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BREAKING Revolution in Mexico?

SUNDAY POST The below photo’s  come from media boots on the ground via cell phones. An attempt to keep photos and reporting  from the Mexican and US public, is ongoing. Its reported that Google is blocking pictures. Sources say that the incident began with a peaceful demonstration because of recent changes in Mexican laws that relate to the performance […]

Facism and What Happened to two cops as the entered the US.

Sometime in 2012 This letter was provided to Codefore and the author will remain anonymous  It was written to Janet Napolitano and Robert Jacksta in 2012. It’s difficult to believe that this is happening in our country.  It appears that  no-one is immune except people who do their job in the name of National Security and the Patriot Act. This […]

The two faces of Janet Napolitano

On December 30, 2009 I wrote this article for the “Examiner”. I did not know then how accurate my thoughts would be.  You can decide for yourself. Janet Napolitano’s Two Faces In light of the recent lapses in our National security the question now is who is running our Homeland Security? Obama or Napolitano ? […]

California's budget and Arizona's immigration Law

But to the students and more importantly their parents it indicated that the school board members may have hoof and mouth disease.

Arizona Republic proposes a “pipeline” for Immigrants to enter the United States.

Arizona Republic denounces most Arizona politicians over immigration law and proposes a “pipeline” for Immigrants to enter the United States.


Last week it is said that  Arizona  passed the most stringent State immigration law in the nation. Yesterday there were mini protests nationwide. The organized groups touted numerous ,from accusing Arizona law makers of being racists to disregarding the United States Constitution. Arizona was even compared to  Nazi Germany. Who is actually behind these groups […]

What does Arizona's new senate bill 1070 really say?

Senate bill 1070 Senate bill 1070 has lit a fire under the behind of this country. After reading the bill it appears the question about its legality is more about being politically correct than a question of law.  The political correctness issue has come into play a lot lately. It may be because this term […]

Arizona legislature goes it alone without interference from Napolitano

 ————————————Immigrant bodies are removed from the desert———————————- This article contributed by Guardian.CO.UK Now that Janet Napolitano is no longer the  governor in Arizona the legislature  passed a bill that would prevent local police jurisdictions from being “soft” on immigrant law enforcement.  In fact the legislation mandates strict enforcement. “Pro-immigration groups across the US expressed despair […]