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Fear and Mayhem in Hawaii Part II

This is part two of a multi part description of an effort to activate/convene a Federal Grand Jury investigation into Murder and Corruption in the State of Hawaii. The struggle began in December 2015 and  goes on even today. The following video is the second and one of more to come.  Please take  note. This […]


FEAR AND  MAYHEM IN HAWAII This is where it is today for Retired Det. Jim Benish. The 1984  Colorado cold case murder investigation of 7 yr old Tracey Neef he was working on in 1993 took him to the murder of 4 yr old Lacey Woolsey Ruff.  He got more than the had bargained for. A […]

Tad Cummins. One Child or Three?

Below is a video posted on Youtube by Codefore. You be the judge. Did Cummins kill Abigail Williams, Liberty German, then kidnap his student Elizabeth Thomas? Tweet