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A Kauai Cover Up to Protect Police and Prosecutor Keeps a Killer Free. Update: 9-04-2015

Update 05-09-2017 SUNDAY POST A Kauai Cover Up to Protect Police and Prosecutor Keeps a Killer Free. Update: 9-04-2015   BREAKING:  UPDATE 05-09-2017  What are you thinking Judge? Does  the request for a Grand Jury that came from a citizen and not the Justice Department mean its not a valid request and therefore  the Supreme Court […]


07/31/2016 SUNDAY POST UPDATE: 5-9-2017  see: UPDATE: 7-31-2016 The wheels of justice can sometimes turn slowly. Received an email from Judge Seabright’s head clerk in answer to questions from Codefore. We have been receiving inquiries about how to get additional complaints included in this Grand Jury investigation. Our question to the Court was, “What shall Codefore […]

The Murder of LaVoy Finicum Shooting by masked Police

SUNDAY POST 02/07/2016 (Updated 02/07/2016) THE BADGE It is polished and shiny and looks so fine. Once you earn it you have to tow the line. The minute you wear it upon your chest it becomes a symbol that you are the best. It means honesty, integrity, and fairness to all. Your life is never […]


THE SUNDAY POST 01/31/2016 The United States Constitution, protected by American citizens and public officials who have sworn to “ support, obey and defend” it, has been in effect for nearly 225 years; making it the oldest, and longest lasting, constitution or charter of any nation on earth today.             We at Codefore are compelled […]

Cruz’s Mother Eleanor Darragh Birth Certificate in Question

SUNDAY POST 01/16/2016 We at Codefore were amused with the birth certificate posted by the  Breibart Blog. Breibart  claims that the mother of Ted Cruz, Eleanor Darragh, was born in Wilmington Delaware and therefore Ted Cruz is a US Citizen. Breibart says, (Darragh Ted Cruz’s mother) “ was born in Delaware on Nov. 23, 1934, establishing her […]

Obama and Clinton pay their debt to Citibank- “Gun Control”

SUNDAY POST 01/10/2016 Its well known that that President Obama and Hillary Clinton  have an addenda to limit if not eliminate gun ownership in this country.  This has been attempted before and failed. In fact its an ongoing quest involving corporations who one would think have no vested interest in this endeavor. Gun ownership has […]

Thinking about a Living Trust or Will? Maybe Hawaii isnt the place to do it.

SUNDAY POST 12-27-2015 PUT YOUR MONEY IN A TRUST AND TRUST A LAWYER WITH YOUR MONEY? Why is the Charity business  booming in Hawaii?   “The Charity Scam” or “Guess where your money went.”  Creating a trust fund to hold and manage your money can be beneficial when done for the right reasons and by a […]

Why People will Believe anything.

This is about reality.  What is real and what is not real.  It is also about why and how people believe what they hear no-matter how ridiculous it is even if it means herpes. Normally when I blog and write I try to back it up with documents that support my post.  In doing this  I […]

Banks Prevent US Citizens from Purchasing and Selling Guns.

This article was written and posted on Labor Day 2011. We have decided to re-post it.  Nothing has changed in 4 years. In fact it is worse. I have never felt so disappointed in the my country as I did in the early 70’s when the United States pulled out of Viet Nam leaving the […]

Free Book Protectus Prol Password.

 This  book is offered as a contribution to the fight against child  predators.  The PDF is encrypted and cannot be printed or copied  without publisher authorization. The book is under copyright  protection.  If you want a hard copy you can order the book on  Amazon.  This book is used by family counselors  and police  departments […]