Hawaii Judicial Corruption Part IV


This is where it is today for Retired Det. Jim Benish. The 1984  Colorado cold case murder investigation of 7 yr old Tracey Neef he was working on in 1993 took him to the murder of 4 yr old Lacey Woolsey Ruff.  He got more than the had bargained for. A simple effort to turn over information to the Kauai Police Department in 2012 opened a plethora of allegations of  Corruption in Hawaii .

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In Janauary of 2016 Benish filed an Affidavit for a Federal Grand Jury investigation into the Murder of Lacey Woolsey Ruff and Violations of the Federal RICO act with Judge Seabrights Federal Court.  Chanel 2 News reported on the Murder part of Benish’s allegations.

HI Channel 2 news became aware of the Benish Affidavit and did a two part documentary on the murder of Lacey Woolsey Ruff.  Reporter Gina Mangieri told Benish that her superiors would not allow her to report on the other more substantial Federal Violations such as the RICO Act.


In May of 2017 Benish telephoned the court to notify them that there was an additional victim of Corruption in Hawaii to be added to the victims listed in his Affidavit to the court.  The court referred him to the Hawaii Federal US Attorney who referred him to the FBI. Seems no-one other than the court new anything about a Grand Jury Investigation.

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