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Nine Signs of Autisim and New Techniques to Teach Children

Last September, the NAC published a “National Standards Report,” which identifies 11 “best practices” –   teaching and treatment methods known to be the most consistently effective for students with an ASD. Most of them come primarily or exclusively from the field of ABA, Wilczynski says. The report, which took three and a half years to complete, involved […]

The Fox News Joe Muto and Soupy Sales Show

The latest on  Fox News and former employee Joe Muto.   If you havent heard the scuttlebutt it seems that Joe Muto published comments etc: on the sly as an employee of Fox News.  I use the words “seems” and “news” lightly. After Muto’s identity became known  he was on the payroll of the Web Site Gawker.  I had never heard […]

A Christmas tribute to our Child Soldiers

  Last year I penned this tribute to our military sons and daughters. They began their service as children and returned never to be the same. I have never re posted a blog before but this is appropriate for those returning from Iraq. A 2010 Memorial Day Tribute To our Children and a Caution admin […]

The Haves and the Have-Nots

Sadly it appears that this country is leaning toward a society of two factions. The Haves (rich people) and the Have-Nots (the rest of us)  The signs of this are everywhere.  It is glaring in our education system. Going to a university or college is quickly becoming out of reach for the Have-Nots. The Haves […]


The old saying, “The chicken has come home to roost”  has happened to the United States manufacturing industry. Ever since NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the emergence of China and Korea as manufacturing competitors in the United States we have had a slow but true decline in our manufacturing capabilities. President George H.W.Bush […]