. 

To make a long story short 60 million dollars showed up missing from the ADFA and no-one knew where it went..   There were all kinds of money laundering allegations and  people were dying etc. There were NY banks involved including AIG, foreign Asian Banks and numerous insurance companies and eventually journalistic  investigators connected the 60 million  to “The White House” (Clinton) 

Bill and Hillary the early years

Bill and Hillary the early years

The scenario continued and it was, if you could prove that the Clinton’s actually had 60 million dollars they could prove that it was not the 60 million dollars  missing from the ADFA . The Clinton’s position was that ,assuming you could prove that they had 60 million, it  was the 60 million borrowed via AIG and two Asian banks and they had the paperwork to show it.  AIG  most likely didn’t really want any part of explaining where they got 60 million dollars to loan the Clinton’s especially since they were  counting on the Democrat for 180 billion dollars in government  bail out so they created the loan on paper  and then forgave the Clinton note.  It was a debt that never occurred but  added it to their list of bad debts anyway.  Good for the Clintons, good for AIG and Hank Greenburg. A little loan paperwork was all that was necessary to seal the deal and the Clintons never really left their fingerprints on the money. 

Podesta’s Center for American Progress 501 c3 Charity. 

For those of you who do not know who John Podesta is, he is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager as well as served for Obama and Bill Clinton. He has been pulling the strings for generations.

A review of Podesta’s Center for American Progress charity tax 990 forms filed with the IRS from 2001 thru  2014 indicate that CEO, and President John Podesta filed with the IRS as a 501 c from 2004 thru 2014.  All forms list John Podesta as either CEO President or Chairman of the Board.  He has never lost control, albeit he would like us to believe he has.  Note that the Organization is now referred to as  a ‘Think Tank’ group.  Codefore Publishing says it’s all a IRS veil  to collect and wash money from sources capable of donating millions.

IRS 501(c) Groups — Nonprofit, tax-exempt groups organized under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code that can engage in varying amounts of political activity, depending on the type of group. For example, 501(c)(3) groups operate for religious, charitable, scientific or educational purposes. These groups are not supposed to engage in any political activities, though some voter registration activities are permitted. 501(c)(4) groups are commonly called “social welfare” organizations that may engage in political activities, as long as these activities do not become their primary purpose. Similar restrictions apply to Section 501(c)(5) labor and agricultural groups, and to Section 501(c)(6) business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards and boards of trade.

IRS Political Action Committee (PAC) — A political committee that raises and spends limited “hard” money contributions for the express purpose of electing or defeating candidates. Organizations that raise soft money for issue advocacy may also set up a PAC. Most PACs represent business, such as the Microsoft PAC; labor, such as the Teamsters PAC; or ideological interests, such as the EMILY’s List PAC or the National Rifle Association PAC. An organization’s PAC will collect money from the group’s employees or members and make contributions in the name of the PAC to candidates and political parties. Individuals contributing to a PAC may also contribute directly to candidates and political parties, even those also supported by the PAC. A PAC can give $5,000 to a candidate per election (primary, general or special) and up to $15,000 annually to a national political party. PACs may receive up to $5,000 each from individuals, other PACs and party committees per year. A PAC must register with the Federal Election Commission within 10 days of its formation, providing the name and address of the PAC, its treasurer and any affiliated organizations.

The CAP IRS 990 tax forms list all employees, Board members, Management etc. Coderfore’s editor JD Benish said, “As far as we can tell this corporation began in 2004 with contributions totaling about one million dollars that year  and every year  thereafter they didn’t collect and spend more than about 8 million.”  “Their stated purposes for the year 2004 is that one of their activities is lobbying. They use the term ‘educational work with policy makers‘ instead of the word lobbying.'”

 The original 2004 IRS  filing states the “Primary charity purpose is:  ‘To develop and present arguments that support adopting or maintaining important public policies consistent with the broad principals of progressivism-opportunity, community, equality, justice and mutual obligation…. To educate the public about the consequences of conservative legislation and policies and the values and special interests that such measures promote.

In 2005 the CAP changed one of their purposes to: ‘The Action Fund also promotes a progressive agenda of new policy ideas and battles conservative policies through online activism, state ballot initiatives, and advocacy and educational work with policymakers on Capitol Hill, in state houses, with state legislators, and in City Halls around the country’  $844.966.00 were spent on this purpose.

In 2006 The corporations Program Service (formerly the purpose) Political activities increased: They ‘Published The Progress Report, a daily newsletter (from the Democratic liberal view point) a Political blog, (A political organization that also solicits donations) A daily set of talking points on a current issue. Rapid response communication vehicles including social and economic justice, healthy communities, Global Leadership, and a secure America and offer a sharp and well-researched critique designed to fight corruption, incompetence, media failures and the conservative agenda.’  $467.690.00 went to this activity.

Salaries began to increase with Susan Wartell making $200,000.

In 2006 (2007 IRS report year)  Senator Hillary Clinton was beginning her campaign for the 2008 Presidential election.

The 2007 IRS file for year 2006 indicated contributions of $3,146,131.00 and board members were now receiving compensation. They were no longer a “shell” company and were purchasing furniture and computers.  Their blogging had apparently paid off. Now that Hillary was in the White House as a Senator, the CAP “Service or mission” changed yet again.  The CAP budget allocated $1,865.344 to “Fund promote a progressive addenda of new policy ideas and battle conservative policies through on line activism, state ballot initiatives and advocacy and educational work with citizens and policymakers on Capitol hill, in State houses, with State Legislators and in City Halls and around the country.” The Blogging budget was raised to $511,945.   Since the CAP fund was conceived as a 501 c3 one would expect some grants to the poor or something. To date there have been zero funds for grants or donations to the needy but  $1,137,671.00 in wages and salaries were reported. It appears that John Podesta now had his political machine in place and ready for Hillary.

Later in 2008 Hillary was out of the presidential race and preparing for her tenure as Secretary of State to begin in 2009. The 2008 IRS report (for year 2007 when Hillary was in full candidate mode) CAP reported the astounding increase in donations of $8,653,399.00. The CAP claimed almost 5 million dollars in expenses for “Impacting the national debate and transforming progressive ideas into policy through rapid response communication (presumably their blogging and newsletters) public education grassroots organizing, a partnership with American Citizens, executive, legislative branch policymakers and progressive leaders throughout the country and world.”

 It should be noted that somewhere along the line, Podesta applied for a small change in the CAP tax exempt classification. The new classification on the 2008 tax return was as a 501 c 4 which allows for “Modest” political activity if: The rules should permit 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations to use electoral campaign activity as a modest component of their strategy to accomplish their social welfare missions, while protecting the right of voters to know who is financing electoral campaign activity and eliminating the misuse of 501(c)(4) organizations to sidestep the rules that apply to 527 political organizations.

In the case of CAP, the word modest as is relative to the total budget would not apply. 100% would be the actual expenditures for politics. And so without going through all of the IRS income returns, from 2009 to 2014 there has, like clockwork, been around 7 million dollars donated each of the later years and  all has gone to their political agendas with no modesty. However to protect their tax status they stop short of supporting Hillary Clinton but the big question is where does the 8 mil per year come from and where does it go? 


2014 IRS form 990 summary statement on the says the CAP desires:  “To shape the National policy debate and transform progressive concepts into policy”. The shaping of policy developed expenses of $6,755,176 and just to add a little credibility, $25,000 was given to an organization named Virginia Interfaith.

Codefore Publishing suspected that there might be another Foundation with a similar name and in fact there are  name variations used on the tax forms but all forms use the same Fed.  tax number 30-0192708.

This curiosity developed  because according to an article written by Ken Silverstein of ‘The Nation’  he claimed that the Center for American Progress had enough financial clout to guarantee a 25 billion dollar loan to dish out as “grants or loans” and that CAP at one time had 23 million dollars in assets.

Twenty five billion dollars in assets?  Where? We asked ourselves.  We must be looking at the wrong IRS tax returns. If they had that kind of “clout” it wasn’t in their bank account. There were a few inconsistencies in what the actual name of  Podesta’s charity is but its no issue because they all use the same Federal ID number and what bank would loan 25 billion dollars to a company that generates 8 million of gross income per year?.

This inaccuracy in the names doesn’t seem to cast doubt that they are one in the same as described in ‘The Nation” article, only the amount of wealth is questionable. The IRS may be interested in the differences between 20 million and 8 million dollars in assets  for the company Center for American Progress with  Federal ID number.30-0192708. It doesn’t seem to alarm the IRS that a company who’s reported income at its highest is around $8 million dollars is able to guarantee loans to 25 billion dollars. No mention as to who this lenders might be  but we know that the US government Department of Energy has its hands on numerous loan guarantee programs and we also note that at least one of the CAP employees was connected to the Department of Energy management team.  First Solar was one of the recipients of Government backed money (25 billion dollars) and is owned by CAP. (A charitable organization).  So its no surprise that some of the Federally guaranteed loan money to First Solar made its way into the Clinton Campaign Fund and CAP. 


Additional research on the Center for American Progress and its association with a company named Business Alliance and First Solar  both owned by CAP indicates that the CAP enterprise is possibly actually the size of the Clinton Family Foundation or larger.  Albeit, John Podesta is the Captain  of the  CAP Ship.

Bill & Hillary 7


Ken Silverstein further says: After growing rapidly in its first few years, tax records show, CAP’s total assets fell in 2006 for the first time, from $23.6 million to $20.4 million. Assets started growing again in 2007 when CAP founded the Business Alliance, a membership rewards program for corporate contributors, and then exploded when Obama was elected in 2008. According to its most recent nonprofit tax filing, CAP’s total assets now top $44 million, and its Action Fund treasury holds $6 million more. (Codefore doesn’t know what records “The Nation” is referring to.)

A confidential CAP donor pitch I obtained describes the American Progress  Business Alliance as “a channel for engagement with the corporate community” that provides “the opportunity to…collaborate on common interests.” It offers three membership levels, with the perks to top donors ($100,000 and up) including private meetings with CAP experts and executives, round-table discussions with “Hill and national leaders,” and briefings on CAP reports “relevant to your unique interests.”

The Center for American Progress, Washington’s leading liberal think tank, has been a big backer of the Energy Department’s $25 billion loan guarantee program for renewable energy projects. CAP has specifically praised First Solar, a firm that received $3.73 billion under the program, and its Antelope Valley project in California.first-solar

Last year, when First Solar was taking a beating from congressional Republicans and in the press over job layoffs and alleged political cronyism, CAP’s Richard Caperton praised Antelope Valley in his testimony to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, saying it headed up his list of “innovative projects” receiving loan guarantees. Earlier, Caperton and Steve Spinner—a top Obama fundraiser who left his job at the Energy Department monitoring the issuance of loan guarantees and became a CAP senior fellow—had written an article cross-posted on CAP’s website and its Think Progress blog, stating that Antelope Valley represented “the cutting edge of the clean energy economy.”

Though the think tank didn’t disclose it, First Solar belonged to CAP’s Business Alliance, a secret group of corporate donors, according to internal lists obtained by The Nation. Meanwhile, José Villarreal—a consultant at the power-house law and lobbying firm Akin Gump, who “provides strategic counseling on a range of legal and policy issues” for corporations—was on First Solar’s board until April 2012 while also sitting on the board of CAP, where he remains a member, according to the group’s latest tax filing. 


Just as if you walked into a bank and standing in the corner you saw  three men, all wearing masks and carrying a pistol your logic would tell you that they were bank robbers. This logic is called “probable cause” in a criminal court of law and when a police officer has this logic he is authorized to make an arrest..

So here we have John Podesta the campaign manager for Hilary Clinton and his “Charitable Organization” called Center for American Progress” in 2004 who’s charitable activities did not exist, but the political activities were prevalent from the start and consumed almost all of the budget. And the millions of dollars of contributions to this ‘Charity’ corresponded exactly to Hillary’s political career and aspirations and her need for ‘clean’ money.  But  this didn’t change the CAP statements to the IRS that they  remain tax free because they were a 501 c 3 corporation.

Once the donations became noticeably large, Podesta applied for a slight change to  the IRS non tax designation to allow a small amount of political activity in the good interest of the public and not in favor of any particular candidate or political party.  And just like the banditos in the bank, there are masks worn, not on faces but on the names of the CAP contributors because if it became known that any of this money is linked to Hillary or Bill or any of the Clinton’s own Charities it would violate numerous Federal and IRS laws to include the Federal RICO act. To further the analogy, just like the banditos in the bank probably have been arrested before for theft or bank robbery before,   the people involved in this Charity of Podesta’s are all political associates of Hillary or John Podesta and  although have not actrually been arrested because of lack of proof, as explained above 60 million dollars disappeared from an Arkansas State Agency under Bill Clinton’s watch.. its not Podesta’s or the Clintons  first rodeo as Podesta rode the Mena Arkansas bulls right along with the Clintons.


The word “money washing” should be explained further as to how it applies here.  John Podesta and Hillary Clinton have rules to abide by when it comes to accepting money for political campaigns. The money washing comes in when a non political entity, such as Podesta’s Charity, receives money from sources, whether the contributors are political sources or not and uses this money to the advantage of a certain political enterprise or candidate.(This would probably apply to all of the Clinton enterprises especially Hillary Clinton’s election funds)  And in doing so, disregards the  purpose or reason that Charities are tax free enterprises. Why tax an organization who gives support to the poor?  So in theory, when Hillary or Podesta or anyone interested in electing Hillary Clinton solicits  money and  suggests to the contributors that  it’s advantageous  to give it to Podesta’s charity because the money is going to help the Clinton campaign makes the contributors  complicit in money laundering . The donator and candidate not only circumvent campaign donation limitations, their identity is protected and the money is tax deductable. This tax advantage is a huge benefit for a person or corporation that wants to hide a million or two and support the candidate who usually sees to it that their money is returned to them on the backs of the taxpayers.  The Federal RICO law says that it’s not necessary that the benefactor of money laundering (candidate for office) receive cash.  The benefit can be in the form of many other things including favorable political advertising . And what else does the contributor receive for the donating the cash?  (That’s exactly what all the email controversy is about.) What’s in it for the donator?  Its not hard to figure and usually not difficult to prove violations of the RICO act, unless of course your the Federal Investigator and you are in your Federal position because of the efforts of the accused.

All of this could not be accomplished without secrecy and a wink and a pat on the back by our Congress, Judicial, and Executive Branches. We now  know how in-depth the Clintons influence is within the investigating agencies and DOJ in general


Center for American Progress Colleagues.

Joe Smolskis CEO Treasurer CAP fmr CEO Protestant Episcopal Foundation was fired amid Episcopal scandal involving construction funds from the Foundation “Soper fund.” The Diocese has used nearly one-and-a-quarter million dollars a year from the Soper Trust Fund to cover operating expenses. With the support of Bishop Chane, the Cathedral undertook a huge construction project for an underground parking lot that, according to internal sources, has been a financial loss. Despite the legal requirements of its nonprofit status for open financial disclosure, the Cathedral has not placed a full financial report on its website since 2008. Amid discrepancies surrounding Smolskis

Tory Carter Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration for the Center for American Progress. Prior to his position with the Center for American Progress, Mr. Carter-Conneen was the CFO and Interim President and CEO of the Victory Fund & Institute, a nonpartisan organization that helps outstanding lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) leaders win elections and serve effectively. Mr. Carter-Conneen also served as the managing director of Victory, overseeing all financial, programmatic, and operational functions of the organization, providing fact-based, metric-driven strategy development to drive organizational success.

Sara Rosen Wartell –Bill Clintons Deputy Assistant

Judith Feder Clinton Administration Department of Health

Hilary B Rosen Huffington Post Political Dir. Long time Clinton Supporte

Thomas Perez Barak Obama Sec of Labor

Peter Edelman Lawyer Author  and long time Clinton Supporter

Broderick D Johnson Barak Obama Assistant and Movie Producer

Clifton Larson Allen dba Allen Weishair & Co. CPA

Jack Jenkins-(

Joe Romm (

Alice Miranda Ollstein (Thinkprogresslorg)

Kira Lerner (

Ryan Kornowski (

Alejandro Davila Fragoso (

SenatorHarry Reid (

Aaron Rupar (

Natasha Geiling (

Lindsay Gibbs (

Josh Israel (

Laurel Raymond (

Justin Salhani (

Zack Ford (

Adam Peck (

Aaron Rupar (

Tory Cartrer (

Wendy Abrams a major donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Anna Berger supporter

Christie Hefner Hugh Heffner’s daughter, Long time Clinton and Obama supporter

Harold Ickes Bill Clinton.US Interior Secretary, White House Chief of Staff

Ron Klain Chief of Staff Al Gore and Joe Biden. Ebola response Coordinator for Obama

Molly Mckusic

Neera Tanden Political activist. Transition team for Hillary Clinton, Associated with Think Progrss

Ted Strickland Colo. Democratic Ohio Governor

Tom Perriello Lawyer, Member Democratic Party past Representative Virginia

Carmel Martin  Exc VP policy CAP US Secretary of Education Obama Admin.

Deborah Holsten VP Finance CAP

Deborah Fine Hillary Clinton assigned journalist-Huffpost contributor-Clinton Supporter

Arkadi Gernehy CAP Senior Fellow- Expertise Crime, gun control,data innovation Contributor Nat Catholic Reporter Clinton Supporter

Judd Legum  Think Progress associate, Misc: Internet new contributor, Clinton Supporter

Virginia Inter Faith (we don’t know exactly what this is except that is a tax exempt charity)


Revenue Wire, Safe Cart, Search Quarry, PayPal, Blacks Media Inc, Registered Agents Inc., Charles Fink, Roberta Leach and the Federal RICO Act.

Sunday Post. 10-23-2016

Hire Search Quarry  to do a background check and before you know it there are five other companies involved and Safe Cart will cheerfully deduct a$19.99 payment from your bank account  for the rest of your life.


Seems these days organized crime is everywhere from Washington to the smallest  town and from Wall Street to the smallest business. Organized crime is all about stealing money and transferring this stolen (dirty) money into money that can be spent as if its hard earned (gray money).  There’ s no shortage of corrupt politicians and business persons who will take actions to get this “gray money”. The internet presents opportunities for criminal activity that is available to anyone with a computer.

But what about dishonest internet companies that slip through the cracks?  What about internet companies that operate with several partner companies to steal your money without the target realizing that it has happened?  What about companies who keep their owners identity hidden behind the veil of other companies?

US Federal law says that if more than one company, or person is involved in  illegal activities, the activities are a violation of the United States Federal RICO Act.(Organized Crime Act.)

Codefore Publishing had a situation as described above. The people at  Codefore Publishing are investigative journalists, and publish works in book form or internet news outlets.

Obtaining criminal background checks  resumes and  employment histories are prudent and a routine when producing articles based on facts.  Codefore Publishing became aware of many complaints on an internet company  who provides background checks. The company. ‘Search Quarry’ is one of many who have business practices similar to many other so called background checkers except for one sly illegal practice.

The information that caused the interest of Codefore Publishing  in Search Quarry was that some of the customers complained of bank account withdrawals  for services that were not ordered or purchased and that there were two other companies , involved in the transactions.  Paypal and Safe Cart.

Codefore Publishing went to the Search Quarry web site and paid for a background check using a Paypal account.  The purchase was for one criminal history and the onetime fee of $2.50 was charged and withdrawn from the Paypal account.   Although the criminal history provided by Search Quarry was not as complete as is typical from other criminal history searches provided to  Codefore, albeit there was a history provided.


A month later there were two withdrawals from the Codefore Publishing bank account for  19.99 each totaling 39.98 from Paypal. A quick telephone call to Paypal revealed that a company called Safe Cart had invoiced Codefore .

We at Codefore had never heard of Safe Cart .  Paypal explained that Safe Cart had set up a re-occurring $19.98 monthly withdrawal from the Codefore Paypal account and in turn Paypal removed the cash  from the Codefore bank account..  Upon request  PayPal removed all future monthly  payments to SafeCart but Paypal did not have any information as to who Safe Cart was representing.  After a telephone call to Safe Cart a  representative told me that Codefore had made a  purchase from Search Quarry and that Search Quarry had indicated the purchase was for a perpetual monthly $19.98.

Having investigated organized crime allegations before, we at Codefore Publishing know a money laundering scheme when we see one. Further investigation would be prudent.

Codefore’s investigations always begin with background checks on all persons in situations such as this and we began with Search Quarry.


Who and what is Search Quarry?  Like most criminal enterprises the people involved in alleged criminal activity do not want their identity revealed ,for obvious reasons. Utilizing our regular search tools we learned that the Search domain is owned by Charles Fink  and is associated with Search Quarry LLC. a Nevada Limited Liability Corporation.  The registered agent for Search Quarry LLC  is  Registered Agents Inc.  another Nevada  Corporation. The Managing Agent for Search Quarry LLC is Blacks Media Inc.  A look at the ‘Blacks Media Inc”.web site, has absolutely no contact names. They also have a blog. The site says that they are a media company specializing in Paid Search Engine Marketing

Blacks Media Inc. Is a  California corporation.  CA#C3354251. The registered agent is Charles Fink, 2911 State St. Suite 0 Carlsbad CA   and is affiliated with  Also at the Carlsbad address is Carol Fink, Charles Leroy Fink, Charles L Fink Jr.

Mr. Charles Fink has succeeded in keeping out of the internet  lime light and  for now its not necessary to know more about him.

Safe Cart was a little more difficult to get information. We at Codefore have  some pretty good IT people and when they opened the Safe Cart Web page HTML we discovered that  Safe Cart is affiliated with Revenue Wire Inc.  a Canadian Company. There is an inactive United States business named  Revenue Wire in the State of Washington. The registered agent is Mercedes Mejia, 33530 1st way S.Suite 102, Federal Way, WA. Inactive means the license to do business in Washington has expired.

SafeCart advertises over a billion of online sales and  operates in over 200 countries but says nothing about any affiliates.

During our aforementioned telephone call to Safe Cart  the young man who answered the phone was familiar with our type of problem and verified that it was Search Quarry that initiated the charges. He was happy to help and reversed our charges. He said that the double charge of $29.98 would be deposited back into my Paypal account. It seemed as if Safe Cart was a part of Search Quarry and this Safe Cart person did not need to verify our information or even speak to a supervisor. He said that Search Quarry’s procedure is to automatically begin monthly deductions unless they are told not to, and advised us that we might want to call Search Quarry  to make sure they don’t  deduct the money again.  This young man did not know who owns Safe Cart.  It appears that the Search Quarry business plan is to throw as much S…t on the wall and keep what sticks.  Search Quarry knows that  the name ‘Search Quarry’ is not indicated on the customer’s  bank statement. This appears like intentional deception because when they “over bill” and the original billing sources is not indicated on the victims bank account, its difficult to dispute the charge..  Hence Safe Cart and Pay Pal  are thrown into the mix. How many people would take the time to find out who Safe Cart is and why they took money from a bank account?  Search Quarry knows that some customers will just ignore the charge every month.  At the very least, this is deceptive business practices, but the fact that unauthorized money is taken from a bank account until the consumer makes an effort to stop it is stealing just as if a bank robber goes into a bank, robs the bank and when caught says, “They didn’t tell me I could not take the money.”

As professional investigative journalists we know that sometimes to track an animal, what isn’t obvious is just as important as the obvious track you follow.  We know that people hide their identity for a reason and in the realm of businesses, hiding identity is usually not a sign of transparency and many times can be an indication of crime.

Who is Revenue Wire?

Revenue Wire, who actually owns Safe Cart is also culpable in any illegal actions by Safe Cart.  Revenue Wire is responsible for the Safe Cart business plan , operations and no doubt taxes.   But more sinister than that, if you are a customer looking for a responsible entity or person for Safe Cart, you will find it hard to locate a connection to anyone unless you visit the Revenue Wire Web site where Safe Cart is touted as a part of the Revenue Wire organization.  But how would a customer with a complaint against Search Quarry or Safe Cart know that the parent company of Safe Cart is Revenue Wire?  It’s as if Revenue Wire has decided that the “Buck” for any problems or issues or in any  investigation stops at Safe Cart and to do this, they have an internet “Arms Length”  connection with Safe Cart.  This is not an actual concealment but just as Search Quarry and Safe Cart are not shown on the victims Paypal bank withdrawal neither is Revenue Wire and Revenue Wire is not  publicly connected in any of the transactions that originate from Search Quarry albeit Revenue Wire and Safe Cart  gets their share of the money collected.


As we stated, we couldn’t find any proprietor names searching Safe Cart until we went into the HTML on their web site.  Its there that we saw the name

There is an inactive business named  Revenuewire in the United States in the State of Washington. The registered agent is Mercedes Mejia, 33530 1st way S.Suite 102, Federal Way, WA. Revenue Wire is a Canadian Company, and searching Canadian records is very difficult. To date using all of the available Canadian official search sites, no company named Revenue Wire, or Revenue Wire Inc. is indicated as an active Canadian company.  Its interesting that Revenue Wire claims to be a Canadian company, yet Codefore Publishing has yet to find a record of Revenue Wire and Revenue Wire claims to have an office in the United States, but the only location that Codefore Publishing could find is the State of Washington and that business license is inactive.

 Revenue Wire has an attractive web site.  It is on this site where they list Safe Cart as one of their affiliates.  The Revenue Wire web site says:

Revenue Wire Inc. an affiliate marketing company operates an e-commerce platform to online businesses for  selling digital and software products. It offers Safe Cart a converting shopping cart for generating sales in various  languages and currencies. The company also engages in the promotion of software products and digital offers in   the industry.  It serves online marketers around the world.”

The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Victoria Canada.  1205-4464 Markham St. Vancouver Island Technology Park Victoria, BC V8Z7X8  Canada. 250-590-2273. The following persons are listed on the web site as corporate officers.

Ms. Bobbi Leach (Roberta Leach)  CEO

Mr. William Ng. VP of Finance

Ms. Kim Krenzler VP Human resources

Ms. Sue Connors VP Business Development

Mr. Trevor Wingert Director of Development.

We did some research on Bobbi  (Roberta) Leach.  (Her published resume says that she worked for Proto Link (soft ware development) and El Group International (Website design company).  She also claims to have attended Athabasca University.   Athabasca is Canada’s only Canada based on line university.  Athabasca is supported by the Canadian Government and is predicted to go Bankrupt next year.  It’s unknown if Roberta Leach actually graduated and with what degree.  Here is what one of the students at Athabasca writes about his experience.

Athabasca University Reviews:
Computing and Info Systems – September 7, 2016 
For an online course this is nothing less than a travesty in design. Read a mediocre FREE textbook,
do some random questions as two or three assignments, receive no feedback through all of this,
write an exam. Rinse and repeat. If you’re after learning, skip AU, buy a QUALITY textbook and find an on-line community to guide you through it. You will be better off (and have saved yourself $700). If you need that piece of paper saying you took a course, well, there are no other on-line options in Canada so suck it up and just accept that you’ll have to do this. It counts. You’ll learn SOMETHING. But, you’ll be left shaking your head. So far I’ve taken three courses and they’ve been getting worse and worse. COMP200 was acceptable though uninspired. COMP268 Java was mediocre, at best and COMP272 Data Structures (& Algorithms) was downright terrible. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a self-starter, capable of self-motivating even through the toughest and driest material. These courses are not exactly tough, but, they are beyond dry and designed to fail. To give you a sense of my background: I have a multiple non-trivial degrees and a decade of experience as a (well paid) professional. I’ve taken great (free) on-line courses in recent years. That was not the Athabasca experience. Essentially what the course “developer” did was take a textbook and turn the chapters into the course. It’s a money making operation. They paid some poor soul a pittance to copy the textbook chapters and borrow assignments from other universities (which they don’t update… plagiarism must be a HUGE problem with these AU courses). Many on-line and regular computer science courses have practice assignments whereby you run your programs through an on-line testing interface to confirm that what you’ve done is correct. You’d think that an on-line course would make extensive use of such an interface. No such luck. You can hand in non-functional programs at AU and get full credit for an assignment. You also can’t get feedback on practice programs. The course advisors simply don’t have time. The only thing they get paid for (poorly) is to mark items and occasionally respond to queries. Hard these courses are not. To be honest, I am shocked, truly shocked that these courses qualify as accredited. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if an audit of these computer science courses (at least COMP 272 and 268) would rovolk their accreditation.

The fact that money is obtained by deception makes it a crime and the fact that there are more than two companies involved makes it a violation of the Federal RICO Act and the fact that these companies are transferring money internationally suggests the possiblity of numerous other Federal Crimes. 

Charles Fink, Search Quarry, Safe Cart, Blacks Media Inc,  Registered Agents Corp, Revenue Wire  and Paypal become RICO defined  Enterprises once the withdrawal  for charges that were not ordered occurs.   Search Quarry initiates the theft by charging a monthly fee for services not ordered, then gives the collection process to a “veil enterprise Safe Cart” who again transfers the illegal debt to Pay Pal who makes the actual bank withdrawal.  Albeit Pay Pal is probably an innocent company that is being  used for criminal purposes but  they cannot deny they are a part of the money chain.  Commercial Registered Agents Inc and Blacks Media Inc. participate in this organized crime by concealing the perpetrators actual identity. In doing so, these entities are RICO defined  ‘Enterprises’ and may be determined to be actually culpable in any and all crimes committed by the above listed companies.

Codefore Publishing is not going to try to initiate a Federal RICO Act violation investigation over $39.98 bank transaction but more investigation is certainly warranted.  We think that the best solution is to notify everyone via the internet about who and how these enterprises operate.

One must constantly beware of using credit cards or reveal bank information  to internet businesses.  To combat crooked retailers who sell defective products or products that don’t exist , actions have been taken protect the consumer. On line businesses like Amazon, Ebay, and many others have become large sellers of just about anything a consumer could want, from books to used clothing to that hard to find automobile part. And the items are usually sold for less than your local store. The problem purchasing items on the Web can be paying for the item via internet money exchange tools such as electronic transfers of money, credit cards etc:  It appears that Safe Cart has emerged as one of these money transfer companies. However in the Codefore Publishing case they are just a ‘middle man’.  This exposes the purchaser to fraud.  Purchasing and paying for your product involves a trust in your seller.  A trust that you will receive the product, in good condition and pay for the product in confidence that the payment terms and tools are secure and safe from those who would steal money from you.   There are no actual  guarantees that fraud will not happen to you.

Prudent Internet shopping can increase the odds that the veil of security surrounding your purchase has not been penetrated. Protecting your money requires shopping at commercial internet stores that have a good history of providing what they are selling and protecting their customers . A good indication of a reputable company is their transparency.  Many companies provide customer satisfaction reports for your review.

Ebay is a solid user of customer satisfaction reports, and in fact if a complaint of fraud is made to a Ebay about one of their sellers, Ebay will investigate and it there is a very good chance the customer will be refunded their money. Failure to return money for purchased items on Ebay can result in the sellers termination from Ebay. It should be noted that Ebay owns PayPal and another money transfer company Xoom.  All three are  reputable companies.

If your not sure of the company you  expect to purchase from, you can learn about past problems just by googling,  “XYZ company complaints.”   Some companies sell items and steal your money by not providing the item or using your credit card information to withdraw funds from your bank that were not agreed to.  Sometimes these companies simply close the doors and  start a new company when their complaints reach a point that their sales dwindle.  This is why transparency is so important.

November Frost. 4 More Years of Corruption in Washington.

 The November Political Frost is upon us. Will our Republic survive 4 more years of corruption?


US Attorney General Loretta Lyncy

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

The signs  of an entrenched  political corruption system in the US  have existed for  years  but  no real interest was given to the idea that the these signals might be correct and if they were correct what are the long term consequences and what should be done to correct or stop it…  In response to the ever growing leaks of  corruption in our government Washington politicians, bar none, have collectively diverted our attention.

These politicians stand up before us waive the flag and tell us about  treason  or conspiracy or that there is some sort of terrorism threatening us while shipping  millions of dollars to the same countries they claim are out to destroy the United States. All this to support their personal financial interests. Creating fear has been the preferred method of controlling the masses since BC.  

In response to the fear created by the destruction of the Twin Towers in NYC, Congress easily  passed the Patriot Act and along with the Patriot Act came indiscriminate  imprisonment without trials. In fact the Patriot Act itself is based on fear. Fear is the key word used to define terrorism.  The act defines Terrorism as (An) act of terrorism means an activity that (A) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life that is a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any state, and (B) appears to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population: (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by assassination or kidnapping.

Ironically the US Congress has allocated billions of dollars to the military and to other nations to keep fear out of our lives and this same Congress has legislated fear back into our lives by passing the Patriot Act..

In the past we had little reason to disbelieve the fears created by Washington but researching the two world wars, Korea Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan and more we find that these military conflicts were all based on lies  and violence that created fear.  It seems we have short memories. Its also apparent  that our Government has in fact violated the Patriot Act themselves.  Are they not creating fear themselves as described above?

Embarrassing  US. evacuation of Siagon 4/30/1975

Embarrassing US. evacuation of Siagon 4/30/1975

Using the media to promote fear is not new either. “Americans have been living in fear since 9-11. However, the reality behind our fears has been set out by our own corporate media who has been the main culprit in spreading it like a disease. Our media has terrorized our hearts and minds for years through their subliminal violent programming, and sensational coverage of their own version of the distorted truth.”[Richard Skaff]

This whole phenomenon designed to protect and preserve corruption is not new and the list of heroic corruption whistle blowers goes back generations. The results have always been the same for these people. Imprisonment, disgrace, and financial disaster for those who rat out our government. And this strict protection of the guilty has always been at the hands of our Justice Department.  But it appears as if J Edgar Hoover knew who the real criminals were because he kept detailed files that remain top secret even today. Unfortunately his methods were admirable but for the wrong reason. His motives were to protect himself and should the files containing the secret activities of the Presidents and their men become public they would cease to be of value to him.

What do you mean it was a storm. You mean storm trooper dont you?

But there’s a new Sheriff on the planet and its name is the Internet.  Its power is infinite and it serves anyone who wishes to benefit. Its six gun is information.  The informants and whistle blowers of present have learned not to trust the people they serve. There has rarely been any kind of justice served by our authorities unless it’s the justice served on the poor, defenseless and underprivileged and there has always been consequences dealt out to those who would dare testify the truth.  The corrupt enforce the rules they have created and these rules are tailored in favor of  and exempt  the corrupt in Washington. The most important  rule the Politicians in Washington want us to  remember is thou shalt not rat us out.

Linda Trip-Clinton and Monica Lewinski

Linda Trip recorded Monica Lewinski & Clinton

 It’s not surprising, but it is most logical that whistle blowers like Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange (Wiki Leaks) and Edward Snowden (The Guardian)  decided to make their information available via the internet instead of complaining to the Federal Government. However the most important hurdle they had was how to get out of the country before the Feds snagged them up and gave them a permanent home in a Federal Dungeon.  Chelsea Manning was not quick enough. Others like Aaron Swartz of the  Anonymous group preferred suicide to dealing with the Federal Government.

Aaron Swartz is the 19-year-old Co-founder of in San Francisco. Chris Stewart / The Chronicle

Aaron Swartz is the 19-year-old Co-founder of in San Francisco.

Washington has drawn the line in the sand. Talk and you will be dealt with.

The emergence of the Clinton’s in Washington was and is the single most Constitutional threatening  event to occur in the United States  since Richard Nixon. The Clintons have exemplified the “Talk and you will be dealt with” fear causing statement. Some who knew the Clintons in Arkansas say this is not just talk. The second threatening event was the Congress passed the “Patriot Act.” This all encompassing act makes it possible for the Government to carry out the “dealt with” portion of the above  statement.

Obama and Clinton

Obama and Clinton

The idea that the Federal Government could intimidate and scare whistle blowers into keeping silent may have some old school merit but the idea that this same tactic would have the same effect on members of the internet community, some known as Anonymous, was frankly.. stupid.  These people really are anonymous, and they really do know as much or more than the Feds about the internet, computer technology and everything else that goes along with it. If the truth be known, some of these people actually work for the Feds and consult with private enterprise about how to keep their computers secure while at night are dealing out facts, figures, computer technology and anything else that interests them.  Anonymously. 


When the Federal Government went after Aaron Swartz who was held in very high regard by all that used the internet to transmit technology and information, it galvanized a community that has since been responsible for producing secret information that has resulted the downfall of some highly regarded politicians world wide.. Anonymous was credited with the eventual fall of the whole Brazilian Government.  Additionally China and Mexico have attempted to control the content on the web.  This was unsuccessful of course, mainly because the internet is not the only way to transmit electronic news anymore and the Internet geeks in the United States quickly set up an independent internet web for those in countries where the internet was  censored. 

This internet community listened, saw the corruption in the US Federal Government and responded by publishing  secret Government documents that revealed corruption. But most of all, the idea that the Federal Government was going to threaten not just the internet community individually but threatened the freedom of the internet was unacceptable. War was declared and today it looks like political corruption and their supporting organizations bit off more than they can chew. It’s becoming clear that the documents labeled ‘classified’ are not documents that protect any phase of the governments operations but conversely protect the corrupt participants.

As information regarding political corruption began to become available on the internet, so did actual proof of corruption.  Proof that couldn’t be disputed.  Emails, documents and actual recorded statements became known to exist and Federal courts have ordered that they  be handed over to organizations like Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. The government has stalled, whined, and sometimes it took years before the evidence was made public and  as this  proof oozed out, [albeit according to our government illegally] it came slowly like an  infectious liquid from a wound and try as they did, the government couldn’t stop it.  The innuendos, and inferences pointed in the direction of Washington where declared piety lives.  But orders had been transmitted and in some cases Federal Government agencies like the FBI’s James Comey actually refused to provide information to Congress or anyone else prompting a  subpoena from congress ordering Comey to comply..comey-and-clinton

Once the evidence of actual political corruption began to float around the internet from virtually unknown sources, some well known and respected courageous news outlets and bloggers began to published the stuff (at their own risk) and in doing so, the seed of doubt in the character of those culpable in our government began to grow.  Washington ignored the allegations.

People became confused and even began to doubt or suspect  long trusted politicians and then the stormy winds of counter propaganda began to emerge from Washington.  In the beginning it was denial, and the rattling of sabers, and threats of imprisonment to those who would expose them. Its alleged that there was even murder.   Informants and whistle blowers fled the country but nothing changed. The US  mainstream media, with hands open to receive cash and guaranteed access to the white house ignored reports of corruption and accepted their mandate and instead of reporting on corruption focused on poll numbers that supported the candidate that coughed up the most favors to them.   But the internet information, about Clinton’s past associations kept saturating the internet news outlets. 

As the tsunami of information derived from email hacking, document hacking and court battles over Freedom of information access to records become available to anyone with a computer or cell phone, non believers are being transformed into believers.  But the information is coming in slow. Courts give the order to produce and the FBI declines.  The politicians who were involved are nervous. There is an impending election in 2016.  Some have panicked. FBI investigators unaware that their boss James Comey was a part of the Washington corruption network or didn’t care, just did their job regardless. They began to dig and soon there were those that strongly suggested processing a criminal indictment against Hillary Clinton and private industry executives.  They put a case together and watched as James Comey stood alone, (supported by Loretta Lynch who was not present)  and testified to Congress that there was not enough evidence against Clinton to proceed with indictment.  The White house Clinton and all their minions survived the day.

Clinton and Sandy Berger, Huma Aberden and husband Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills

Clinton and Sandy Berger, Huma Aberden and husband Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills

As this is written, the culpability of President Obama has not yet surfaced, but it was he that appointed Clinton as his Secretary of State, knowing then about the allegations of corruption against her. He even went so far as to require Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation to sign documents promising she and the Foundation would not violate federal law or conflict of interest concerns..memorandum_of_understanding_clinton They signed it, but both continued as if the document did not exist.  It was only the beginning of Hillary and Bills reaping of cash.  And Obama has made no attempt to interfere, question or even acknowledge her activities. 

President Obama

President Obama

Historical information about Obama’s association with the Clinton Foundation has not yet begun to surface however very recently it was revealed that Obama had an impact on whether or not the FBI would proceed with charges against Hillary Clinton.  This would suggest that there is more to Obama’s motivation than just being Hillary Clintons political associate.  No doubt there is an acute urgency by those in Washington to get Hillary Clinton in the White House.  

The wagons of both parties are circling. Congress is making a weak gesture of condemnation of corruption but they know if Hillary falls so goes those who are culpable with her. All the cards will begin to tumble as prosecution deals are made. The identities of those actually named in alleged political and private corruption have direct ties to those in Washington and it is they who have the most to lose. These names are near or at the top of some of our most respected National institutions and Federal Departments such as the FBI’s James Comey and the Justice Departments Loretta Lynch, both of who had close personal and professional ties to the Clinton Foundation and  Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and her Husband Bill Clinton.  There have been shallow denials that even for the most staunch of supporters found difficult to believe. 

The centuries old practice of placing the blame on competitive political organizations was ineffective because it became obvious to logical thinkers that the corruption was within both parties and had been active for generations. General Colin Powell who has made a career based on doing what he was told to do and staying out of the way harvested his appointment as Secretary of State under a Republican administration. Since then he has been virtually invisible and yet even he was sucked into the Clinton aberration when his personal email was hacked.

Capt. Colin Powell Viet Nam

Capt. Colin Powell Viet Nam

 And to pour salt on Powell’s wound, Hillary Clinton responded by claiming that he (Powell) advised her on how to keep her email system from the public. Clinton infers that her private email cannot be illegal if the good General did the same thing, and she in fact says that Powell coached her as to how to keep her emails from the public (and the Government).  In reality, its doubtful that Powell had anything to do with Clinton or her email system. Its just not his style and its apparent that neither he nor Hillary know much about securing email.

As far as the Anonymous people are concerned the information that is being pursued legally by legitimate corruption watchdog organizations is ok, but its too slow.  This became evident when it was learned in late 2015 that Hillary Clinton had not used the normally used secure Federal email system and instead was using a personal system out of her home. This was discovered when an unidentified “black hat” hacker known only as Guccifer who is also alleged to have ties to the Russian Government  decided to illegally accessed the email of one of Clinton’s advisors, Sidney Blumenthal. Guccifer has since been identified and had this to say about Clinton’s email server. “Mrs. Clinton’s server was like ‘an open orchid on the internet..there were hundreds of folders”  “The hacking was easy..easy for me for everybody”

 An orchid? The Clinton family is familiar and one might argue comfortable with corruption but few were prepared for what was about to occur. The Anonymous FBI informant was correct. The story was not about the Clinton email but the Clinton Foundation. And the Clinton emails turned out to be a super highway to and from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton , Bill Clinton and his Clinton Family Foundation.

As soon as this information became public on almost every avenue on the internet, more hacking occurred and then more leaks. The watch dog organizations Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch Inc. quickly  went to the Federal Courts to get the emails legally claiming the Freedom of Information Act.  The Federal courts had already ordered the FBI to produce some of the Clinton emails years ago but  the FB I was refusing, claiming there were too many of them, or they didn’t have the manpower and once the FBI claimed they had lost them.

Additionally the Justice Department appeared in a separate Federal Court on behalf of the State Department. The Department of Justice officials filed a motion in federal court seeking a 27-month delay in producing correspondence between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s four top aides and officials with the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings, a closely allied public relations firm that Bill Clinton helped launch.

If the court permits the delay, the public won’t be able to read the communications until October 2018, about 22 months into her prospective first term as President.

If there is any doubt about who is calling the shots in Washington, it’s not the Justice Department. What prosecutor would ask a  judge for a delay for the accused  in producing subpoenaed evidence? That’s exactly what has happened in Federal Court.  It appears the Clintons are using the Justice Department to assist in their defense.

But the Federal Criminal court is not the only hound dog on the Clinton trail. As far back as 2008 there was a Federal Rico Act racketeering civil complaint  filed in  the United States Federal Court Southern District of Florida by Freedom Watch (watch dog organization) against Hillary, Bill, Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  After reading this complaint the question is why was this not filed with the court asking for a Criminal Grand Jury indictment? Possibly because the agency that investigates for Federal Grand Jury is the Justice Department and everyone knows at this time the FBI or Justice Department will not prosecute the Clintons.

By many accounts its now too late for Clinton who obviously took the action on her own to use a  private email server to keep her emails from public and Governmental  scrutiny . It was a big mistake and now the cat is out of the bag. Information began to pour into trusted internet sites such as Wiki leaks,  The Guardian, and others. The FBI was literally forced by political pressure into a Clinton Email investigation.  We now know how that investigation turned out.  This enticing question has never been formally asked, “Why would a United States Secretary of State want to keep her emails from falling into the hands of the Government she represented and swore an oath to?”

As information and documents began to become public, so did information from internet sleuths about old cases that had long since been forgotten or were considered irrelevant. The Clinton Foundation was cited by an Anonymous informant who claimed to be an FBI employee as a corrupt organization that’s size was “enormous” and included members of almost “everyone in Washington”. 

4Chan FBI Leak

4Chan FBI Leak

This informant claimed that interested Anonymous investigators should disregard the Clinton emails and concentrate on the Clinton Foundation. Many from the Anonymous community were skeptical of this suggestion but time (a short time) has since validated what this person said. 

The pieces of information from all sources are now falling into place and the picture that is emerging is disheartening.  As is usually the case in these types of situations the resignations are beginning to occur at the bottom of the pile but the big picture includes former presidents as well as Obama who recently said when asked about the FBI refusal to bring a case for prosecution  [The FBI]  The Justice Department is “thoroughly professional and unfettered by politics” and he praised F.B.I. director James Comey’s investigative efforts.

Recently allegations of an eminent  “fixed” election in favor of Hillary Clinton have surfaced first from Donald Trump and then others.  There’s profound evidence of huge amounts of Cash (billions) flowing into this country  from abroad into the Clinton Foundation and this fact alone prompts the suspicion of corruption within our justice department that is difficult to ignore in face of the FBI’s refusal to provide documents to congress and their refusal to bring charges of corruption or malfeasance against Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. This particular situation hits home as this author is a retired police detective and knows what ‘probable cause’ is and how it is necessary to bring criminal indictments.  

In my view the Hillary Clinton investigation files , should be handed over to a Federal Grand Jury. Let the Grand Jury decide whether  to or not to  indict.  In this case there should be a independent special prosecutor assigned to do what the FBI and Attorney General refuse to do.”  JD Benish

Donald Trump no doubt has his own skeletons. He is in the audience not knowing whether to comment on the situation or back off. Either way, he’s becoming an irrelevant bystander in the big picture. The internet sheriff is just getting started. No matter who wins the election in November the notion is that justice will be done and will have more impact if Hillary Clinton is the new President. After all her husband was impeached for lying and they both know whats possible when sitting in the big chair in Washington.

This country, this republic and our constitution cannot survive with continuing lack of accountability for criminal actions committed against the United States of America that come from the top and continue to the lowest political divisions in the land. It’s necessary that everyone, every single citizen in this country assume  a part in taking back control of our courts and our justice department. The people in office today who have played a significant part in this ongoing corruption and bold contempt of our constitution should be physically removed from office and held for trial.  

We cannot allow our government to continue to imprison the journalists, whistle blowers, bloggers etc:  who risk everything to report on the actions of our government. We must stop the Justice Department from  claiming treason, or terrorism, or anything else they can come up with to justify their actions against journalists and whistle blowers..  We can all begin by letting the FBI, Justice Department, and others know that we will not allow improper arrest and imprisonment of whistle blowers and journalists. Its not the FBI’s duty to determine what news we are allowed to read and what news we are not.  It’s not their duty to make themselves the regulator of information. But it is their duty to bring to justice those who disregard our constitution.

You can protest these actions by either writing your feelings and sending them to an internet news page or letting the government know via the internet that this is unacceptable. You can even do this anonymously.  But we all have a voice that cannot be  stopped. Its no secret that there has been and is now a concerted effort to regulate what is published whether it  be on paper, or on the World Wide Web.









The Clinton Family Foundation Money Laundering History & Philosophy

SUNDAY POST 8-28-2016

Paid Bill Clinton $750,000 received State Department authority

Paid Bill Clinton $750,000 received State Department authority


Most of you who follow my writing, (Twitter Indi pendent- or or the books I have written  know that I’m a retired police detective. I did it for many years. My ability to sniff out the truth is in my bones. I’m much older now but along with age comes certain patience. I became more astute, wary and cunning. I look back to those early police years and realize that as an investigator I really wasn’t honed. I think that those who worked with me thought that I was a good investigator back then but  I wasn’t fully developed. I didn’t have the experience that comes with age and I suspect that’s the way it was supposed to be.  My truth back then was sometimes not a truth you could hang your hat on. It was a truth good enough for the courts or for my supervisors, but sometimes I had my doubts. Sometimes it was not a conscionable truth.

Today is now, and now the things I believe to be the truth are real things. Things or happenings are realities that cannot be disputed in my mind. The things I believe in are not things like a coincidence. This is a word to describe the belief that things just happen and really don’t mean anything like an  accident or  luck or fate.  I know now that there are no such things and the word coincidence should be synonymous with delusion. Coincidences are a way of justifying what we cannot explain or prove.  Good investigators take the word coincidence out of their vocabulary.  The media pundits and politicians would have us believe what isn’t reality.

That being said, there is a term.  A legal term. A term that is used in criminal law to justify certain criminal actions, such as explaining the reason for a search warrant or an arrest. This term is ‘probable cause’.  This term could be the opposite of coincidence.  So in the US legal system the word coincidence or accident or fate would not be used in a sworn affidavit to justify arresting someone or filing criminal charges against someone or searching someone. But the term ‘probable cause’ is not only  used to justify the above, it is required by the law.  James Comey told us there was no ‘probable cause’ to charge Hillary.  He said that her actions were “bad judgement” and not criminal actions.  I ask you how many bank robbers are in jail for using “bad judgment ” when they entered a bank wearing a mask and brandishing a gun. How many of these bandidos went to prison yelling and screaming “I didn’t commit a crime, it was all a mistake, it was only my bad judgement.” The answer  is all of them went to prison and the probable cause to get them in a criminal court was their location in the bank, the mask they were wearing and the gun they were carrying.’  A reasonable person would think that they probably went into the bank to rob it.  Yes it was bad judgement, but it was also a crime.

Probable cause means that something “probably happened’ based upon statements, evidence, police officers experience  and sometimes some lesser described reasons.  Probable cause is a subjective term and could be disputed by some people but ultimately our law says a judge decides what ‘probably happened’ and what did not. The law says that when the judge is deciding this, he must put on his ‘average and normal’ human being hat and think like one when making probable cause decisions.  James Comey, the man who is in charge of the elite of the elite police agencies in our country made statements that Hillary Clintons actions  don’t equate to “probable cause”  No police investigator worth a salt in this country believes James Comey. I dont think his subordinates believe him either.

And now I’ll get to the real point of all this.  I’m a true independent voter. I vote each term for the person I think is best qualified to be president and who I believe will represent the people of the United States above all other things, except the US Constitution.

I began looking into the two candidates for president about 6 months ago.  When I say “looking into” I mean doing research on the internet.  I’m a very firm believer that if you want to get as close to the truth about something as you can, you will not find it by listening to the radio, watching tv or reading the rags they call news papers.  You will not find it on the internet mainstream posts they call news either.  I have a list of many internet sources that I believe provide unbiased independent information about politics, criminal activity, and personal information about candidates.  When I say biased, or unbiased I mean that the opinions, facts and history provided is backed up with some kind of proof and is not blank uninformative gossip, or statements that are not based on some type of research or fact. Biased information comes from mainstream media who are lining their pockets with money from political action committees or the candidates themselves and these types of information sources use the word coincidence or luck or accident frequently. You all know they type of propaganda I describe.

And so 6 months ago I began digging in depth into Trump, Clinton, Cruz and some of the others. In my mind two of these three were going to be the candidates for president. First I looked at Cruz because I believed like most that Trump was not going to make the cut. I discovered that Cruz “Probably was not a US Citizen” based on my research into his mother’s birth certificate. I wrote about my findings.  I felt like that was enough research on Mr. Cruz for me. If this guy would lie and produce an obviously forged birth certificate, he wasn’t going to get my vote.  Then came Trump. Trump was a little more difficult to get information on because his whole history was in private enterprise.  There is no ‘Freedom of Information Act,’ available to assist in getting information from private enterprize.  Trump had some questionable things in his history alright. But nothing that I would categorize as ‘probable cause’ of fraud etc:  But I knew that most likely  I didn’t know all there was to know either.  The plus for Trump to me was that he wasn’t a professional politician who made a living off of the Federal budget and the deep pockets of people whom he could befriend and do ‘favors’ for.

Then came the Clintons.  I use their name in the plural because I think it’s very naive to think otherwise. I realized that I knew very little about Hillary and Bill’s claim to fame.  The memory that I placed importance on was that Bill was impeached for being a dipshit. I’ll never forget watching Hillary on television denying all the allegations leveled at Bill by numerous young ladies. She lost my respect for her  then because I believed she had no respect for herself.  To me she was the submissive woman Bill was married to and was afraid to speak the truth.  I was wrong thinking she was submissive.

I began with Hillary’s stint on the Nixon Water Gate investigation Committee.  She was a 27 year young aggressive attorney who was allegedly asked to leave the Committee by a guy named Zeifman that was apparently not based on any kind of probable cause but as he stated she was guilty of ‘questionable or improper behavior’.    It appears that Hillary has not denied nor addressed anything he or others said or wrote about her during those early years except to say that she “was not fired” and although Zeifman at first stated he fired Hillary later admitted he did not have the authority to fire her so he couldn’t have fired her..  Credible sources do not disagree with Zeifman but the allegations’ of lying, falsifying records  etc still persist..  Rather than to continue to look into this to learn whether or not she was fired, or whether or not she was involved in some other type of legal shenanigans…. the bottom line is that her first documented high echelon position of importance as a lawyer and her first chance to establish her character and morality is shrouded in cloak and dagger accusations by fellow Democrats.  All this achieved at the young age of 27. Similar accusations are and have been in the cards since.  Very soon after her Watergate experience she moved in with Bill Clinton and they were later married.

Bill Clinton got himself elected as the Arkansas Attorney General then elected as the Governor of Arkansas. It appears that during his and Hillary’s time during the Arkansas Governorship allegations of misconduct, malfeasance, corruption and even Murder skyrocketed and continued into his tenure as President.

I began to look into some of the allegations to include the Clinton’s involvement in the Barry Seal Mena Arkansas drug trade, the transfer of 50 million from Arkansas to a bank in Fuji and the murder of two teenage boys who happened to stumble on a drug deal in progress in Arkansas. (Bill Clinton later characterized the “mistake” his state coroner made when he ruled the boys cause of death as a drug overdose by simply saying the coroner was “over worked and probably tired”.) Clinton didn’t think the new ruling of murder was enough to reopen the investigation. Then there was the Rose Law firm where Hillary was a partner. The firm was at the heart of the Whitewater land scandal, and there was much more. The list of possible Clinton crimes  kept getting longer and longer and became too long for me to devote time to it.  It would be a huge undertaking and anyway there were already numerous books written about the Clinton Arkansas era of alleged Organized crime involvement.  These scandals and more continued into Bill Clinton’s presidency and it was obvious to me that Hillary was at the very least his partner and at best the CEO of their enterprises.  The web of deceptions, and under the table business deals and political funding via Political Action Committees, banks, off shore accounts, etc;  was so elaborately convoluted that it would take a virtual task force to follow the money from all of the sources to the Clintons.  It looked  to me like the Washington investigators were getting close when in 1997 Ken Starr began his investigation into the sudden death of a long time  Clinton crony Vince Foster.  It was that same year, 1997 that Bill and Hillary Clinton changed their tactics and founded the “Clinton Foundation”.  As an investigator I sometimes solved crimes with the old “what would I do in that situation” technique.  I believe that the Clintons made a calculated decision to stop in their tracks and leave Ken Starr  hanging with nothing to go on.. By that I mean, Starr was getting close, maybe the FBI and Justice Department were too. If your a culprit being trailed, you will want to  lose your tracks, walk down a flowing creek, or cross a creek by walking over a log bridge so you don’t leave a trail. Do you get the picture? The Clinton Foundation was created to cover them and allow them to fry bigger fish.  I reasoned that they would launder money via the Clinton Foundation by claiming that it’s a Charitable Organization.  The Clinton Foundation is not a charitable foundation. Its a non profit corporation and serves as a Clinton Family Bank but they want everyone to think its there to distribute funds to the needy underprivileged. . Now this Clinton Foundation might be  something I could sink my teeth into.   Instead of following the money, I would go to the recipient,  the Foundation and track the money backwards.  Why was the donation made to the foundation and who made it and what was done to justify say 10 million dollars?   Other investigative sources began doing the same thing, in different ways.  The Judicial Watch Organization is doing wonderful things with the Freedom of information laws and using the courts to enforce the Clintons’ to produce records.

The Foundation money collection and washing philosophy works this way.  Imagine a  donor who needs a Washington favor and donates  100 million to the foundation.  It doesn’t matter much  where the money comes from as long as it is from some sort of business that has no intimate association with the Clintons or the ‘Foundation’ The Clintons will not receive any of the 100 million directly except that the Donor will also agree to hire Bill or Hillary as a speaker. One of them  will receive these agreed to funds as payment for their service.  In the mean time their “Family Foundation” grows, and grows and grows and later the money will be distributed to another source that will most likely be out of the country and finally distributed to the Clinton family.  In return Bill, as US President will grant you a wish or favor.  In their minds there’s no proof that either one of them  has done anything illegal since they did not receive money personally other than the speaking fees. (this is a money trail and even if its legal it draws attention to the donor.) The favor granted to the donor will be duly concealed (as much as possible) as a normal performance of  the duty of President or in Hillary’s case as Secretary of State.  I find it difficult to believe that this finely tuned criminal enterprise operated under the nose of President Obama without his knowledge. In fact there’s an early indication that he did have advanced knowledge of what was to happen should he appoint Hillary Clinton Secretary of State and so the Obama transition team created a “Memo of Understanding”  between the The Clinton Foundation and  Obama’s transition team to sign  as if it was the Clinton Foundation who was going to be appointed the Secretary of State before he ever took office and another ethics document was to be  signed the following year by the Hillary Clinton after she was in the Secretary of State chair. Both docs were meant to cover Obama’s ass in the future should anyone become suspicious and look into Hillary’s or Bill’s reception of funds while Federal employees. . A year later 2010 the Clinton Foundation received $500,000 from Algeria.  These documents have recently been resurrected in light of the possibility that Mrs. Clinton be elected President. But even now, the ho opla about the documents seems to be that the Clinton Foundation signed the documents as a vehicle to protect the State Department.  Obama hasn’t yet commented on the two documents and for good reason. Theses docs actually were conceived and one actually signed  prior to appointing  Hillary as Secretary of State before Obama took office. Hillary had not yet assumed the position so Obama was making sure he was protected as President once Hillary was appointed as Secretary of State the next year.  Its kind of like Obama and possibly some in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee knew what was going to happen so he wanted to be certain that the fence was around him and locked before he unleashed the dog.

And whats Hillary Clintons people have to say about all this? Its seems that they don’t really understand how Hillary can  be held responsible for something an Aid said or did.  I guess they believe  rats will not eat each other too.

I believe that the Clintons knew that the only way they could continue to extract money from the system and keep themselves out of jail it would be if one of them is in the White House or holds a position in the Presidential cabinet for two reasons.

1.) It was imperative that they maintain influence in the Justice Department to stall, avoid or abate any investigation into their Foundation activities and

2.) If one or the other didn’t have this influence their house of cards risk extinction and even worse they could be indicted for their crimes. Its against the law to open a storefront selling favors to people who want to avoid prosecution themselves or avoid complying with Federal law on US Government land and staff the store with US Government employees.

When Hillary was at risk of losing the Presidential nomination to Barack Obama in the primary elections their situation suddenly was in extreme peril.  Rather than risk everything by losing the primary democratic election to Obama they decided to ‘make a deal’ with him. Nothing illegal about that is there?  Hillary would back off and virtually guarantee Obama’s nomination on the Democratic ticket and in return Obama would protect them and give Hillary the cabinet position of Secretary of State.  Bill Clinton must have thought it was Christmas. Now instead of only 8 years in power via Obama, they potentially would have another 16 years. Eight years with Obama and another 8 years with Hillary as president.  16 years of carnage and destruction were on their horizon.  But there’s more, after Hillary’s 8 years there will be Chelsea Clinton.

The deal was done and eight years later Hillary has her hands full. There has been many deals and millions going into their family bank account, (the Clinton Foundation), but neither Bill nor Hillary anticipated that their emails would be hacked or given up under the Freedom of Information Act.  The information about their criminal activity is being exposed now almost every day despite the stalling of their friends. First the Department of Justice Thomas Perez, then Loretta Lynch, and most recently James Comey of the FBI.  All protected the Clintons and  refused to bring charges against them. But thanks to the Justice Integrity Project and the Judicial Watch Organization, the heat is on the Clintons and its getting hotter. The extent of the granting of ‘favors’ for contributions by Hillary Clinton when serving as Secretary of State is almost beyond comprehension.  And Hillary and Bill were forced to get the Justice Department (Loretta Lynch) to petition the Federal court to stop or delay producing incriminating evidence (emails to and from the Clinton Foundation) until  after the election (27 months after)  because the emails might be “Classified Documents”. So Hillary (via Loretta Lynch) who has previously stated she didn’t have any Classified  type emails in her private server is now telling the Federal  court that not only did she  have them but her family owned bank, the ‘Clinton Foundation’ has them too and therefore the should not be released.   Can you imagine someone asking the FBI to petition the court to stop themselves (the FBI) from accessing information relative to criminal activity?   That’s exactly what the Clintons did.  And recently it appears that the FBI might be protecting themselves because the scuttlebutt is that some of the ‘to and from’ emails to  the Clinton Foundation  might have the names of people in the Justice Department.

Based on my many years filing affidavits to courts to accept charges or requesting prosecution  at almost every level  I know what probable cause is and in my view there is more than probable cause in most of the allegations against the Clintons to file charges. The problem is that the agencies and  persons who are supposed to be representing us, the citizens of the US are no longer representing us, they are representing the Clintons and themselves.

Signs that something else isn’t right. 

Since Hillary Clinton entered the presidential race the pollsters have shown her anywhere (depending on the poll and the State etc) from one point ahead of Trump and Sanders to as high as 10 points yet her average body count at a rally is 1,000 people. Trump’s average is 20,000 plus.

Finally my intuition tells me that Hillary and Bill Clinton are crooks and the best of the two presidential candidates  is Donald Trump. My intuition also tells me that if the Clintons have enough in their bag to control our Justice Department they can certainly get major polling companies to publish “friendly” poll results or even manipulate the election.  I think that history tells us  that the most popular person is the person who wins elections and popularity is exhibited in the number of people who show up to see, talk to and listen to the candidates.


Please listen to your mind and logic when voting at the polls.








Trump -A Gamble that has Received over 13 Million Bets-

SUNDAY POST 8/14/2016

web post.

JD- Codefore Publishing

It’s an undeniable truth. Our options  for president this year are not the best. We have two candidates who just don’t completely meet basic requirements, 1. Honesty,Professional 2.Qualifications, 3.Character,and 4. Morality. It’s debatable which of these basic human attributes is the most important. Ideally we would expect our president to have them all.

One might argue that my twitter post (Indi Pendent) has been biased and  posting all anti Democratic information. This is mostly true, but not because I am a Democrat or political party biased. In 58 voting years I have always been an independent. I voted for Obama twice. He disappointed me  in many ways especially in his second term. I  believe that the last several presidential choices have been a choice between two evils and in my humble opinion Obama was the least evil of his two terms.

Today (this election cycle)  the Republicans are forced to suffer for their past actions. If, during President Obama’s term the Republicans could raise enough support to advocate the “shutting down” of our government not once but twice  in an act born out of spite I think voters are asking themselves  what in the hell would these maniac’s do with a Republican president? To make bad things worse for themselves the hard core senior Republicans and their financial backers don’t like the reason they are in presidential contention.  (Trump) Its obvious Trump is not a Republican insider and maybe not even a real Republican. Just ask one of them. The Republican Czars would rather see Trump in one of their soup lines than representing their party. So what we remember about the Republican party when we are in the voting booths is that they wanted to shut down the country because they didnt like the outcome of two elections and now they hate their candidate.  

So I keep putting up my seldom read posts in the hope that some readers will vote independently and vote at least partly because of the information I put forth every week. 

But I am concerned that we have lost our choices. What I mean by that is that it appears that the choices we have for president  are both very risky and neither candidate has the necessary character or experience to lead this country back to what it was founded on..  It’s common knowledge that our political system is infested with liars and if the candidate can’t be trusted to tell the truth when running for election, can we really expect a sudden change when president?   The answer is no. We are in part to blame for the deterioration of our country. We have become complacent, ignorant of important issues, lazy and most dangerously, too many people vote straight party lines.  To vote for straight party candidates no matter who is running  is not only an ‘I don’t care who is president attitude it’s a recipe for the collapse of our Federalism. Its just plain sheep following the herder over the cliff.  Its also a signal that the intelligence of our populace is depreciating.

The reason that Donald Trump has risen to the top of the Republican barrel of apples is not because he is a good Republican nor is it because he is most qualified.  His character, morality and honesty has not been necessarily verified but neither has he been shown not to have these good qualities  . So he’s a gamble isn’t he?  He is a gamble that has received over 13 million popular bets, more than any other candidate of any party in the history of the United States Elections.  I believe the reason is that independent thinkers in all political factions want a change. They want politics with a conscience. We want a quality  president who’s goal is to serve the constitution and the people.  Obviously if that’s correct they cannot vote for the Clintons. I say plural because the notion that Bill Clinton’s partnership with his wife Hillary does not play into this election is a notion consumed with naivety.Bill & Hillary 7

And so back to the admittance that I have been constantly posting and tweeting about the Clintons to the point of being considered a ‘one sided journalist’. It’s because I feel a patriotic duty to scream “The Red Coats are coming” to those of you who are not aware of the complete  Clintons history, or are not paying attention to the biggest issue in this election. Its not jobs, its not our economy, its not experience. Its plain and simple honesty, integrity, and morality. The Clintons do not have any of these qualities. and it’s  so easy to find proof of this, even on Federal Documents,  that I think there are some that assume its not true..  It only takes a few minutes of a good Google search to be reminded of the constant inference of corruption in almost everything that the Clintons have done for over 30 years beginning with Bill Clintons Viet Nam draft dodging with the help of his friend Senator Fullbright.  Bill and Hillary’s histories are not without some good accomplishments but these political accomplishments in the name of ritchousness when fullfilling their elected positions were similar to accidents that happened while traveling their road to political power. Most of the time it was them who was being investigated and scrutinized. They are like the Al Capone mob who couldn’t be pinned down to an actual crime so the Feds created a law “tax evasion and later the organized crime act” just so they could get guys like Capone.  

Al Capone

Al Capone

 In the Clinton’s case, laws are created by congress  to make their activities legal (the opposite of Capone laws)  such as the new non profit corporation laws or the Political Campaign finance laws that allow millions of dollars to filter into non profit corporations and then into the pockets of people like the Clintons and their “Foundation”.  The difference in the to types of laws, Capone laws and  Clinton laws is that the tax evasion laws applied to all us citizens, and  the political and finance  laws to legalize illegal activities usually only apply to the politicians.  So if you and I violated these laws we would go to jail.  But even in ideal situations where actual laws that were created to protect US citizens and our Federalism, prosecution isn’t being pursued because the prosecutors are in someones pocket.

Compared to Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, if Trump’s history is at all skeptical, he is still a minor league participant in the world of corruption, deception, and legal thievery. Most likely this is because he doesn’t have 30 years experience in political  skulduggery like the Clintons.

Hilary and her group, (yes Hillary) is being and has been in the past, protected and she and Bill have stayed clear of honest successful criminal investigations by owning the investigators and judicial in whatever jurisdiction they happen to be in. This time it’s the US Federal Jurisdiction. How is it possible to have so much control that even our own Justice Department has been rendered irrelevant?

James Comey FBI

James Comey FBI

US Attorney General Loretta Lyncy

US Attorney General Loretta Lyncy

 After a little more research time it’s fairly obvious that James Comey (FBI) and Loretta Lynch (US Attorney General-Justice Department) are a part of the Clinton protection and there’s no doubt in my mind that there are a few Federal Judges in the mix too. (just in case). To add insult to injury, the political takeover of our justice system is public information and we the voters have become irrelevant to the Clintons. They don’t care who knows. As Hillary would say when testifying about Benghazi “What difference does it make?”  I am personally enraged at her audacity. I did my time in the military I spent almost 20 years in public service as a cop, I’m still trying to help society when I can at almost 70 years old and what do I or anyone else have to show for our support of our country?  Hillary and Bill Clinton possibly in the White House?  Its an insult to mankind.

To understand their legal Teflon is to understand their relationship. Hillary pointed Bill in a direction, Bill followed it, albeit he had a few diversions, and he still ended up as President of the United States.  During all the political and money grabbing  on the path to the Presidency, Hillary had Bill’s back but in reality it has always been  her real ambition and nemesis to be the first female president of the United States. She always felt that  she should be the president, not Bill.

But she lacked his smooth talking southern drawl and ear to ear back slapping smile. I’m convinced that during Bill’s impeachment the playing on words and later the concealment of actions through united diversified corporate conglomerates existed at Hillary’s direction.

Eight years ago she believed it was her time. But there was a complication. She had strong competition and its name was Barrack Obama. She didn’t like the odds. Time was closing in and she would rather back off than take the chance of losing to the first Black American running for President. Her exit would cost Obama heavily and the deal was made. She would prepare for eight years and then it would be her time.

The money kept rolling in, not directly to their pockets but into places she controlled. Many deals must have been made on her promises.  In her mind, becoming the Secretary of State under Barrack Obama put her on the map. It replaced her weak claim that being first lady was enough experience to be president. She handed out favors and government positions as Arkansas First Lady , and then later as the US Presidents First Lady and then the deal was made with Barrack Obama. She would become Secretary of State.  Its possible she wanted the VP position. We will probably never know.

She didn’t care about actually being the  Sec. of State. She just wanted to continue playing political monopoly at home using her own desk, her own phone and her own email system. She wanted to do her Secretary of State time , put the Secretary of State diploma in her desk and get back to the business of becoming the first female president. She began to build her hierarchy in Washington. When Hillary finally  arrived in Washington the Justice Department became  Justice for Hillary and no one else. For bowing to Hillary and Obama James Comey became an international embarrassment and tarnished the institution.

So here we are in 2016.  It’s the United States political arena but it might as well be Arkansas. Hillary has made a down payment on Washington without a single vote and all she needs to complete ownership is the real-estate and the high backed chairs. Their deeds in Arkansas have long since been swept under the rug and so will the current deeds as long as Obama is in office and her bedfellows James Comey  and Loretta Lynch keep investigators at bay and do as they are told.  J. Edgar has no doubt rolled over.

The Clinton fortune is protected by the Clinton Foundation so that no matter what the future holds, they have their money and Hillary knows that when it comes down to it she can always buy her freedom. However her greatest fear must cause her a lot of stress, agitation and trepidation.  What if she loses the election?  Is Trump actually her competition to the White House or possibly has a deal already been signed and sealed with him? Hillary certainly acts as if she isn’t concerned about losing at all. “Of course I’m going to be President” she said.

Clinton and Sandy Berger, Huma Aberden and husband Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills

Clinton and Sandy Berger, Huma Aberden and husband Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills

As a note to support my suppositions. Loretta Lynch (US Attorney General)  comes from the law offices of Hogan & Hartson, Hillary’s old law firm who also represents MX Logic Inc who has a patient  on the private email system used by Hillary as Secretary of State.   James Comey (FBI) was employed by HSBC- (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and an Associate of the Clinton Foundation ) and its suspected that HSBC is associated with off shore Sanwa Bank, now United California Bank. Its believed that   Sanwa Bank received hundreds of millions of dollars from money laundering operations in Arkansas when Clinton was Governor. Cheryl Mills  (Hillarys Secretary of State  assistant) is also from   Hogan & Hartson and Cheryl defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings.. Huma Aberden, husband of Anthony Weiner (New York fame) worked at  Tenso Holdings (created by Bill Clinton) and Sandy Berger deceased was (Hillary’s  other Secretary of State assistant who also plead guilty to removing Top Secret documents from the National Archives)  and was  also from Hogan & Hartson.  However these people are just gnats in the Clinton web. 



BREAKING Revolution in Mexico?


Protests in Mexico 2016

Protests in Mexico 2016

The below photo’s  come from media boots on the ground via cell phones. An attempt to keep photos and reporting  from the Mexican and US public, is ongoing. Its reported that Google is blocking pictures. Sources say that the incident began with a peaceful demonstration because of recent changes in Mexican laws that relate to the performance of Mexican teachers.

One side often sees the other as union-busting corporate reformers who’ve never been inside an actual classroom yet are hell-bent on reducing all learning to meaningless, time-destroying tests and evaluations. The other, at its worst, portrays its opponents as parasitic, lazy, abusive teachers who care more about their benefits package than the children they’re supposed to be educating. Both are dangerous, inaccurate distortions that keep divisions within the education community fresh and festering. The Slate

However Codefore has learned from actual teachers, parents and others that the straw that broke the camels back was the 2013 requirement that all teachers take a monthly written test and if this test is not passed to the government reviewers satisfaction, there would be no paycheck.  The teachers say these subjective tests given to them by  a corrupt government and that their monthly paychecks are being stolen by the Mexican government.

The teachers in Oaxaca have the support of parents the medical profession and  local business who have since closed their doors. Teacher representatives say that the general strike will not end unless the government stops the withholding of pay checks.  There have been reported 6 deaths as a result of the ongoing violence.

But now the protest in Oaxaca has  turned physical when Government Military, and additional police arrived to curb and  put an end to the protest.  This is not the first time that there has been an uprising in Oaxaca. In 2006 there was a similar uprising but the current demonstration is profoundly different  in that the teachers union is supported by the Medical and Business community in defiance of the new teacher requirements imposed by the Mexican Government.  Leaders of the protesting teachers have been arrested.  The government claims 21 injured policemen, 3 injured by gunfire.

In response to the arrest and gunfire by the police and military spokespersons for the demonstrators  have called for a general revolt against the Mexican Government.  The protests and violence has since spread to the Mexican cities of Michoacan, CD DE Mexico, Los Cabos St. Lucas, Guerreo, San Pablo Huitzo and Santiaguito.  One citizen told sources, “If Mr. Guzman were free he would take care of the corrupt government.”

13501717_644930232324077_4623833465993984394_n  13501709_644930768990690_9153959781830883461_n  13516714_644930298990737_3551527186948500880_n

13442145_644930322324068_1671864913972607254_n       13450234_644930192324081_6681572729140113153_n          13435339_644930445657389_2576022291952915816_n

13495203_644431432373957_3317032975413900439_n  13516636_644930518990715_5921505983684484353_n          13516534_645294375620996_2637334597858976675_n


Are We lost if Clinton and Trump are the Best we can do?


A Boomer’s Thoughts of the past and the future .

An epic and profound national election is upon us. Not since the mid 60’s has there been such turbulence in Washington coupled with dissatisfaction in not only the office holders  but in those who aspire to hold office.  No one predicted that so many Republicans and Democrats would shed their allegiance including some of the Republican leadership.  It would have been a good year to introduce a third political party but alas it’s too late for this years election.

The boomer 60’s had one president resign amid threats of impeachment, one president who refused to run for a second term, and of course Viet Nam.  But discord , anxiety ,constant scandals, and cronyism didn’t stop with the 60’s and the end of the Viet Nam war.   In 1998 President Clinton was impeached. and we, the United States have been in some type of “un-declared” war ever since Vietnam.  In fact war has been so frequent and ongoing that Congress created a shortcut to war by Congressional declaration by passing the “Patriot Act”  Why should Congress or Washington be bothered with involving the US Citizens in War type decisions and  why must congress consult with each other when they can’t even agree on what’s for breakfast?  So now  thanks to President George W. Bush, we have the “Patriot Act” and this all inclusive bill was passed in support of the need for a final declaration of War.  War  against Terrorism as if Terrorism is a tangible thing or living being or a nation of people. Terrorism is basically everything our government wants it to be including us, the Citizen.  So technically the US is at war with whoever our leaders in Washington point their finger at and the Patriot Act  has been renewed and or supported by every single congress and President since Bush.   We are in a perpetual state of war and we have had perpetual military actions in a multitude of countries  ever since we had our ass handed to us in a hand basket in Saigon on April 30th, 1975.

Fall of Saigon

Fall of Saigon

So here we are in 2016, trying to decide who is the best of the best that our country can come up with for President. (I use the words “our country can come up with” ) loosely because its becoming increasingly clear that it’s the two political parties who get to choose who the next president will be, not the populace of the good ole USA.  If these parties don’t like the choice that their membership votes for, they might just change the rules and the candidates.  We are ruled by a mob that surpasses the audacity, and corruption of the old mobs in Chicago and New York and there is no good solution to this in sight.

Here’s our choices to lead our country.

Hillary Clinton, who stood by her husband’s innocence of any wrong doing with intern Monica Lewinski, now aspires to lead this country as did her husband president Bill Clinton. By the way, Bill Clinton’s checkered history in office was unjustly over shadowed by Monica Lewinsky when the press should have honed in on Clinton’s other activities such as the Somalia military failure and the dragging through the streets of Mogadishu  of two dead and naked us soldiers MSG Gordon and SFC Shughart.Mogadishu murder

Not to be out performed by her husband Bill Clinton, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s  coup de grace  was the murder and the dragging of US Diplomat Chris Stevens through the streets in Libya on September 11, 2012.  Hillary apparently didn’t know why this incident happened and doesn’t know where her emails referencing this incident disappeared to either.

Hillary and Bills eyebrow raising activities go way back and are too numerous to explain individually unless one endeavors to write a book. But don’t believe that because Bill’s activities came first as Governor of Arkansas and then as a US President that Hillary was innocently doing nothing but being Bill’s  home maker.  Hillary Rodham was only 27 when she was “terminated” from a House Judiciary Committee investigating Watergate. The reasons for her termination are varied but there are allegations  by members of the Committee that she “was a dishonest lawyer.” Sometime after that Hillary formed some sort of relationship with Bill Clinton and their scandals flourished.

Bill and Hillary the early years

Bill and Hillary the early years

This list is a partial scandal list that any single person in politics in  recent memory would have trouble matching or exceeding.



Mena AK    Cover up



Renting of the Lincoln bedroom

Lincolns bedroom

Lincolns bedroom

Arkansas Investmentgate , Pardon gate and Clinton Foundation

Bosnia Under fire

Missing Staffer Emails.   Missing Hillary emails

6 Billion missing from State Department


Foggy Bottom (Wash insiders nick name for Hillary)

Vince Foster Suicide

Paula Jones

Impeachment   Hillarys involvement

Selling US Uranium 

Trump empire

Trump empire

On the other side of the fence we have Donald Trump.  It seems that in some ways we have gone from one end of the spectrum of outrageous to the other.. It would be difficult to dispute that Mr. Trump is a successful businessman, albeit his success has come from shrewd  business dealings.

It would also be difficult to dispute that Mr. Trump is not a Rhodes scholar, or a politician.  Although there probably are segments of politics in his shrewd dealings.  It is becoming apparent that he did not realize nor is he prepared for confronting a National Press and becoming a part of a political system that is driven by dealings in smoke filled rooms, and legal maneuverings that are at a minimum borderline illegal.  Although Mr. Trump may be  familiar with maneuvering through the huge legal requirements and restrictions that keep his massive business empire functioning, this is nothing compared to becoming a part of the long Washington passenger  train that’s full passengers who call themselves  congress that was elected to do what’s right for the country. Its difficult to imagine that one man can stop this. Its also difficult to believe that Trump can make such an accomplishment as it would be difficult for a man much the superior of Donald Trump to get this train on the right track to successful representation of the Constitution and the electorate.  In fact the deck has been stacked against such an honorable mission undertaken by anyone and the passengers of this train that has run a muck will not allow an un-anointed party representative to enter  their locomotive.

Just as in the 60’s when the public had had enough of the war in Viet Nam, the public today has had enough of the “Patriot Act” , the openly brazen declaration of war by Congress against the Citizens of the United States, and the depletion of the natural resources, bank accounts and moral fiber of our Country. There are third world countries that have better roads and transportation systems  than exists in the US.  In hind sight, it was probably easier to stop the war in Viet Nam than it will be to stop our runaway Congressional train.

Trump is no angel and has scandals too.  His lack of finesse and information about what reality in this country really is has been the root of his many verbal gaffs.  He has a reputation of “stiffing” people who contracted with him for services or materials and his ex wife Evana had used the word “rape” in a civil deposition during the divorce proceedings. .

In 1980 there was the “Undocumented Polish Worker scandal. Trump was found guilty of conspiring to not pay for the workers contributions to pensions and welfare funds and some question whether or not these workers were paid at all.  Like Hillary Clinton, Trump denied knowing anything about the Polish Workers.

Trump has been the recipient of discrimination lawsuits going back to the 70’s and has actually publicly defended Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions .  But search as we may, as stated above, its difficult  to compare anything known about  allegations leveled at Trump to the Clinton’s activities and its also difficult if not impossible to delineate any believable difference in culpability between Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton except for Hillary’s association with the Congressional Watergate investigation committee.  One reason for the lack of scandalous information on Donald Trump is that he is not a politician, and therefore prior to his running for president the Media just wasn’t interested in him, except when he  announced a new marriage.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

As poor as our choice for president this year is, I believe the choice of the least harmful is clear. But there are still those who always vote party lines no matter who is on the ballot and a large amount of the burden of responsibility for our poor presidential choices fall on these people.

But people are breaking away from their party affiliations by the millions. They see Donald Trump as more of an independent than a Republican.  In truth he probably is.  His whole business career has been spent crooning and wooing Presidents and Congressmen  of both parties.  Staying away from the polls should not be a third option.