A Blues Evening at Humphry's Happy Hour in San Diego

As I have said before I’m an old retired cop.  I call it like I see it.

This Saturday morning instead of writing about the doom and gloom we hear as soon as we wake until we retire an night  I’ll tell you about a gal who plays the blues.  She doesn’t just attempt  to play the blues she puts it together in an electrifying Stevie Ray Vaughn style that keeps the place rockin. She is talented and writes her own music. Its great!!

Last night I had the pleasure of hearing the Laurie Morvan band  at Humphrys on Shelter Island and it was a free show, a part of the infamous Humphry’s happy hour. Pic-Bob Hakins

I grew up near Detroit Michigan and heard the Detroit sound of the 60’s Motown first hand.  In hind sight, back then I didn’t realize the profound impact that would come from the live music I was hearing from these young talented musicians such as Mitch Ryder, or Smokey Robinson.  Best of all the shows back then were free to all who would come and listen to them.

Since then with a few exceptions  I have mostly resisted paying to hear music. I know that regardless of the type, some of the best music out there is played for your pleasure free of charge. Its played in neighborhood pubs, in parks, at public gatherings etc:  The musicians usually have “day” jobs and play for the pure pleasure of it.

Such is Ms. Laurie Morvan. She is an educated electrical engineer who left a career in the Aerospace industry because her heart was in her music.  Do yourself a favor. Track down the Laurie Morvan band and hear first hand the Blues as played by Ms Morvan.  Years from now after Ms. Morvan becomes famous (And she will become  famous ) you will look back in time and tell people what I have told you here today.

You heard the greatest blues ever played, and heard it for free.

How do child predators think?

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