November Frost. 4 More Years of Corruption in Washington.

 The November Political Frost is upon us. Will our Republic survive 4 more years of corruption?


US Attorney General Loretta Lyncy
US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

The signs  of an entrenched  political corruption system in the US  have existed for  years  but  no real interest was given to the idea that the these signals might be correct and if they were correct what are the long term consequences and what should be done to correct or stop it…  In response to the ever growing leaks of  corruption in our government Washington politicians, bar none, have collectively diverted our attention.

These politicians stand up before us waive the flag and tell us about  treason  or conspiracy or that there is some sort of terrorism threatening us while shipping  millions of dollars to the same countries they claim are out to destroy the United States. All this to support their personal financial interests. Creating fear has been the preferred method of controlling the masses since BC.  

In response to the fear created by the destruction of the Twin Towers in NYC, Congress easily  passed the Patriot Act and along with the Patriot Act came indiscriminate  imprisonment without trials. In fact the Patriot Act itself is based on fear. Fear is the key word used to define terrorism.  The act defines Terrorism as (An) act of terrorism means an activity that (A) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life that is a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any state, and (B) appears to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population: (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by assassination or kidnapping.

Ironically the US Congress has allocated billions of dollars to the military and to other nations to keep fear out of our lives and this same Congress has legislated fear back into our lives by passing the Patriot Act..

In the past we had little reason to disbelieve the fears created by Washington but researching the two world wars, Korea Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan and more we find that these military conflicts were all based on lies  and violence that created fear.  It seems we have short memories. Its also apparent  that our Government has in fact violated the Patriot Act themselves.  Are they not creating fear themselves as described above?

Embarrassing  US. evacuation of Siagon 4/30/1975
Embarrassing US. evacuation of Siagon 4/30/1975

Using the media to promote fear is not new either. “Americans have been living in fear since 9-11. However, the reality behind our fears has been set out by our own corporate media who has been the main culprit in spreading it like a disease. Our media has terrorized our hearts and minds for years through their subliminal violent programming, and sensational coverage of their own version of the distorted truth.”[Richard Skaff]

This whole phenomenon designed to protect and preserve corruption is not new and the list of heroic corruption whistle blowers goes back generations. The results have always been the same for these people. Imprisonment, disgrace, and financial disaster for those who rat out our government. And this strict protection of the guilty has always been at the hands of our Justice Department.  But it appears as if J Edgar Hoover knew who the real criminals were because he kept detailed files that remain top secret even today. Unfortunately his methods were admirable but for the wrong reason. His motives were to protect himself and should the files containing the secret activities of the Presidents and their men become public they would cease to be of value to him.

What do you mean it was a storm. You mean storm trooper dont you?

But there’s a new Sheriff on the planet and its name is the Internet.  Its power is infinite and it serves anyone who wishes to benefit. Its six gun is information.  The informants and whistle blowers of present have learned not to trust the people they serve. There has rarely been any kind of justice served by our authorities unless it’s the justice served on the poor, defenseless and underprivileged and there has always been consequences dealt out to those who would dare testify the truth.  The corrupt enforce the rules they have created and these rules are tailored in favor of  and exempt  the corrupt in Washington. The most important  rule the Politicians in Washington want us to  remember is thou shalt not rat us out.

Linda Trip-Clinton and Monica Lewinski
Linda Trip recorded Monica Lewinski & Clinton

 It’s not surprising, but it is most logical that whistle blowers like Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange (Wiki Leaks) and Edward Snowden (The Guardian)  decided to make their information available via the internet instead of complaining to the Federal Government. However the most important hurdle they had was how to get out of the country before the Feds snagged them up and gave them a permanent home in a Federal Dungeon.  Chelsea Manning was not quick enough. Others like Aaron Swartz of the  Anonymous group preferred suicide to dealing with the Federal Government.

Aaron Swartz is the 19-year-old Co-founder of in San Francisco. Chris Stewart / The Chronicle
Aaron Swartz is the 19-year-old Co-founder of in San Francisco.

Washington has drawn the line in the sand. Talk and you will be dealt with.

The emergence of the Clinton’s in Washington was and is the single most Constitutional threatening  event to occur in the United States  since Richard Nixon. The Clintons have exemplified the “Talk and you will be dealt with” fear causing statement. Some who knew the Clintons in Arkansas say this is not just talk. The second threatening event was the Congress passed the “Patriot Act.” This all encompassing act makes it possible for the Government to carry out the “dealt with” portion of the above  statement.

Obama and Clinton
Obama and Clinton

The idea that the Federal Government could intimidate and scare whistle blowers into keeping silent may have some old school merit but the idea that this same tactic would have the same effect on members of the internet community, some known as Anonymous, was frankly.. stupid.  These people really are anonymous, and they really do know as much or more than the Feds about the internet, computer technology and everything else that goes along with it. If the truth be known, some of these people actually work for the Feds and consult with private enterprise about how to keep their computers secure while at night are dealing out facts, figures, computer technology and anything else that interests them.  Anonymously. 


When the Federal Government went after Aaron Swartz who was held in very high regard by all that used the internet to transmit technology and information, it galvanized a community that has since been responsible for producing secret information that has resulted the downfall of some highly regarded politicians world wide.. Anonymous was credited with the eventual fall of the whole Brazilian Government.  Additionally China and Mexico have attempted to control the content on the web.  This was unsuccessful of course, mainly because the internet is not the only way to transmit electronic news anymore and the Internet geeks in the United States quickly set up an independent internet web for those in countries where the internet was  censored. 

This internet community listened, saw the corruption in the US Federal Government and responded by publishing  secret Government documents that revealed corruption. But most of all, the idea that the Federal Government was going to threaten not just the internet community individually but threatened the freedom of the internet was unacceptable. War was declared and today it looks like political corruption and their supporting organizations bit off more than they can chew. It’s becoming clear that the documents labeled ‘classified’ are not documents that protect any phase of the governments operations but conversely protect the corrupt participants.

As information regarding political corruption began to become available on the internet, so did actual proof of corruption.  Proof that couldn’t be disputed.  Emails, documents and actual recorded statements became known to exist and Federal courts have ordered that they  be handed over to organizations like Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. The government has stalled, whined, and sometimes it took years before the evidence was made public and  as this  proof oozed out, [albeit according to our government illegally] it came slowly like an  infectious liquid from a wound and try as they did, the government couldn’t stop it.  The innuendos, and inferences pointed in the direction of Washington where declared piety lives.  But orders had been transmitted and in some cases Federal Government agencies like the FBI’s James Comey actually refused to provide information to Congress or anyone else prompting a  subpoena from congress ordering Comey to comply..comey-and-clinton

Once the evidence of actual political corruption began to float around the internet from virtually unknown sources, some well known and respected courageous news outlets and bloggers began to published the stuff (at their own risk) and in doing so, the seed of doubt in the character of those culpable in our government began to grow.  Washington ignored the allegations.

People became confused and even began to doubt or suspect  long trusted politicians and then the stormy winds of counter propaganda began to emerge from Washington.  In the beginning it was denial, and the rattling of sabers, and threats of imprisonment to those who would expose them. Its alleged that there was even murder.   Informants and whistle blowers fled the country but nothing changed. The US  mainstream media, with hands open to receive cash and guaranteed access to the white house ignored reports of corruption and accepted their mandate and instead of reporting on corruption focused on poll numbers that supported the candidate that coughed up the most favors to them.   But the internet information, about Clinton’s past associations kept saturating the internet news outlets. 

As the tsunami of information derived from email hacking, document hacking and court battles over Freedom of information access to records become available to anyone with a computer or cell phone, non believers are being transformed into believers.  But the information is coming in slow. Courts give the order to produce and the FBI declines.  The politicians who were involved are nervous. There is an impending election in 2016.  Some have panicked. FBI investigators unaware that their boss James Comey was a part of the Washington corruption network or didn’t care, just did their job regardless. They began to dig and soon there were those that strongly suggested processing a criminal indictment against Hillary Clinton and private industry executives.  They put a case together and watched as James Comey stood alone, (supported by Loretta Lynch who was not present)  and testified to Congress that there was not enough evidence against Clinton to proceed with indictment.  The White house Clinton and all their minions survived the day.

Clinton and Sandy Berger, Huma Aberden and husband Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills
Clinton and Sandy Berger, Huma Aberden and husband Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills

As this is written, the culpability of President Obama has not yet surfaced, but it was he that appointed Clinton as his Secretary of State, knowing then about the allegations of corruption against her. He even went so far as to require Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation to sign documents promising she and the Foundation would not violate federal law or conflict of interest concerns..memorandum_of_understanding_clinton They signed it, but both continued as if the document did not exist.  It was only the beginning of Hillary and Bills reaping of cash.  And Obama has made no attempt to interfere, question or even acknowledge her activities. 

President Obama
President Obama

Historical information about Obama’s association with the Clinton Foundation has not yet begun to surface however very recently it was revealed that Obama had an impact on whether or not the FBI would proceed with charges against Hillary Clinton.  This would suggest that there is more to Obama’s motivation than just being Hillary Clintons political associate.  No doubt there is an acute urgency by those in Washington to get Hillary Clinton in the White House.  

The wagons of both parties are circling. Congress is making a weak gesture of condemnation of corruption but they know if Hillary falls so goes those who are culpable with her. All the cards will begin to tumble as prosecution deals are made. The identities of those actually named in alleged political and private corruption have direct ties to those in Washington and it is they who have the most to lose. These names are near or at the top of some of our most respected National institutions and Federal Departments such as the FBI’s James Comey and the Justice Departments Loretta Lynch, both of who had close personal and professional ties to the Clinton Foundation and  Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and her Husband Bill Clinton.  There have been shallow denials that even for the most staunch of supporters found difficult to believe. 

The centuries old practice of placing the blame on competitive political organizations was ineffective because it became obvious to logical thinkers that the corruption was within both parties and had been active for generations. General Colin Powell who has made a career based on doing what he was told to do and staying out of the way harvested his appointment as Secretary of State under a Republican administration. Since then he has been virtually invisible and yet even he was sucked into the Clinton aberration when his personal email was hacked.

Capt. Colin Powell Viet Nam
Capt. Colin Powell Viet Nam

 And to pour salt on Powell’s wound, Hillary Clinton responded by claiming that he (Powell) advised her on how to keep her email system from the public. Clinton infers that her private email cannot be illegal if the good General did the same thing, and she in fact says that Powell coached her as to how to keep her emails from the public (and the Government).  In reality, its doubtful that Powell had anything to do with Clinton or her email system. Its just not his style and its apparent that neither he nor Hillary know much about securing email.

As far as the Anonymous people are concerned the information that is being pursued legally by legitimate corruption watchdog organizations is ok, but its too slow.  This became evident when it was learned in late 2015 that Hillary Clinton had not used the normally used secure Federal email system and instead was using a personal system out of her home. This was discovered when an unidentified “black hat” hacker known only as Guccifer who is also alleged to have ties to the Russian Government  decided to illegally accessed the email of one of Clinton’s advisors, Sidney Blumenthal. Guccifer has since been identified and had this to say about Clinton’s email server. “Mrs. Clinton’s server was like ‘an open orchid on the internet..there were hundreds of folders”  “The hacking was easy..easy for me for everybody”

 An orchid? The Clinton family is familiar and one might argue comfortable with corruption but few were prepared for what was about to occur. The Anonymous FBI informant was correct. The story was not about the Clinton email but the Clinton Foundation. And the Clinton emails turned out to be a super highway to and from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton , Bill Clinton and his Clinton Family Foundation.

As soon as this information became public on almost every avenue on the internet, more hacking occurred and then more leaks. The watch dog organizations Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch Inc. quickly  went to the Federal Courts to get the emails legally claiming the Freedom of Information Act.  The Federal courts had already ordered the FBI to produce some of the Clinton emails years ago but  the FB I was refusing, claiming there were too many of them, or they didn’t have the manpower and once the FBI claimed they had lost them.

Additionally the Justice Department appeared in a separate Federal Court on behalf of the State Department. The Department of Justice officials filed a motion in federal court seeking a 27-month delay in producing correspondence between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s four top aides and officials with the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings, a closely allied public relations firm that Bill Clinton helped launch.

If the court permits the delay, the public won’t be able to read the communications until October 2018, about 22 months into her prospective first term as President.

If there is any doubt about who is calling the shots in Washington, it’s not the Justice Department. What prosecutor would ask a  judge for a delay for the accused  in producing subpoenaed evidence? That’s exactly what has happened in Federal Court.  It appears the Clintons are using the Justice Department to assist in their defense.

But the Federal Criminal court is not the only hound dog on the Clinton trail. As far back as 2008 there was a Federal Rico Act racketeering civil complaint  filed in  the United States Federal Court Southern District of Florida by Freedom Watch (watch dog organization) against Hillary, Bill, Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  After reading this complaint the question is why was this not filed with the court asking for a Criminal Grand Jury indictment? Possibly because the agency that investigates for Federal Grand Jury is the Justice Department and everyone knows at this time the FBI or Justice Department will not prosecute the Clintons.

By many accounts its now too late for Clinton who obviously took the action on her own to use a  private email server to keep her emails from public and Governmental  scrutiny . It was a big mistake and now the cat is out of the bag. Information began to pour into trusted internet sites such as Wiki leaks,  The Guardian, and others. The FBI was literally forced by political pressure into a Clinton Email investigation.  We now know how that investigation turned out.  This enticing question has never been formally asked, “Why would a United States Secretary of State want to keep her emails from falling into the hands of the Government she represented and swore an oath to?”

As information and documents began to become public, so did information from internet sleuths about old cases that had long since been forgotten or were considered irrelevant. The Clinton Foundation was cited by an Anonymous informant who claimed to be an FBI employee as a corrupt organization that’s size was “enormous” and included members of almost “everyone in Washington”. 

4Chan FBI Leak
4Chan FBI Leak

This informant claimed that interested Anonymous investigators should disregard the Clinton emails and concentrate on the Clinton Foundation. Many from the Anonymous community were skeptical of this suggestion but time (a short time) has since validated what this person said. 

The pieces of information from all sources are now falling into place and the picture that is emerging is disheartening.  As is usually the case in these types of situations the resignations are beginning to occur at the bottom of the pile but the big picture includes former presidents as well as Obama who recently said when asked about the FBI refusal to bring a case for prosecution  [The FBI]  The Justice Department is “thoroughly professional and unfettered by politics” and he praised F.B.I. director James Comey’s investigative efforts.

Recently allegations of an eminent  “fixed” election in favor of Hillary Clinton have surfaced first from Donald Trump and then others.  There’s profound evidence of huge amounts of Cash (billions) flowing into this country  from abroad into the Clinton Foundation and this fact alone prompts the suspicion of corruption within our justice department that is difficult to ignore in face of the FBI’s refusal to provide documents to congress and their refusal to bring charges of corruption or malfeasance against Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. This particular situation hits home as this author is a retired police detective and knows what ‘probable cause’ is and how it is necessary to bring criminal indictments.  

In my view the Hillary Clinton investigation files , should be handed over to a Federal Grand Jury. Let the Grand Jury decide whether  to or not to  indict.  In this case there should be a independent special prosecutor assigned to do what the FBI and Attorney General refuse to do.”  JD Benish

Donald Trump no doubt has his own skeletons. He is in the audience not knowing whether to comment on the situation or back off. Either way, he’s becoming an irrelevant bystander in the big picture. The internet sheriff is just getting started. No matter who wins the election in November the notion is that justice will be done and will have more impact if Hillary Clinton is the new President. After all her husband was impeached for lying and they both know whats possible when sitting in the big chair in Washington.

This country, this republic and our constitution cannot survive with continuing lack of accountability for criminal actions committed against the United States of America that come from the top and continue to the lowest political divisions in the land. It’s necessary that everyone, every single citizen in this country assume  a part in taking back control of our courts and our justice department. The people in office today who have played a significant part in this ongoing corruption and bold contempt of our constitution should be physically removed from office and held for trial.  

We cannot allow our government to continue to imprison the journalists, whistle blowers, bloggers etc:  who risk everything to report on the actions of our government. We must stop the Justice Department from  claiming treason, or terrorism, or anything else they can come up with to justify their actions against journalists and whistle blowers..  We can all begin by letting the FBI, Justice Department, and others know that we will not allow improper arrest and imprisonment of whistle blowers and journalists. Its not the FBI’s duty to determine what news we are allowed to read and what news we are not.  It’s not their duty to make themselves the regulator of information. But it is their duty to bring to justice those who disregard our constitution.

You can protest these actions by either writing your feelings and sending them to an internet news page or letting the government know via the internet that this is unacceptable. You can even do this anonymously.  But we all have a voice that cannot be  stopped. Its no secret that there has been and is now a concerted effort to regulate what is published whether it  be on paper, or on the World Wide Web.









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