How police detectives find child molesters


Beginning January 1st Codefore Zap is going to give away the book Protectus Prol. This book retails at $15.00.  With the sudden exposure of pedophiles in our colleges and universities we feel that it is imperative that we provide this information to anyone who either has children or knows of someone who has children and could benefit from the information provided in this book.

We are a small publishing company and do not have the funding to provide everyone with a hard copy of the book Protectus Prol so we have decided to provide an audio version. This is completely free of charge.  Every week beginning with the first week in January 2012 a chapter will be available to anyone who registers as a user on this site. You will have access to all of the chapters.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift that might save a child from molestation you can purchase the book on this site or for $14.99. Shipping is free and the book is normally shipped within one day.


The parents of the children molested by this man didnt know that he was a molester. They didnt know what molesters do and say and they didnt recognize  the behavior changes in their children after the fact.  Very sad.

Below is Jerry Sandusky who was a coach at Penn State University. We will probably never know how many children he has molested. Jerry says he is innocent.  Its typical molester behavior and there is much more.



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