Monthly Archives: January, 2016

Cruz’s Mother Eleanor Darragh Birth Certificate in Question

SUNDAY POST 01/16/2016 We at Codefore were amused with the birth certificate posted by the  Breibart Blog. Breibart  claims that the mother of Ted Cruz, Eleanor Darragh, was born in Wilmington Delaware and therefore Ted Cruz is a US Citizen. Breibart says, (Darragh Ted Cruz’s mother) “ was born in Delaware on Nov. 23, 1934, establishing her […]

Obama and Clinton pay their debt to Citibank- “Gun Control”

SUNDAY POST 01/10/2016 Its well known that that President Obama and Hillary Clinton  have an addenda to limit if not eliminate gun ownership in this country.  This has been attempted before and failed. In fact its an ongoing quest involving corporations who one would think have no vested interest in this endeavor. Gun ownership has […]

Thinking about a Living Trust or Will? Maybe Hawaii isnt the place to do it.

SUNDAY POST 12-27-2015 PUT YOUR MONEY IN A TRUST AND TRUST A LAWYER WITH YOUR MONEY? Why is the Charity business  booming in Hawaii?   “The Charity Scam” or “Guess where your money went.”  Creating a trust fund to hold and manage your money can be beneficial when done for the right reasons and by a […]