Fear and Mayhem in Hawaii part IV – RICO Hawaiian Style

If they don’t mind me posting about them with Pictures, then I certainly don’t mind telling people what RICO Hawaiian Style means.

This is the text version of the video narration. It is almost identical to the video.. Its your choice whether to read or watch and listen or both. However in the first part of this video there are three audios not included in the below narration. To get the full impact and understanding its advised that you watch parts one, two and three first as they identify the three audios.

Who Squashed the Grand Jury Investigation    Fear and Mayhem In Hawaii Part II  Fear and Mayhem in Hawaii Part III

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You also became aware of suspicions that the affidavit did not in fact get processed according to law or according to Supreme Court Rules nor according to the established rules of Judge Seabright’s own court.  And finally we have established the actual identity of at least two ( not including Seabright himself) culpable persons who not only did not perform their duties but implicated the culpability of the Hawaii US Attorney’s office and possibly the FBI itself.  We have actual evidence that these in actions exist and now there has been a new discovery. It seems that Lian Abernathy  who is Judge Seabright’s head clerk, is also listed as a contact for the Hawaii US Attorney’s office. If this is true it may be a violation of the “Separation of Powers” described in Articles 1, 2, 3 of the US Constitution. We also discovered that Ms. Abernathy’s husband is an attorney that represents the Department of Treasury,Hawaii division of the  IRS.  His name is David Anthony Abernathy. His occupation and associations are not easy to discover as he is also known as D. Abernathy, Tony Abernathy, David Abernathy, Anthony Abernathy and D. Anthony Abernathy.

So now we have an Abernathy with close proximity connections to the Hawaii Judicial branch, the US Attorneys office and the IRS.  A personal connection like this would be a dream come true for anyone in the Organized Crime business. The only US Government  affiliate not discovered yet, is the FBI, or the CIA.  But we are working on it.

Records must be kept in all branches of the United States Government and the concealing or destruction of these records is a Federal Crime.  The failure to properly process and record incoming or existing records by any court is also a crime punishable by 3 years in prison.  The Seabright courts inactions on a legal request for a Grand Jury causes a problem for US Citizens.  If it were not for the recordings, records and emails kept by Codefore Publishing and the exposure given these records, no one would know that this Grand Jury request exists. It’s a poor attempt by the court to stop an investigation. The efforts to stop the Grand Jury investigation  are only a short term delay of the process.

Codefore Publishing is bewildered at this point as to explain why Seabright would risk his career on the likes of the 60 listed defendants who are all small fry with the exception of the Hawaii Community Foundation.  Does not Seabright and of course his clerks remember signing delivery receipts for the documents?  Do they not  know of the recorded voice mails left by clerks that they have possession of these files and are preparing to process them?  Is not Seabright aware of the letter sent by his court to Detective Benish threatening to destroy the records?   With all of this looming over their heads one can only assume that these people either believe that they have total impunity, or they are prepared to go down with the ship to protect someone or some entity.  It certainly is not an exercise  to protect the US Citizens and the Constitution as they are sworn to do.  Even getting rid of Detective Benish will not eradicate their culpability.

As irony would have it, in answer to a legal request for the documents that relate to the Benish affidavit and all relevant communication with the US Attorney’s office and or the FBI was denied by the court. Reason?  They are exempt from the FOI Federal law and they are forbidden to give any information relative to a Grand Jury.  Their claim for exclusion is supported by previous court decisions and opinions.

So Seabright’s Court is claiming protection from revealing information and this protection is based  Grand Jury statutes relative to the releasing of information about a sitting Grand Jury. When it comes down to it, it seems that  the court  cannot prove that they have processed such a Grand Jury request, if you believe an email sent by Lian Abernathy that she did not processes the request but instead made a phone call to a person who’s identity she doesn’t remember.

Judge Seabright’s court failed the test. What are they going to do if Benish goes to a higher court?  What are they going to do if Benish requests personal communication with Seabright’s Grand Jury or request a change of Venue?  What then Judge Seabright?  Is the corruption so deep that it matters not? All Benish wants to do is re-open  an investigation into the murder of 4 year old Lacey Woolsey Ruff .

After viewing the first three videos you should have a fairly good understanding of the botched murder investigation of four year old Lacey Woolsey Ruff by the Kauai Police Department  and the involvement of the Hawaii State justice system in allowing or enabling  the flawed investigator’s work to proceed through the Hawaii Criminal system resulting in the incarceration of one person Aaron Schonlau and not the incarceration of his brother Todd Schonlau who has admitted his participation in the crime.

It was Benish’s reasoning that a request for a renewed investigation into the Murder of Lacey Ruff would probably require the bypassing of local authorities. There was a bad smell about it all. It now appears that Benish was more than correct. He had already formally requested investigations by the Kauai Police Department, the Hawaii Department of Justice, the US Attorney’s office and the FBI and received no positive results. If local authorizes would not co-operate the next step is to request a Federal Grand Jury’s involvement and to do that it would be necessary to include Federal Charges, and hence the whole investigation would be an exclusive Federal Jurisdiction investigation.

His allegation that there was an accomplice in the Murder of Lacey Woolsey Ruff is a Federal Murder violation but it is also a State of Hawaii murder violation.  He feared that his request for a Federal Grand Jury to look into only the Ruff murder would be rejected and passed down to the State Level authorities and or a local Grand Jury.  This option would most likely go nowhere. There were too many local authorities who were mixed up in this.

As luck would have it, there were local Hawaiian citizens who were aware of the Codefore work on this murder and came forward with their own allegations of political corruption.  Benish reasoned, why not include these allegations and then ask for the Federal Grand Jury. It was determined that there were good allegations of violations of the Federal RICO act as well as lesser Federal violations.

The first case listed in the  affidavit as allegations of violations of the RICO Act is the Jack Stahley case. This allegation of violations of the RICO Act is an interesting case and is an in depth example of alleged corruption in Hawaii and a clear example of alleged money laundering.

On or about January 27th 2012 a resident of Kauai, Jack Lee Stahley died. Kauai Police were notified and they entered the home on a welfare check by crawling into an unlocked window because the doors were locked. The police discovered the  body of Jack Lee Stahley and items were removed from the house by the Kauai Police without a search warrant. Police records indicate that items were taken for safe keeping and some of these items were legal documents. The family is also alleging that some of the items taken were Will and Trust agreements . This was confirmed by a partial copy of the Kauai PD Evidence log that was given to the Stahley family after the entry into the Jack Stahley home.

The will and trust agreement taken for safe keeping was created, witnessed and implemented by local attorney Nancy Jo Bud who is a private attorney specializing in Will and Trust agreements. She is also a member of the Hawaii Board of Education, General Adviser to the Hawaii Community Foundation , a nonprofit corporation, and served on the Advisory Committee for Hale Opio Kauai Inc. She also worked for the First Hawaiian Bank with another notable attorney Katherine Lloyd.  Both Lloyd and Budd deny they were colleagues  but internet records disagree.  While in those capacities Ms. Budd also represented  the deceased Jack Stahley in Will and Trust matters. It was Nancy Jo Budd who implemented the designation of the Hawaii Community Foundation as a recipient of 50% of the newly created Jack Stahley Trust Fund.  In doing so, all of the stipulations in the previous Stahley trust fund were negated.

The Jack Stahley items taken from the deceased home were booked into the KPD evidence by KPD officer Gilbert V. Asuncion and KPD Paddy Ramson and when the items were returned to the family, the Stahley family noted that one of the items returned was Jack Stahley’s new Will and Trust agreement. The previous Will and Trust agreement was missing from Jack Stahley’s belongings.  The Stahley family said that their fathers Will and Trust had been altered to reflect changes and the addition of the Hawaii Community Foundation as recipient of 50% of the Trust funds.  Although its entirely  possible that Jack Stahley authorized the change in his Trust agreement, the Stahley family adamantly believe that it’s not probable that he would have made such a change without notifying the affected members of the family. It’s also interesting to note that the only persons other than the deceased who had detailed knowledge of the new trust were people who ultimately benefited from the changes.

The Stahley family specifically Joy Stahley and her brother Jeff Stahley allege that the Will and Trust documents returned to them, by the KPD after the death of Jack Stahley, was notarized by attorney Nancy J Budd but was not witnessed  and  that Robert Silverman and his wife Lolly who are Kauai residents and were friends of Jack Stahley were present shortly after Mr. Stahley died and witnessed the entry into the home of Jack Stahley by the Kauai Police Department.  Later a copy of a notarized Trust agreement surfaced. Joe Moss associate Lynette M. Medrano‐Stine. Stine who is a colleague of Joe Moss notarized the new Will and Trust agreement. Jack Stahley’s signature on the new Trust agreement could not be verified nor disputed.

Joy Stahley stated that she and her brother lived in Oregon and initially relied on information about their father’s death provided by Robert Silverman and his wife.

Joy Stahley said that Lolly Silverman emailed her and said that when her husband Robert entered the home at the time the police were present on the day Jack Stahley’s body was found he, Robert Silverman, looked at the Will and Trust documents laying on a table and noted that it was not the same document that he was familiar with.

Joy Stahley was told by Lolly Silverman that on the day her husband Robert entered the home of Jack Stahley with the Kauai Police that he saw the body of Jack Stahley and that it was bruised, battered and bloody and that there were Will and Trust documents lying on a table in the home. Jeff Stahley said that when he arrived at his father’s home 4 days later the interior of the home had apparently been searched, the home was in disarray and that there was a substance that resembled a black powder that might be used to lift fingerprints, throughout the home as well as the presence of yellow evidence tape.  The Jack Stahley autopsy does not describe any unusual or suspicious injuries.

The Stahley family believes that Nancy Jo Budd orchestrated the changes to the Will and Trust document of Jack Stahley while at  the same time was the legal advisor, and trustee/treasurer to the Hawaii Community Foundation under the direction of another local Kauai attorney Katherine Lloyd.  Katherine Lloyd, at the time of the death of Jack Stahley was  the General Counsel and Vice President of the Hawaii Community Foundation and was employed as General Counsel to the First Hawaiian Bank.  Joy Stahley said that the results of this action ultimately resulted in the Hawaii Community Foundation assuming control of the Jack Stahley Trust Fund. Lloyd who later represented the Hawaii Community Foundation in the Oregon litigation argued that Jeff Stahley, Jack Stahley’s son could not be impartial administrators and should not be designated as trust administrators. The Oregon Court ruled in favor of the HCF  and agreed that the Stahley’s should not be the Trust administrator. At the suggestion of Lloyd, Jack Stahley’s long time friend Robert Silverman was appointed as the Trust Administrator.  At either Lloyd’s or Budd’s suggestion the Trust legal counsel was to be Joe Moss. Incidentally, Joe Moss has an office next door to Robert Silverman’s bar known as Robs Goodtimes Grill.  It has been learned that a man who’s name is Victor Lane frequents Robs Goodtimes Grill. Mr. Lane owns a cleaning business and his business office is next door to Nancy Budd’s office.  The Stahley family allges that it was Mr. Lane who initiated the contact between Jack Stahley and Nancy Budd.

The CEO of the Hawaii Community Foundation is Kelvin H Taketa who is also associated with the American Savings Bank . This Bank immediately benefited from the Death of Jack Stahley and Budd’s new will  when  $336,900.00 of the Stahley Trust  was deposited at the direction of the newly appointed Trust administrator Robert Silverman. with of course the blessing of Joe Moss.

In addition to the fact that Nancy Jo Budd and Katherine Lloyd were colleagues at the Hawaii Community Foundation, Katherine Lloyd’s husband Hugh R. Jones is an attorney at the Hawaii Attorney General’s office in the Tax and Charity Div.  In this capacity Jones formally denied any professional association between his wife Katherine Lloyd and Nancy Jo Budd.  Katherine Lloyd, has since abruptly terminated her employment with the Hawaii Community Foundation.

Copies of certified checks indicate that the new administrator, Silverman, immediately received $25,000 from the Stahley trust fund as the administrator. He was not a listed beneficiary of the Trust.  Copies of certified checks indicate that immediately after Robert Silverman assumed the position of administrator of the Jack Stahley trust, a $227,000 deposit was made into the American Savings Bank where the Board of Director is Kelvin Tekata who is also the CEO of the Hawaii Community Foundation.  $269,000 has been transferred to the Hawaii Community Foundation.. This legal maneuvering removed all control of the Jack Stahley inheritance from the deceased family to the Hawaii Community Foundation.

The Stahley family filed a complaint with the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office and immediately Hugh Jones who is Katherin Lloyd’s husband  responded  via his Hawaii dot gov. email, Hugh.R.Jones@hawaii.gov

Mr.Stahley: I am sorry missed your references to Mrs. Lloyd in your prior email because  it was read on an I phone after normal working hours.”

            “You are correct that Ms.Lloyd is my spouse. For that reason, your July 2013 complaint   was assigned to a different attorney in our Department with expertise in charitable  oversight matters. I was not involved whatsoever thereafter. I do need to correct a  couple of your statements. First, Ms. Lloyd was not terminated by HCF but left to take a  new position with Hawaii Pacific University and she left HCF before the date of your  complaint. Nor is Ms. Lloyd related in any way to Ms. Budd.”

The Stahley family has received no further communication from the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office, or the Kauai Police Department in response to their complaints nor does the Stahley family have any information as to the status of their complaints.

The legal adviser to Mr. Silverman and the Stahley Trust Fund, Joe Moss also serves as Bylaws Chair of The Kauai United Way . The Jack Stahley will and trust documents created by Nancy Jo Budd and dated 6/28/11 is witnessed by Lynette M. Medrano‐Stine who is allegedly on the staff of Joe Moss at the Kauai United Way and was a witness on the Stahley Will and Trust agreement created by Nancy Budd.

The Hawaii Community Foundation is listed as a contributor to the Kauai United Way. Where Joe Moss is associated. Once the Stahley Trust money is contributed to the Hawaii Community Fund it is washed.  It’s almost impossible to determine where money transferred from the HCF to any other entity or person originated .

Joy Stahley said that her father did not have any known life threatening health issues and that her father’s personal doctor was surprised by his death and was not notified of Mr. Stahley’s death. In addition Joy Stahley stated that she feared that her father’s death was not a natural death.

The Stahley family was provided with a partial evidence log list that indicated that a will and trust agreement was removed from the Stahley home but was not informed of her father’s cause of death nor provided with any other police investigation reports.

Ms. Stahley also said that no Kauai Police investigation files had been released to the family, nor has any information as to the cause of her father’s death released to them. However I received a response to a Freedom of Information request for the Stahley Death Investigation . Codefore  received the autopsy report. The Autopsy report states that Jack Stahley’s death was due to a, “Ruptured aortic aneurysm with exsanguinations”.

In an effort to validate the beliefs and allegations of Jeff and Joy Stahley, Benish inquired as to the possibility of accessing past email or text communications their father Jack Stahley may have had with culpable persons such as Lloyd, Budd, or other persons associated with these two lawyers.

The Stahley’s provided Codefore with the Yahoo email address of Jack Stahley and the password to his email and or Yahoo account. After gaining access into the Jack Stahley email account it was discovered that the account had been tampered with. It appeared as if the email account had been terminated and then initiated again using the exact same email address of Mr. Jack Stahely as there was a “Welcome” email sent to the Jack Stahley email account after his death. The termination date of the old email account was approximately 5 months after Jack Stahley’s death. Joy and Jeff Stahley were asked about this email termination and  was told by Jeff Stahley that he nor any member of the Stahley family had changed their fathers email account with Yahoo other than changing the password and did not instigate the forming of a new account that resulted in the email history to become unavailable. Jeff Stahley stated that he has possession of the cell phone and the computer that belonged to his father Jack Stahley.

Jack Stahley died on January 27th 2012 and the interruption and replacement of his email account was accomplished on June 26, 2013. There was no access the original older Jack Stahley email account. Codefore sent an email to the Yahoo security division inquiring as to why the Jack Stahley email did not contain any account history dated prior to the date of his death. No response has been received.

Benish reminded the Court and Grand Jury in his affidavit of the following: Nancy Jo Budd and Katherine Lloyd allegedly were former colleagues at the Hawaii Community Foundation. Nancy Jo Budd was listed on an internet publication as an adviser, trustee/treasurer to the Hawaii Community Foundation under the direction of Katherine Lloyd and that Kelvin Takata is the CEO of the Hawaii Community Foundation. Takata is also is on the Board of Directors of the American Savings Bank that received substantial funds from the Stayley Trust fund. .

Nancy Budd was on the Community Advisory Committee for Hale Opio Kauai that receives donations from the Kauai United Way as well as the Hawaii Community Foundation. In addition other colleagues of Lloyd and Budd at the Kauai United Way are Joe Moss Director of the Kauai United Way and is the Jack Stahley Administrator Robert Silverman’s attorney on matters concerning the Stahley Trust.. As such Robert Silverman and Joe Moss are  in a position of influence as to the Trust distributions.

Associates of Budd at the Hale Opio Kauai Inc , Daryl Perry, Kauai Chief of Police, Shayleen Carvalho previous Prosecuting Attorney, Justin Kollar present prosecuting Attorney are all who would be involved in the investigation into the death of Jack Lee Stahley.

Benish also advised  the Court that to date these entities or their respective County divisions have not contacted the Stahley family in response to their inquiry’s except to return the new Will and Trust agreements retrieved from the home of Jack Stahley.

Katherine Lloyd was employed by the First Hawaiian Bank at the time of the death of Jack Stahley and her past associate there is Benjamin Benzaken who was an investment advisor for Jack Lee Stahley. Additional Trusts known to be controlled with or associated with the First Hawaiian Bank are the Bishop St. Capitol Management, the First Hawaii Foundation and the Bank West Services Inc.

Benjamin Benzaken was described by Joy Stahley as a “Good friend” of Jack Stahley. A telephone interview with Mr. Benzaken. Benzaken did not provide any information other than he did  not want to be quoted. He said that he was a friend to Jack L Stahley and was surprised that he had died.

Katherine Lloyd, has denied any professional association with Ms. Budd except to infer that Ms. Budd was a volunteer for the Hawaii Community Foundation. In an email from Nancy Budd she contradicts Ms. Lloyd and describes her “professional” position with the Hawaii Community Foundation as:

My association with the Hawaii Community Foundation has been purely a professional  one over many years‐‐ most professional advisors in Hawaii have such an association. I  served on a HCF community leadership council , NOT on a board of directors or board of governors or any other entity related to HCF that would require acting as a fiduciary.”

            “I may possibly have caused some confusion by including my participation as a member  of the leadership council on a disclosure related to my volunteer service on the Board of  Education for the State of Hawaii. HCF has set up a “leadership council” on each island to discuss overall trends and needs in the community”.

Although initially Budd seemed to infer that she was more than just a volunteer at the Hawaii Community Foundation, Katherine Lloyd the HCF counsel denied this. She and Lloyd had a close professional relationship in the implementation of the Jack Lee Stahley Will and Trust agreements because Lloyd was Counsel for the Hawaii Community Foundation and as such was the Hawaii Community Foundation representative during the Stahley’s legal contest of the Stahley Trust created by Nancy Budd that granted a 50% interest in the Stahley Trust Fund. However Budd did not mention this relationship with Lloyd in her email to me.

There are internet records that indicate that Nancy Jo Budd has been on an Advisory Board for the Hale Opio Kauai Inc. non‐ profit corporation and that the Hawaii Community Foundation , and the United Way wherein Joe Moss is listed as a previous United Way board of directors and both are are listed as donors to the Hale Opio Kauai Inc.

Also on the advisory board of the Hale Opio Kauai Inc. are Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho who is listed as having served on the  Board Directors of the  United way with  Police Chief Daryl Perry, Shayleen Iseri Carvalho, Lucy Douthitt who all served on the Hawaii Board of Education with Budd, and Justin Kollar the Kauai Prosecutor.

It is alleged that Nancy Jo Budd, Katherine Lloyd, and Joe Moss all attorneys, have personally benefited financially from the death of Jack Stahley and his subsequent Estate and accordingly the Hawaii Community Foundation and the other nonprofit organizations that receive and distribute donations to and from each other have benefited or will benefit as a result of hundreds of thousands of dollars that become available for distribution via the Budd created Jack Stahley Will . These funds are to be transferred to the Hawaii Community Foundation and in fact there has been immediate transfers of the Stahley Trust funds that diverted the Hawaii Community Foundation and directly into the American Savings Bank that is directed by the same person who Chairs the Hawaii Community Foundation,    Kelvin Takata..

All of the named persons have participated in some way either directly or indirectly with the proceeds of the Jack Lee Stahley estate. Nancy Jo Budd’s position with the Hale Opio Kauai Inc non‐profit corporation put her in a position to become associated with contributors such as Bernard Carvalho Kauai Mayor, Darryl Perry Kauai Chief of Police, Russell Goo Office of Hawaii Attorney General, Shayleen Iseri Cervalho, former Kauai Prosecutor, William Arakaki Hawaii Department of Education, Justin Kohar Kauai Prosecutor, Joe Moss who assisted in the implementation of the Jack Stahley Will and Trust and who is director of the Kauai United Way Fund..

List of the Jack Stahley Will and Trust participants

Katherine Lloyd is or was the  Hawaii Community Foundation General Counsel, First  Hawaiian Bank. She is  vice president and deputy manager, trust and Investment ,Hawaii Pacific University. Lloyd had a direct involvement in the replacement of Jeff Stahley as  Trust Adminstrator and stated in a letter to Jeff Stahley,

It is clear the interests of Jeffrey L. Stahley as beneficiary conflicts with  his duties as Trustee to deal impartially with all beneficiaries.”

Lloyd makes no mention of her conflict of interest.

Nancy Jo Budd is a colleague of Kathleen Lloyd at the Hawaii Community Foundation Inc. was the legal   adviser to Jack Lee Stahley and created the deceased new will and trust agreement that  replaced the old and granted a 50% interest to the Hawaii Community Foundation in the Jack Lee Stahley trust fund.

She is a colleague of Bernard Carvalho Kauai Mayor, Darryl Perry Kauai Chief of     Police, Russell Goo, Office of Hawaii Attorney General, Shayleen Iseri   Cervalho, former   Kauai  Prosecutor, William Arakaki Hawaii Department of Education,   Justin Kohar Kauai  prosecutor all at the Hale Opio Kauai Inc.

Budd is also a colleague of Attorney Joe Moss who represents Robert Silverman and  she implemented the Will and Trust. Moss is allegedly paid by the    Stahley Trust and   Community Foundation.

Budd is also a colleague of Kathleen Lloyd who was Previous General Counsel for the Hawaii Community Foundation, a non profit corporation, and worked with Bud at the First Hawaiian Bank.

Bradley G.   Parries is the Step son of Jack Stahley. Mr. Parries was not a recipient in the will and trust and   allegedly threatened Jack Staley’s life and the person who was found inside of Jack Stahleys residence after the body was removed. Joy Stahley stated that her father once told her ”If anything happens to me, Parries did it.”

Hugh R. Jones is a Deputy Attorney General Hawaii, Hawaii Tax Division, Ms. Lloyds husband and past colleague of Nancy Budd at the Hawaii Bar Assn. He is a colleague of  Chief Darrel Perry, Chief of Police, Bernard Carvalho, Mayor, Shayleen Iseri‐Carvalho.  Kauai Prosecutor and  said he reclused himself from investigating his wife Katherine  Lloyd.

David M. Louie: Hawaii is He is the former Attorney General of Hawaii, having served  a four-year term from 2011 to 2014. As Attorney General, he was the chief law  enforcement officer for Hawaii, providing advice, counsel and representation to the   Governor, Legislature, state agencies and employees. He is a colleague of Hugh Jones and did not investigate the Stahley allegations involving persons named in the    affidavit. He is currently in private practice. His office is in the First Hawaiian Bank Building.

Joe Moss is an  attorney and is the  Bylaws Chairman for United Way, Per diem judge in the 5th District and Family courts, represents Robert Silverman the current  trustee of  he Stahley Trust and also past Director of the Kauai United Way Fund. He is a colleague of  Nancy Budd who provided him with the Stahley Will and Trust agreement and is a colleague of Katherine Lloyd.

Benjamin ,Ben, Benzaken was financial advisor for Jack Stahley. Joy Stahley alleges that Mr. Benzaken worked with Ms. Budd at the First Hawaiian Bank Mr. Benzaken admits he  worked at the First Hawaiian Bank but denies that Ms. Budd worked with him.

  Robert Silverman is the Trustee of the Jack Stahley will after the removal of Jeff Stahley. Received a $25,000 gift from the estate. Liquidated funds from the Stahley estate and deposited them in the American Savings Bank in Kauai. Silverman’s attorney is Joe Moss.

The Second victims interviewed and accepted were:

Dr. Leonard Horowitz his partner Ms. Sherri Kane.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is the world’s most celebrated pharmaceutical industry whistleblower, YouTube’s most popular, prolific, controversial doctor; a leading humanitarian, political activist, Harvard-trained media expert; and documentary filmmaker and author of 17 books, including three American best-sellers. His works have moved nations to rethink vaccinations, and sourced the Muslim world’s opposition to intelligence agencies’ operations into global “immunization” programs. Dr. Horowitz’s greatest life-time achievement he says is his discovery of the, “Perfect Circle of Sound .” His revelations of nine, “core creative frequencies” have been revolutionizing the music and natural healing industries, as well as Water science. In his latest publication, The Book of 528: by Dr. Horowitz massively evidences his theory that the 528Hz frequency of sound must be considered the “clear channel broadcast of pure love.

Sherri Kane has been associated with Dr. Horowitz s and has been his friend, confidant and administrative assistant for 8 years. Both are what I would call true constitutionalist’s and have been deemed “enemies of the State” for years. They have endured the seizure of their property in Hawaii, dragged into court only to see their case dropped before court appearances and have suffered through the filing of bankruptcy proceedings resulting from legal fees and associated imposed court judgments and fees. Both allege their constitutional rights have been violated, by the corruption within the Hawaii Circuit Courts.

After hearing their case Benish believed that they too, were entitled to their day in court. Not just a day in court as occurs in the State of Hawaii, but a true honest day in court based on facts as recommended by a Federal Grand Jury. He believed their story, and thinks you will also. Their lives in Hawaii have succumbed to prolific, profound and almost unbelievable private lawyers and their dubious legal finagling and the acceptance of all of this by the Hawaii  Circuit Courts.

Based on their allegations that were supported with fact, they were the third victims listed in my affidavit to the court. Their case is much too entwined in legalities, to explain in total detail but as best as I can do, this is their story as recorded in the Affidavit.  It’s been a year now and their battle continues.

As a brief summary and based on the information provided to me  the following incidents have occurred.

1.Jan 15,2004 Horowitz’s organization, Royal Blood Line of David purchased the subject property from Mr. Sulla’s purported client, Cecil Loran Lee for $550,000.00 escrowed by The Island Title Company aka First American Title Company, and title guarantee by Stewart Title Co. Later Horowitz learned that there were 3 liens against the property. The Title Insurance policy provided by Stewart Title did not reveal these liens on the property. The property is approximately, 17 Acres. The aforementioned liens were placed by:

  1. The Federal Government $ 85,000.00
  2. .Philip Maise’s litigation encumbrance and pending liens totaling nearly  $225,000 67
  3. Bond Agent encumbrance of $ 85.000.00

2. Feb 21st, 2008 a $200,000 jury award to Royal Blood Line owned by Dr.Horowitz,  because of fraud committed by lawyer Paul Sulla.

3. Feb, 27, 2009 Royal Royal Blood paid off a $550,000.00 Mortgage to Lee, using the $200,000 jury award as partial payment. (In addition the liens against the property that Lee and Sulla didn’t report were paid for by Horowitz) . Sulla and Lee then refused   to release the Mortgage and provide     clear title to the property.

4.April 20, 2009 Sulla who claimed lein rights to the Horowitz property conducted a  non‐judicial Foreclosure by using fraudulent documents.

5. May 8th 2009 Mr. Lee the seller is dying of cancer, with no money to pay for his   lawyer Sulla.

6. May 15th 2009 Mr. Sulla drafted Articles of Incorporation for a corporation he established called , The Office of Overseer, A Corp Sole and its Successor and designated a young drifter named  Jason L Hester as the responsible person responsible for his new  corporation.

7. May 15, 2009 Using manufactured and forged assignments of Horowitz’s Mortgage and Notes to Mr. Lee, Sulla transfers interest in the property from  Mr. Lee to Sulla’s corporation, The Office of the Overseer.

8. May 26 & 28 2009 Sulla faxes date‐altered and signature altered, fraudulent Incorporation Articles to Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

10. June 27, 2009 Mr. Lee dies without providing Horowitz clear title to the property  and  Sulla does not acknowledge Horowitz’s payment to Lee. and Title to  the Horowitz property is not transferred to Horowitz.        Horowitz makes a claim to the title  company.

11. June 9, 2011 Jason L Hester who is the responsible agent for Sulla’s Office of   Overseer Church grants a quit claim deed of the property to  Sulla personally. This deed was prepared  by Sulla who also claimed he made a $50,000.00 loan secured by a mortgage on Horowitz’s property to Hester. Sulla  gave the loan to Hester to provide       himself foreclosure rights. It is unknown whether or not Hester actually received  $50,000.00.

12. Sept 19, 2012 Royal Blood is dissolved by  Leonard G Horowitz and Sheri Kane.

Although this is a very brief account of Sulla’s attempt to basically steal the property,

Ms Kane and Mr. Horowitz have suffered through a fraudulent attempt by Sully to auction off the property for falsely claimed nonpayment of the Mortgage between Horowitz and Mr. Lee. Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane have  endured a successful criminal impersonation of Cecil Lee by Sulla who allegedly impersonated Lee to file property transfer documents with the State that gave the property to Sulla’s Office of Overseer and then claimed that his colleague Jason Hester was Lee’s nephew who therefore was the last survivor and entitled to Lee’s estate. Investigation later discovered that Hester has a closer relationship to Sulla that Hester did to Mr Lee

Through the years of trying to take possession of property that Horowitz paid for, their attempts to seek relief through the civil courts fell on the deaf ears of Judges, local police and prosecutors and the State of Hawaii Attorney General’s office. Alleged fraud is not a new or unknown scenario to Paul Sulla.

In 2017 Hawaii Judges under the supervision of Judge Michael Seabright ordered the transfer of the Horowitz property to Paul Sulla despite the property being listed as an asset in Horowitz’s  Bankruptcy proceedings.

The Hawaii attorneys and Judges who participated in the property seizure from Horowitz are:

Paul Sulla, attorney and Attorney Dan O’Phelan – Initially represented Mr. Loran Lee  who sold the property in question to Dr. Horowitrz. Sulla received the property  personally.

Glenn Hara. who was the first attorney that Mr. Horowitz hired to represent him in   litigation against Sulla was later appointed a Judge and continually ruled against     Horowitz and for Sulla. He should have reclused himself. Hara was initially referred to   Horowitz by Island Title Company who has since declined to honor the stipulations in        the Title Insurance Policy issued to Horowitz when the property was initially purchased.

John S. Carroll, attorney was hired by Horowitz when Hara was appointed to the Circuit   Judgeship. Carroll’s fees to Horowitz were $25,000.00 and succeeded in getting a court  awarded $200.000.00 judgment in damages that were later “vacated” Judge Ibarra.

Judge Ibarra,  who vacated a previously ordered $200,000.00 judgment in favor of   Horowitz at the request of Sulla and continued ruling against Dr. Horowitz’s legal actions.

Gary Victor Dubin, attorney. Dubin was hired by Horowitz at the recommendation of   Attorney Gary Zamber who unbeknownst to Dr. Horowitz was Paul Sulla’s law partner. Dubin promised Dr. Horowitz to “combat” Sulla’s attempts to seize the property worth  well over one million dollars.  He was paid an initial six thousand dollars but did nothing   for Dr. Horowitz. After Dr. Horowitz refused to pay Dubin $25,000.00 more, remarkably  Dr. Horowitz alleges that Dubin acted as an informal advisor to Sulla himself.

Dubin is no stranger to Judicial Corruption.

Gary Dubin spent 19½ months in a California federal prison and returned to Hawaii in October 1996 to practice law. The state’s Office of Dis­ciplinary Counsel, in an extremely unusual decision concerning a matter of moral turpitude, determined    that a finding of pro­fessional misconduct was “not warranted.” Later, even the U.S. Internal Revenue Service reversed itself, saying he didn’t owe the $1.5 million that was    the basis of his three misdemeanor convictions for failure to file tax returns.

In fact, the agency gave him nearly $100,000, including interest, from payment in an earlier tax year. The IRS had found that he indeed had substantial business losses and   deductions for the years in question, and that they could be carried back.

He can’t recoup the time behind bars; the same goes, thus far, for the $131,000 the judge fined him. In 2006, the IRS looked into the possibility of crediting the fine to his next tax liability, but found it couldn’t because the money went to the court.

Dubin claims Real, now 84, railroaded him 14 years ago. It is a rare federal judge  who   hasn’t attracted such complaints. But there have been many similar complaints  about Real (the judge pronounces it “reel”) over four decades by plaintiffs, defendants and lawyers alike, as well as appellate decisions occasionally attacking the judge’s handling of cases. Three times this year, cases have been summarily removed from  Real’s docket.

Stephen D. Whittaker ,attorney.  Served as a co-counsel with Paul Sulla. Horowitz  alleges that Whittaker appeared in court with a witness, “Jason Hester” who was   actually a impersonator. Its unknown whether or not the court actually identified this  unknown person either with identification or swearing to his identity.

Patrick Sniffin-Sheriff’s Deputy. Dr. Horowitz alleges that Sniffin executed the actual  seizure of Horowitz’s property without proper legal documents.

The third allegation of political and judicial corruption involves another attempt by attorney Paul Sulla to seize Trust funds designated to the deceased relatives upon the death of Stanley M Zedalis.

Between January 2013 to present Paul J Sulla Jr. directed and conspired, with two daughters of deceased Stanley M. Zedalis to redirect approximately $200,000 from the Zedalis Trust and or Estate from California to the First Hawaiian Bank in Hawaii. It is alleged by the Zedalis family (actual trust administrators) that Sulla and the two sisters Mary Ann Jolin and Llian Zedalis committed forgery, fraud and kidnapping to accomplish obtaining a certified check for $200,000 issued by the San Diego Credit Union. The check was in the name of an old dead trust established in 2009 but the trust had been cancelled. The Trust was the Stanley M. Martha B. Zedalis Living Trust. Its alleged by Macia Zedales Maire that when  her two sisters learned of the cancelled trust they conspired to kidnap 89 year old Stanly Zedalis telling him he was flying from New Mexico where he had been visiting his son to Mary Ann Jolin’s home in San Diego. Instead when he arrived at the New Mexico airport Taylor Jolin, the son of Mary Ann Jolin, put him on a plane to Hawaii where he soon after died in the home of Llian Zedalis who resides in Hawaii. It is alleged that Mary Ann Jolin belongs to one of Paul Sulla’s religious organizations and as a member was recruited by Sulla as a client. . After Stanley Zedalis died, the family desired to transport his body to the National Cemetery in North Carolina where his wife was buried, but Paul Sulla petitioned the court to stop the transportation of body of the deceased, and demanded the court allow the body to be cremated in Hawaii. The court Judge, Hara, did not grant Sulla’s request..

Mean while, Sulla was trying to take control of the $200,000 brought to Hawaii by Mary Ann Jolin. The actual trust administrator, William Patrick Zedalis, provided documents validating and defending his position as administrator in an action filed by Sulla before the 1st Circuit Court, Judge Chang. The Judge seized the funds until August 19th, 2015 when Judge Hara 3rd Circuit Court validated the trust administrator as William Patrick Zedalis. However at this point in time, the family does not know what happened to the funds seized by the court.  The trust administrators feel that the sudden death of their father was suspicious as there was no autopsy and Sulla’s request to cremate the body was quite unusual and against the family’s wishes.  Mr. Zedalis now resides with is deceased wife in North Carolina.

This attempt at getting a Grand Jury to investigate all you have seen is not secret. Its all been published on the internet at Codeforeblog.com. All of the appropriate agencies have the information but unfortunately it appears the Grand Jury did not get the information. Because of this inaction the alleged perpetrators are now emboldened and have not ceased their activities in the knowledge that I cannot touch them.  Maybe they are correct.

It was the intention that this part IV was to be the last of these little documentaries  on the Affidavit for Grand Jury involvement into corruption within the State of Hawaii. However new information has come to light just in the last few days that further enlighten me and may even be factual  that the Department of Justice and the Federal Court system in Hawaii has been corrupted. Through all of this its questioned as to why these cases , seemingly insignificant to the whole of the Federal Courts and Justice Department in Hawaii, would become important enough to risk individual careers of people who are physically and economically removed from these incidents.  Some light has escaped through a crack in a door that has recently been discovered. We shall see what is behind this door.

Stay tuned.

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