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BREAKING Revolution in Mexico?

SUNDAY POST The below photo’s  come from media boots on the ground via cell phones. An attempt to keep photos and reporting  from the Mexican and US public, is ongoing. Its reported that Google is blocking pictures. Sources say that the incident began with a peaceful demonstration because of recent changes in Mexican laws that relate to the performance […]

A Kauai Cover Up to Protect Police and Prosecutor Keeps a Killer Free. Update: 9-04-2015

Update 07-31-2016   SUNDAY POST     Seabright’s clerks have communicated to those who inquire that a affidavit request sent to Judge Seabright in Decemer 2015 was  given to the sitting Federal Grand Jury. Albeit, the first and only written  communication from the Judge’s clerks did not include an official District of Hawaii letter head,  there has […]


07/31/2016 SUNDAY POST UPDATE: 7-31-2016 The wheels of justice can sometimes turn slowly. Received an email from Judge Seabright’s head clerk in answer to questions from Codefore. We have been receiving inquiries about how to get additional complaints included in this Grand Jury investigation. Our question to the Court was, “What shall Codefore do with all […]

The Washington Cartel Leadership PAC

Recently there has been a lot of  national media reporting on the money received by our congress and senate from Political Action Committees. (PACs)  Many believe that the money the politicians receive is at  the root of the dysfunction in congress that we see today. It has always been  my belief that it’s illegal for […]

Woman Says Her Boyfriend Confessed to Killing A Four Year Old Girl.

An Oregon woman claims her boyfriend admitted to killing Hawaii four year old Aleisia “Lacy” Wolsey Ruf in 1993. Tiffany Kaneko who lives in Medford Oregon contacted Codefore with her story in January of 2012. She claimed her boyfriend Todd Lee Schonlau told her that he was responsible for the death of a little girl […]

Are you concerned that you or your children will become victims of a child predator?

Protectus Prol is now available in English and Chinese.  Parents who speak all languages have a common fear. How can I protect my child and do I know enough about predators? Read this book and become informed.  Protect your family. That fear is that their children will become victims of Child sexual predators.  (Molesters)  This […]

Under What Circumstances can your DNA be taken by the police.

 According to the National Institute of Justice 50 States have laws in place that authorize the non   consensual taking of DNA samples from humans convicted of certain crimes however there are 28 States that authorize DNA sample taking prior to conviction.  In this case the involuntary  sample is authorized at arrest.  These laws are being  […]

How police detectives find child molesters

  Beginning January 1st Codefore Zap is going to give away the book Protectus Prol. This book retails at $15.00.  With the sudden exposure of pedophiles in our colleges and universities we feel that it is imperative that we provide this information to anyone who either has children or knows of someone who has children and could […]

Wanted by the FBI for Crimes against Children

  OK for those of you who are reading this blog. This information is for you. Look at these people. If you have seen any of them call your local police department or the FBI direct. Contact the FBI FBI Headquarters Ten Most Wanted Fugitives Most Wanted Terrorists Kidnappings & Missing Persons Parental Kidnappings Background […]

A 2010 Memorial Day Tribute To our Children and a Caution

Editorial There will not be any posted  links and advertisements  here today just my thoughts. As a veteran who served from 1966 to 1968,  I wonder what my fallen comrades would think of our country, our political leaders, and the general direction our country is taking today. It brings a tear.  I see the same […]