Chelsea King reaches out

Chelsea is speaking, through her parents on behalf of many victims of sexual predators.  All victims of sexual predators and their families deserve vengeance on behalf of their lost loved ones. All living children deserve to be protected from these predators.

At last there is a voice to represent all of us who happen to believe that the justice system has let us down.

Tracy and her little brother Gary Jr.

As a retired police detective I have personally lived the frustration of inept untrained investigators stumbling through a maze of evidence and suspects only to see the case closed and  on some police department records shelf collecting dust while the perpetrator continues to seek out new victims.

I can tell you first hand that these perpetrators do not stop their deviate conduct. Nor are they ever cured of their sexual orientation.

My hat is off to Mr. and Mrs. King.  When most parents, (including possibly me) would be deep in the abyss of grief, they are doing good for our society.  We should all  remember Chelsea, JonBenet, Tracy Neef, Ali Berrelez and many others. We should  support Mr. and Mrs. King in their efforts to get new laws in place .

JD Benish


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