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BREAKING Revolution in Mexico?

SUNDAY POST The below photo’s  come from media boots on the ground via cell phones. An attempt to keep photos and reporting  from the Mexican and US public, is ongoing. Its reported that Google is blocking pictures. Sources say that the incident began with a peaceful demonstration because of recent changes in Mexican laws that relate to the performance […]

Why People will Believe anything.

This is about reality.  What is real and what is not real.  It is also about why and how people believe what they hear no-matter how ridiculous it is even if it means herpes. Normally when I blog and write I try to back it up with documents that support my post.  In doing this  I […]

Free Rockin in California

In these times when money is tight, there are few jobs,  people are having difficulty paying the rent or keeping the wolves away,  there are a few places  (If you look for them) that you can take your family and enjoy a picnic and free music.  Such is a public park in Point Loma California. […]

A Blues Evening at Humphry's Happy Hour in San Diego

If your a blues fan, don’t miss the Laurie Morvan Band.