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A Christmas tribute to our Child Soldiers

  Last year I penned this tribute to our military sons and daughters. They began their service as children and returned never to be the same. I have never re posted a blog before but this is appropriate for those returning from Iraq. A 2010 Memorial Day Tribute To our Children and a Caution admin […]

How to Prevent another 9-11

Ten years ago today the United States was attacked by a foreign entity.  We were attacked in the name of religious beliefs.  Attacked by misguided men who believed that their enemies  are anyone who is not a believing Muslim.  These men indiscriminately killed without regard to sex or age. I don’t know much about the […]

911 is Avenged!

This is a short Blog. We have only a few things to say. The Victims of  the attack against our country, the United States of America,  on September 11th 2001 have been avenged.  The mastermind of these attacks, Osama bin Laden died in a fire fight with American and Afghanistani troops. Two senior counterterrorism officials […]