Are We lost if Clinton and Trump are the Best we can do?


A Boomer’s Thoughts of the past and the future .

An epic and profound national election is upon us. Not since the mid 60’s has there been such turbulence in Washington coupled with dissatisfaction in not only the office holders  but in those who aspire to hold office.  No one predicted that so many Republicans and Democrats would shed their allegiance including some of the Republican leadership.  It would have been a good year to introduce a third political party but alas it’s too late for this years election.

The boomer 60’s had one president resign amid threats of impeachment, one president who refused to run for a second term, and of course Viet Nam.  But discord , anxiety ,constant scandals, and cronyism didn’t stop with the 60’s and the end of the Viet Nam war.   In 1998 President Clinton was impeached. and we, the United States have been in some type of “un-declared” war ever since Vietnam.  In fact war has been so frequent and ongoing that Congress created a shortcut to war by Congressional declaration by passing the “Patriot Act”  Why should Congress or Washington be bothered with involving the US Citizens in War type decisions and  why must congress consult with each other when they can’t even agree on what’s for breakfast?  So now  thanks to President George W. Bush, we have the “Patriot Act” and this all inclusive bill was passed in support of the need for a final declaration of War.  War  against Terrorism as if Terrorism is a tangible thing or living being or a nation of people. Terrorism is basically everything our government wants it to be including us, the Citizen.  So technically the US is at war with whoever our leaders in Washington point their finger at and the Patriot Act  has been renewed and or supported by every single congress and President since Bush.   We are in a perpetual state of war and we have had perpetual military actions in a multitude of countries  ever since we had our ass handed to us in a hand basket in Saigon on April 30th, 1975.

Fall of Saigon
Fall of Saigon

So here we are in 2016, trying to decide who is the best of the best that our country can come up with for President. (I use the words “our country can come up with” ) loosely because its becoming increasingly clear that it’s the two political parties who get to choose who the next president will be, not the populace of the good ole USA.  If these parties don’t like the choice that their membership votes for, they might just change the rules and the candidates.  We are ruled by a mob that surpasses the audacity, and corruption of the old mobs in Chicago and New York and there is no good solution to this in sight.

Here’s our choices to lead our country.

Hillary Clinton, who stood by her husband’s innocence of any wrong doing with intern Monica Lewinski, now aspires to lead this country as did her husband president Bill Clinton. By the way, Bill Clinton’s checkered history in office was unjustly over shadowed by Monica Lewinsky when the press should have honed in on Clinton’s other activities such as the Somalia military failure and the dragging through the streets of Mogadishu  of two dead and naked us soldiers MSG Gordon and SFC Shughart.Mogadishu murder

Not to be out performed by her husband Bill Clinton, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s  coup de grace  was the murder and the dragging of US Diplomat Chris Stevens through the streets in Libya on September 11, 2012.  Hillary apparently didn’t know why this incident happened and doesn’t know where her emails referencing this incident disappeared to either.

Hillary and Bills eyebrow raising activities go way back and are too numerous to explain individually unless one endeavors to write a book. But don’t believe that because Bill’s activities came first as Governor of Arkansas and then as a US President that Hillary was innocently doing nothing but being Bill’s  home maker.  Hillary Rodham was only 27 when she was “terminated” from a House Judiciary Committee investigating Watergate. The reasons for her termination are varied but there are allegations  by members of the Committee that she “was a dishonest lawyer.” Sometime after that Hillary formed some sort of relationship with Bill Clinton and their scandals flourished.

Bill and Hillary the early years
Bill and Hillary the early years

This list is a partial scandal list that any single person in politics in  recent memory would have trouble matching or exceeding.



Mena AK    Cover up



Renting of the Lincoln bedroom

Lincolns bedroom
Lincolns bedroom

Arkansas Investmentgate , Pardon gate and Clinton Foundation

Bosnia Under fire

Missing Staffer Emails.   Missing Hillary emails

6 Billion missing from State Department


Foggy Bottom (Wash insiders nick name for Hillary)

Vince Foster Suicide

Paula Jones

Impeachment   Hillarys involvement

Selling US Uranium 

Trump empire
Trump empire

On the other side of the fence we have Donald Trump.  It seems that in some ways we have gone from one end of the spectrum of outrageous to the other.. It would be difficult to dispute that Mr. Trump is a successful businessman, albeit his success has come from shrewd  business dealings.

It would also be difficult to dispute that Mr. Trump is not a Rhodes scholar, or a politician.  Although there probably are segments of politics in his shrewd dealings.  It is becoming apparent that he did not realize nor is he prepared for confronting a National Press and becoming a part of a political system that is driven by dealings in smoke filled rooms, and legal maneuverings that are at a minimum borderline illegal.  Although Mr. Trump may be  familiar with maneuvering through the huge legal requirements and restrictions that keep his massive business empire functioning, this is nothing compared to becoming a part of the long Washington passenger  train that’s full passengers who call themselves  congress that was elected to do what’s right for the country. Its difficult to imagine that one man can stop this. Its also difficult to believe that Trump can make such an accomplishment as it would be difficult for a man much the superior of Donald Trump to get this train on the right track to successful representation of the Constitution and the electorate.  In fact the deck has been stacked against such an honorable mission undertaken by anyone and the passengers of this train that has run a muck will not allow an un-anointed party representative to enter  their locomotive.

Just as in the 60’s when the public had had enough of the war in Viet Nam, the public today has had enough of the “Patriot Act” , the openly brazen declaration of war by Congress against the Citizens of the United States, and the depletion of the natural resources, bank accounts and moral fiber of our Country. There are third world countries that have better roads and transportation systems  than exists in the US.  In hind sight, it was probably easier to stop the war in Viet Nam than it will be to stop our runaway Congressional train.

Trump is no angel and has scandals too.  His lack of finesse and information about what reality in this country really is has been the root of his many verbal gaffs.  He has a reputation of “stiffing” people who contracted with him for services or materials and his ex wife Evana had used the word “rape” in a civil deposition during the divorce proceedings. .

In 1980 there was the “Undocumented Polish Worker scandal. Trump was found guilty of conspiring to not pay for the workers contributions to pensions and welfare funds and some question whether or not these workers were paid at all.  Like Hillary Clinton, Trump denied knowing anything about the Polish Workers.

Trump has been the recipient of discrimination lawsuits going back to the 70’s and has actually publicly defended Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions .  But search as we may, as stated above, its difficult  to compare anything known about  allegations leveled at Trump to the Clinton’s activities and its also difficult if not impossible to delineate any believable difference in culpability between Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton except for Hillary’s association with the Congressional Watergate investigation committee.  One reason for the lack of scandalous information on Donald Trump is that he is not a politician, and therefore prior to his running for president the Media just wasn’t interested in him, except when he  announced a new marriage.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

As poor as our choice for president this year is, I believe the choice of the least harmful is clear. But there are still those who always vote party lines no matter who is on the ballot and a large amount of the burden of responsibility for our poor presidential choices fall on these people.

But people are breaking away from their party affiliations by the millions. They see Donald Trump as more of an independent than a Republican.  In truth he probably is.  His whole business career has been spent crooning and wooing Presidents and Congressmen  of both parties.  Staying away from the polls should not be a third option.









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