Bachmann and Paul refuse to vote on HR3630

At lunch time in Washington on 12/20/2011 a vote was held for HR 3630.  This is not the proposed bill passed by the Senate that extends unemployment benefits and employment tax relief.

HR 3630 was put up by the Republicans to see if they could talk about the bill passed by the Republicans.  Passage of HR 3630 in effect stalls the Senate bill.

Since the Republicans have the majority, the bill passed. I’ll call it the “lets talk about it bill” and it in effect means there will not be an actual vote on the bill passed by the Senate by a bipartisan majority.  The senate bill was a critical bill that should have become effective before the end of this year to preserve unemployment benefits and a tax break for everyone.

The Republican party who stands for less taxes for business has passed HR 3630 that means more taxes and less benefits for the working and laid off Americans.

This vote comes as a surprise to everyone. Democrats all voted to the man against HR 3630. Seven Republicans broke ranks and voted against it too.

Two Republican presidential candidates, Bachmann and Paul, did not vote.  Paul’s son said, “I don’t think we should pay people not to work” (paraphrased)

Bachmann has said, “Our nation needs to stop doing for people what they can and should do for themselves. Self reliance means, if anyone will not work, neither should he eat.”


H R 3630      YEA-AND-NAY      20-Dec-2011      12:56 PM
QUESTION:  On Motion to Go to Conference
BILL TITLE: To provide incentives for the creation of jobs, and for other purposes

A yea vote means a vote to send it back to the Senate for conference

A nay vote means a vote must be taken on the bill passed by the Senate

Republican  Yeas 229   Nays 7

Democrat    Nays 186

TOTALS        Yeas 229

                       Nays 193

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