Hawaii Federal Court Corruption Part II



On this date, 09/09/2020 Corrupt lawyer, Gary Dubin who was listed as a defendant in the affidavit submitted to the Hawaii Federal courts  was disbarred in the State of Hawaii. dubin disbarment





Garry Dubin



UPDATE: 5-9-2017  see: http://codeforeblog.com/?p=1753

UPDATE: 7-31-2016

The wheels of justice can sometimes turn slowly. Received an email from Judge Seabright’s head clerk in answer to questions from Codefore. We have been receiving inquiries about how to get additional complaints included in this Grand Jury investigation. Our question to the Court was, “What shall Codefore do with all this additional information.?”  The below email is their reply. So any and all additional complaints need not be addressed by Codefore. You can send them direct.  Make sure you indicate that your information is to be included in the Affidavit and complaint to the Judge Seabright on January 18th, 2016.  Good luck to you all.

Seabright clerk email
Seabright clerk email



Codefore Publishing applauds His Honor Judge Michael Seabright.  He is the chief Federal Judge, District of Hawaii and he accepted and read an affidavit from a private citizen requesting the activation of a Grand Jury.  There are those who might argue that a request for a Federal Grand Jury to a Federal Judge from a private citizen is not only improper it’s a violation of Federal Court Rules, but not only did he read it he passed it on to the Grand Jury for investigation.

This profound stellar act by a senior member of the Judicial Branch of the US Government is an act of responsible conscience. In these times of rampant loss of faith and trust in literally all branches of the US Government, Judge Seabright took the high road. He accepted his responsibility to enforce US Constitution, he stood up knowing that there would be criticism from colleagues  and others who have much to lose by his action and he has given us hope.  Judge Seabright has given us a spark of hope in our Government that has been ebbing for generations.  Judge Seabright we hold you and what you represent in esteem and believe that when you took your oath you made a pledge and you have not forgotten that pledge. There are those who desperately need to know that there are still people like you alive and well and representing the principals that this country was founded upon.

Judge Michael Seabright
Judge Michael Seabright

On January 18th, 2016 the aforementioned request was handed over by Judge Seabright to such a Federal Grand Jury for investigation into many criminal actions that violate and offend our Constitution. These actions are prominent because the some of the alleged violations of law were committed by pillars of the Hawaiian Community and even hold positions in the Judicial and law enforcement factions.

Codefore Publishing  and the victims of these crimes have been working on this project for years and the pinnacle for Codefore was the acceptance of the request for a Grand Jury by Judge Seabright , but any feeling of  accomplishment, or satisfaction will not be attained until the list of defendants have been confronted and if appropriate are indicted and  have charges brought against them and arrested for their actions.

Codefore Publishing and some of the victims will not cease placing the actions of these people in front of the public until there are indictments. We realize that although the list of defendants is long (about 100) not all of these people are culpable in the alleged crimes.  Some are on the list because of association, and in the RICO Act legal sense of the word association, they are possibly involved in organized crime. It will be up to the Grand Jury to make all determinations of probable cause however for now, these people are on the list until the Grand Jury removes them.

Grand Jury proceedings are in secret. We may never know all of the information about criminal activity that is discovered or discarded by the Grand Jury.  We trust that they, as did Judge Seabright, will diligently perform their duties.  We trust that they will support and adhere to our constitution.  We will support their decisions because we may not be aware of the totality of information that comes out of their inquiries.

However, in the interest of the public’s right to know who and why these allegations are made Codefore will list “allegedly” the most notable and culpable defendants and the reason they are on the list. Codefore Publishing has no reason to believe that this information is or has been sealed by Judge Seabright.

It is alleged that Todd Lee Schonlau murdered Hawaiian Princess Lacey Woolsey Ruff in 1993. Shonlau’s brother Aaron Schonlau is serving a life sentence in prison for the same murder and in a jail cell interview by mail admitted his culpability in the abduction and sexual assault  of little Ruff to Codefore’s editor JD Benish, however he denied actually Killing Lacey Ruff and said he had no idea how she was placed in the ocean.  In 2012 Todd Schonalu had been drinking with a girlfriend in Oregon and inadvertently admitted to this woman that it was he who murdered lacey Ruff by dragging her stone weighted body into the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii. This woman subsequently contacted JD Benish with this information. It should be noted that in 1993 when contacted by the Kauai Police it was Todd who was wearing the clothing seen by a witness dragging the body of Ruff into the ocean. It was Todd who was the only witness against his brother Aaron and it was Todd who actually turned in his brother Aaron to the police.  It was also Todd Schonlau who directed the Kauai Police to the location of where the  body was placed in the ocean. Todd was not arrested.

Lacey with her daddy Timmy Woolsey
Lacey with her daddy Timmy Woolsey


Todd Lee Schonlau.

KPD past Chief of Police Calvin Fujita

KPD Detective Adric

KPD Asst. Police Chief Adric

KPD past Capt Richard Rosa

KPD Norman Hold

KPD past Lt. Hurley

KPD Gordon Isoda

KPD past Lt. Patrick Lavuosa

KPD Hanzs Martine

KPD Paddy Ramson

KPD Mel Rapozo

KPD Alvin Yoshido

KPD Gilbert Asuncion

KPD Norman Hold

KPD past Mayor JoAnn Yukimura

Kauai Prosecutor Alfred Castillo

Kauai Prosecutor Rick Damerville

Kauai Prosecutor Kimura

Circuit Judge Maria Milks

It is alleged that the above members of the Kauai Police Department, Prosecutors office and Mayors office conspired to and did withhold evidence, and the culpability of Todd Lee Schonlau in the murder of Lacey Ruff when presenting the case against Aaron Schonlau to Judge Maria Milks in 1993. It is also alleged that Kauai Prosecutor Alfred Castillo ordered all evidence in this case to be destroyed.  It is alleged that Circuit Judge Maria Milks who has the responsibility as mandated by the US Constitution to insure that Aaron Schonlau who was arrested for the murder of Lacy Woolsey Ruff be appointed competent legal representation and that he be afforded a fair trial in this matter and in fact  Judge Milks  appointed an attorney (now deceased) who had a history of incompetence and censorships and other past indiscretions by the Hawaii Bar Association.  It is also alleged that Judge Maria Milks ignored Aaron Schonlau’s pleas for a different attorney to represent him and proceeded to accept a plea of “no contest” by Schonlau’s attorney. It is alleged that in doing so, Maria Milks was enabling the prosecution to “make a case” against Aaron Schonlau for Murder.

Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho

Kauai General Counsel Nick Courson

Kauai FOI Office Mary Daubert

Kauai Prosecutor Justin Kollar

Kauai FOI Office Sara Blane

KPD Norman Hold

KPD Chief of Police Darryl Perry

Kauai Prosecutor investigator John Burgess

KPD Lieutenant Ray Takekawa

KPD Records Eunice Apeles

It is alleged that the above listed persons participated in with-holding information from a journalist as it related to the Murder investigation of lacy Woolsey Ruff.  It is also alleged that this withholding of information as required by Hawaii law makes it a Federal Violation of the US Constitution.  It is also alleged that the joint conspiracy to withhold information to prevent the discovery of other Federal Violations constitutes a violation of the Federal organized crime Act (RICO) as well as other Federal Crimes against the United States.  In particular it is alleged that Kauai General Counsel Nick Courson refused to provide the specific names of other people who conspired  to commit the above violations of Hawaii and US Federal law stating that the names of these people were not included in the wording of the Hawaii Freedom of Information Law as “documents”. It is alleged that in refusing this information, Mr. Courson became culpable in the “cover up” of all of the above violations by protecting the identity of  those who may be guilty of Federal Crimes.

Honolulu PD K. Abraham

Hilo PD  Belio

Hilo PD Greg Esteban

Hawaii PD Loren Lee

Hilo PD Tom Poi

Hawaii General Counsel Asida

Hawaii Prosecutor Mitch Roth

Deputy Hawaii Attorney General  Michael Kagami

Deputy Hawaii Attorney General David Louie

Deputy Hawaii Attorney General

Deputy Hawaii Attorney General (securities) Carolyn Yu

Deputy Hawaii Attorney General Hugh Jones

Paul Sulla Jr. (Attorney)

Nancy Budd (Attorney)

Phillip Care (Attorney)

John Carrol (Attorney)

Gary Dubin (Attorney)

Joe Moss (Attorney)

Daniel O’Phelan (Attorney)

Steven Whittaker (Attorney)

Katherine Lloyd (Attorney)

Judge Greg Nakumura

Judge Glenn Hara

Judge Ronald Ibarra

Todd Schonlau- Murder

Elliot Augustuz

Gloria Emery

Jamie Wallace

Paul Joseph Sulla III

Jason Hester

Boston Kane

Gregory Gadd

Nani Gadd

Mary Jolin

Bradley Parries

Ronn Ritke

Herbert Ritke

Carol Silva

Robert Silverman

Michael Sakell

Lynette Stein

Llian Zedales

Enterprizes (Named pursuant to the RICO Act.)

Hawaii Community Foundation

San Diego Credit Union

County of Hawaii

Hale Opio Inc

Kauai FOI office

Hawaii Community Foundation

Hawaii United Way

Puueo Limited Partnership

The Office of the Overseer

Bil One LLC

Rainha Lemania Casa Holdings

Jaxa Holdings

Kachimauna Ventures LLC

Faithful Ventures Trust


Ekele Pud Ass.

BZ Development

Sky of Hawaii Church

Kaunamaro Farm LLC

Frana Services

Pyramid Process

Gospel of Believers Corp.

The Electic Center of Universal

Territorial Savings Bank

American Savings Bank

First Hawaiian Bank

Big Island land Co.

Stewart Title Co.

Island Title Co.

Hilo Police Department

Kauai Police Department

Hawaii Attorney Generals Office.

It is alleged that the above named individuals, Judges, Lawyers and Enterprises committed certain but not in total these crimes against the United States of America:

Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2248, 2251 Murder

US Constitution 5th Amendment

US Constitution 4th Amendment

US Constitution 6th Amendment

Title 18 USC 242, 342-45, 2071,241 and 14141

Federal Rules of Criminal Justice Rule 11

Title 18 USC Chapter 96 Racketeer influenced and Corrupt. (RICO)

Title 18 USC 1956 -57 Money Laundering.

In summary the above crimes relate to the murder of Lacey Woolsey Ruff and suspicious deaths of Jack Lee Stahley, and Stanley M. Zedalis that facilitated and enabled the fraudulent seizure by  a private attorney enterprise of estate funds and assets destined to go to the respective families of the deceased.  It is also alleged that these funds were then washed by legal , illegal and fraudulent  civil process , transferred to local banks and certain profit and nonprofit charity organizations.  It is alleged in one particular case that attorney Paul Sulla Jr. was also and is currently in the process of a fraudulent seizure of valuable Hawaiian property from Dr. Leonard Horowitz and that this case is pending in the foreclosure stage  before the aforementioned Judges.

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