Republican Marilyn Davenport’s Dementia

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“You’ll find Obama’s ancestry, if you chase his family tree, everybody’s climbing and swinging from the branches there–from all over the world! All parts of the world! This guy is the universal man. Every monkey in every tree, from every part of the world, has participated in the sexual act of producing him.”  Lyndon Larouche 2008

State Senator Marilyn Davenport is not the first nut case to make racial comments or references about a person’s race or President Obama.  She probably will not be the last either.

 Davenport is a Republican and it seems that these racial comments are coming from everywhere but the Presidents own party the Democrats.  Davenport has apologized for her remarks and her circulation of a touched up picture of a combination of the Presidents face and the body of a monkey. 

Marilyn Davenport


 “I would never do anything to intentionally harm or berate others regardless of ethnicity,” she said in her apology. “Everyone who knows me knows that to be true.” 74 year old Davenport said. . Davenport then accused the media of “making much ado about nothing,” and indicated she would hunt down the “cowardly” person who leaked the contents of the e-mail.

From my view point Davenport’s apology is shallow considering the action she has taken. She refuses to resign and knows the only way to force her out is at the polls.

Davenport is in her seventies and her action raises a question as to her sanity. A grown mature intelligent person would not do something like Davenport has done whether it be done publicly or privately.  Her actions have demeaned the Republican Party the American People, and deeply hurt and disrespected not only the office of the President, but President Obama , his family and everyone on this planet who chooses to be respectful , compassionate and empathetic to their fellow human beings.

That being said, is it possible that Davenport really is not responsible for her actions?  Does she suffer with dementia?  (severe  impairment or loss of intellectual capacity and personality integration, due to the loss of or damage to neurons in the brain) 

Certainly no one except Davenport believes that she is representing her constituents with her cruel attack on the President of the United States.

Everyone who is aware of this can do nothing about it. That is everyone except her own Republican Party. The Republican’s can” man up” or not. They can “save face” or not. They can show us that Davenport’s remarks and actions are unacceptable by any standards and do not represent the Republican Party or the people of the State of California.  By “man up” I do not mean “lip service”

If the Republican Party does not get rid of her and others like her, the lack of action will speak for itself and will not easily be forgotten.   

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