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What does Arizona's new senate bill 1070 really say?

Senate bill 1070 Senate bill 1070 has lit a fire under the behind of this country. After reading the bill it appears the question about its legality is more about being politically correct than a question of law.  The political correctness issue has come into play a lot lately. It may be because this term […]

One child every 20 minutes

Learn how to protect your children

Arizona legislature goes it alone without interference from Napolitano

 ————————————Immigrant bodies are removed from the desert———————————- This article contributed by Guardian.CO.UK Now that Janet Napolitano is no longer the  governor in Arizona the legislature  passed a bill that would prevent local police jurisdictions from being “soft” on immigrant law enforcement.  In fact the legislation mandates strict enforcement. “Pro-immigration groups across the US expressed despair […]



Chelsea King reaches out

Chelsea King speaks on behalf of all molested children.

Colorado sexual predator arrested

At approximately 4:00pm this afternoon, Jacob Joseph Medina was arrested without incident at a business in northwest Denver. Police had enlisted the support of the Denver media on March 25th to help find Medina. Medina was convicted of Criminal Attempt Sexual Assault on a Child in April 2004 in Denver District Court. Medina was later […]