Pay per view gives us the “Republicans vs. the Democrats.” We lose!

The other day I had a conversation with a devout Partisan . 

He started the conversation with. “I really like Ryan. He’s ,my man. I like what he says”.

My question to him was, “Do you know his voting record in congress?”

His answer. “No I just know what he says”.

“I know what his voting record is and in some ways it is contrary to what he says he believes in. ” I said.

“I don’t care how he voted. I like what he says.” He said.

“So you are voting for him because of what he says, not what he does?”

“Yes I am.  People can change their minds.”

Good Luck  America.

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If you are like me, we are tired of the political bickering and confused with the options that will be presented to us in the next election process.   I am an independent thinker and voter.   I vote for the person I think would do the best job for all Americans. After the last election I was disappointed with  some of the decisions that our new President Obama made.

My vote is not a political mandate for poor decisions and actions. My vote is not a permanent endorsement nor should yours be.

On coming elections are unique. For the first time in my 45 years of voting, I am convinced that the survival of our Republic and democracy  is critically dependent on taking back our country. By force if necessary.

For us to survive as a democratic society we must take back the power given to us by our founders.  The only way to do this is to replace the representatives in congress and the senate who have not only entrenched themselves in positions of power  but have literally turned their positions into future gifts of political entitlement.  Positions that have become personal property to be  inherited by relatives.  The last few years have indicated that this take-over must begin locally.  These small time political wanna be Czars are destroying our localities and police departments in their efforts to secure their positions.

Once we take back our power, we must create new boundaries that protect our interests as a whole.  Rules such as term limits.  Our congress and Senators have run amuck with no fear of ever losing their jobs.  They have voted themselves benefits not given to any other person in this country. They create or delete laws that influence and enhance their personal wealth and protect them from prosecution. We should be so endowed.

If our president does not have the support and co-operation of Congress and I mean all of Congress not just from his own political party, he is in irons. His hands are chained .  If I, as a voter, am willing and able to vote in good faith for the person that I think will do the job best no matter what party he/she is affiliated with, I expect my congressional representatives to do the same.  I expect them to represent us (Americans) not what the leader of their party or big business tells them to support… Unfortunately, congress does not care about their constituents.

The dominate congressional party is the one that has enough votes to pass legislation, or the one  that has enough support to stop legislation. There is no middle road and no quarter given to us, the voters.

One party can stop the train dead on its track.  The Democrats and Republicans are in a war with each other at our expense and the expense of our great country. It really does not have much to do with who is president. The people who individually or collectively cause these issues are many times in violation of the law and should be prosecuted. Is it not treasonous to accept money from large military suppliers who advocate a perpetual state of war, a condition that causes a never ending loss of lives and a never ending huge expense born by the taxpayers?

My goal is to educate you and give you the information you need to make your own decision.  We can no longer believe what we hear from the main stream news media. Most of the time they are either biased in their reporting or they have not researched the facts. Their only interest is their own bottom line.

The problem is gaining convenient access to these facts. It’s too risky and easy to rely on what people tell  us or what we are told by the pundits on the internet and television.  It is critical that we do not allow ourselves to be herded together by people who do not have our best interest in mind.

If we do not take back control of our country   we have no one to blame for the results but ourselves. We will have blown our chance.  I don’t think our country has a bright future if we don’t act independently, immediately and   in our own best interest at the polls or support any other method that results in the purging of Washington and local governments.

I am astonished when I hear some of the statements that come from both sides of the aisle that incite anger or fear and generalize statements that cannot be  substantiated nor un-substantiated.

I am even more astonished at the number of people  who believe these statements ,without question, as fact because they trust representatives of their political party of choice.

Voters, today, right now are the most fortunate electorate in the history of our country.  Thanks to the internet we have access to  answers to any question that we might choose to ask.  The internet.s is the most powerful encompassing provider of events and knowledge that has ever existed in the history of man-kind. The internet is also the most dangerous provider of inaccurate information that has ever existed. The bucket list of most of the sitting politicians contains the words “Get rid of the internet.”

Getting access to the information we need to make intelligent decisions at the polls is no easy task. It takes hard work.  In the case of our Congress it has become too easy for them to simply say that a bill was passed or not passed by X amount of votes without actually indicating who, (a name), voted for or against the bill.

This accomplishes two things.

First, generalization does not indicate how our individual congress representatives voted.

Second without specific information about who voted for what  we are forced to take political sides.

This groups all the individual congress people together in their respective parties.  It’s no wonder the electorate is so polarized. Our congress has insulated themselves from accountability.

It’s the Republicans vs the Democrats. Lack of accountability enables our congress to represent their party, and their special interest groups without repercussions at the polls. They are counting on the presumption that voters will simply vote Republican or Democrat with no information about how their individual representative voted on key issues.

However there are signs that this is changing and changing quickly.  The “Fact Checkers” have emerged.  They challenge the political pundits and news media on the validity and accuracy of the information they put forth.

Our congress believes adamantly that the veil of protection they have created by the void of  truth is so strong that the “Fact Checkers” will be of no consequence to them.  This is evidenced by a statement made by Romney pollster Neil Newhouse  who said, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”  That statement means to me that they don’t care if their statements are factual or not. They will get their loyal followers vote regardless of the truth.  I’m presuming that the Democratic advisors are of the same opinion.

There is only one problem with the “Fact Checkers” and that is the validity of the actual Fact Checking.  There are now countless “Fact Checking” web sites that purport to provide true and valid facts.  These sites should be scrutinized if they do not back up their facts with reliable  sources.  Statistics are not usually supporting facts. The only way to check facts  is to do the research yourself.  If your going to do that, why even bother with the “Fact Checkers”?

Brian Williams Curator of facts.
Brian Williams Curator of facts.

This leads us back my previous statement.  Finding the true facts is difficult and time consuming.  Should we take a chance on the Fact Checkers? Or not.

We as a country are in the most devastating financial crisis that has ever happened to us. To complicate matters the winds of tierny are blowing.

Today I am an optimist and that’s why I am doing what I am doing.  Sure there are going to be those who are uninformed, ignorant of the facts and carry on the generational loyalty to their chosen political party.  However I believe there are many more of us who are intelligent and free thinking. Especially our young people.  I also believe that more than ever it has become evident to us that the shift of power in this country must change.



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