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Woman Says Her Boyfriend Confessed to Killing A Four Year Old Girl.

Update: 05-20-17 UPDATES:  There are several updates using separate blogs. The most recent is http://codeforeblog.com/?p=1753. For some of the others go to ” Sunday Post.” An Oregon woman claims her boyfriend admitted to killing Hawaii four year old Aleisia “Lacy” Wolsey Ruf in 1993. Tiffany Kaneko who lives in Medford Oregon contacted Codefore with her story […]

The Federal Reserve Authorized a Money Laundering Bank

SUNDAY POST _UPDATE 9-24-2016_ Elizabeth Warren’s somewhat impetuous questioning of Wells Fargo’s CEO John Stumph got great reviews from our mainstream media looking for blood.  It prompted this author to look behind the stage curtain to see what part of the play Elizabeth Warren portraying with shaking finger, raised eyes and total disdain for the […]

How police detectives find child molesters

  Beginning January 1st Codefore Zap is going to give away the book Protectus Prol. This book retails at $15.00.  With the sudden exposure of pedophiles in our colleges and universities we feel that it is imperative that we provide this information to anyone who either has children or knows of someone who has children and could […]

Banks Stop Americans from Purchasing and Selling Guns-God Bless America and Citi Bank

This article appeared on this blog in 2011. We decided to edit it and re post it. Its one of those rare posts that apply more now than it did 4 years ago. It was posted on Labor Day 2011.  Although this was written on Labor day the real subject is the power of our banks and […]

Political responsibility and corruption in the United States

In these trying times with the loss of  jobs, the economic woes of our Federal Government, our Cities and Counties and most noticeable to all of us is the impact this has on our personal lives but we must be cautious about who and what we hold responsible. Although we are arguably the most powerful […]

The Haves and the Have-Nots

Sadly it appears that this country is leaning toward a society of two factions. The Haves (rich people) and the Have-Nots (the rest of us)  The signs of this are everywhere.  It is glaring in our education system. Going to a university or college is quickly becoming out of reach for the Have-Nots. The Haves […]