How to Prevent another 9-11

Ten years ago today the United States was attacked by a foreign entity.  We were attacked in the name of religious beliefs.  Attacked by misguided men who believed that their enemies  are anyone who is not a believing Muslim.  These men indiscriminately killed without regard to sex or age.

I don’t know much about the Muslim faith and frankly it just doesn’t interest me.  However I do know a little about what motivates men to kill. History tells us that religion has been a motivator of men and one that motivated the ruthless, horrific, brutal murder of women and children.

The perpetrators of these murders were most likely reasonable law abiding people who were led by men and in some cases women who orchestrated  hate in their soldiers for their enemies in the name of religion.  Lets think about this. These people killed not to defend themselves or their religious beliefs but  because of hate.

Hate in Arabic is: كراهية, عداوة, كره, مقت أبغض, كره

In English “hate” is a noun and is defined as:

intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.

the object of extreme aversion or hostility.

before 900; Middle English hat ( i ) en, Old English hatian  (v.); cognate with Dutch haten, Old Norse hata, Gothic hatan, German hassen

Most of our negative emotions that rise up through the depths of our minds are the result of ignorance, lack of intelligence and education. The best thing we can do to protect ourselves from future attacks at the hands of these murderers is not more searches at the airports and more expensive equipment but it is to educate the planet.

We must allow everyone to understand that their hateful feelings are nothing but misguidance and that this misguidance is generated by a lack of understanding and is fueled by incorrect information or no information at all.

But what about the “lack of intelligence”?  What about the people who kill because they are stupid or have some kind of mental malfunction.

I think this.  These people are a small portion of any posse or army. Effective forces are not comprised of people who lack intelligence. Although there are certainly some of them within the ranks they are followers not leaders. If they have nothing or no-one to follow there will be no deeds.

People like Hitler, or Osama bin Laden knew that education is the key to motivating men either to hate or not to hate so they assembled  uneducated people and filled them with incorrect fabricated untruths that generated hate. The word for this is “Propaganda”.

Our protection from  hate is truthful accurate education. Period.



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