California's budget and Arizona's immigration Law

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As I wrote previously, I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with Arizona’s immigration law.  If you read the law and disagree I challenge you to comment on this site.

We all know that any law, whether we consider it constitutional or not, should be enforced within the “spirit of the law”.  The political inference is that this law has no good spirit, just bad, bad blah, blah spirit.

The San Diego School Board decided to make their presence and stance known to interested persons other than their students. (Mainly Arizona residents) In this case I’ll gladly assist them.

Its called teaching by example (Or something like that).  I guess the goal was to show that a stance as important as Arizona’s immigration law needed to be taken by San Diego’s  scholarly school board.

Maureen MaGee of The Tribune reported:

“Stopping short of warning students against travel to Arizona, the San Diego school board on Tuesday passed a resolution condemning the state’s new immigration law as unconstitutional.

Approved unanimously, the resolution urges Arizona to repeal legislation that will allow law enforcement to question anyone on their immigration status — and detain those who cannot prove legal residency — if stopped for reasonable cause.

At the urging of board Vice President John Lee Evans, the board eliminated an Arizona travel warning that President Richard Barrera had proposed for students and their families out of concern they may be subject to harassment or racial profiling. However, the San Diego Unified School District will develop a policy restricting travel and participation in conferences in Arizona.”

This panic about Arizona’s immigration law, the same one that compelled all the threats to boycott Arizona, generated a back lash from Arizona. They said that they would not come to California.  They would not come to California as they always do.  They would not spend the typical millions of dollars in California while on their vacations.

The  students and more importantly their parents  realized that the  school board members may have hoof and mouth disease. Were they  taking this stance on an out of State law even if it may impact the School Board budget? The same budget that is dependent on California’s tax base.  Hence the foot into the mouth.

It seems that the board didn’t think things through and remember that in politics “what goes around, comes around” .  It’s the first law of nature that even an 11th grader learns when running for class president.

Comedian Paul Rodriguez realized this and was forced to acknowledge that his threat to boycott an appearance in Arizona would reduce his income if he missed his appearance.  He did his show.

Most people of average intelligence realize that the Arizona immigration law is not going to stop more than a half-dozen tourists whether traveling into California or going into Arizona.  Everyone knows this except those who made the threats to stop interstate travel.

And so for the unforeseeable future we will be forced to hear all the blah, blah, blah rhetoric coming from our politicians. The more desperate they are to get their name in print, the more prone they are to put their feet into their pie hole.  They are as a political lynch mob, running around making idle threats without considering the consequences.

These are the people who are running and getting elected to political office. The same people we trust with our children and our pocket books.

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