The Clinton Family Foundation Money Laundering History & Philosophy

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SUNDAY POST 8-28-2016

Paid Bill Clinton $750,000 received State Department authority
Paid Bill Clinton $750,000 received State Department authority

Most of you who follow my writing, (Twitter Indi pendent- or or the books I have written  know that I’m a retired police detective. I did it for many years. My ability to sniff out the truth is in my bones. I’m much older now but along with age comes certain patience. I became more astute, wary and cunning. I look back to those early police years and realize that as an investigator I really wasn’t honed. I think that those who worked with me thought that I was a good investigator back then but  I wasn’t fully developed. I didn’t have the experience that comes with age and I suspect that’s the way it was supposed to be.  My truth back then was sometimes not a truth you could hang your hat on. It was a truth good enough for the courts or for my supervisors, but sometimes I had my doubts. Sometimes it was not a conscionable truth.

Today is now, and now the things I believe to be the truth are real things. Things or happenings are realities that cannot be disputed in my mind. The things I believe in are not things like a coincidence. This is a word to describe the belief that things just happen and really don’t mean anything like an  accident or  luck or fate.  I know now that there are no such things and the word coincidence should be synonymous with delusion. Coincidences are a way of justifying what we cannot explain or prove.  Good investigators take the word coincidence out of their vocabulary.  The media pundits and politicians would have us believe what isn’t reality.

That being said, there is a term.  A legal term. A term that is used in criminal law to justify certain criminal actions, such as explaining the reason for a search warrant or an arrest. This term is ‘probable cause’.  This term could be the opposite of coincidence.  So in the US legal system the word coincidence or accident or fate would not be used in a sworn affidavit to justify arresting someone or filing criminal charges against someone or searching someone. But the term ‘probable cause’ is not only  used to justify the above, it is required by the law.  James Comey told us there was no ‘probable cause’ to charge Hillary.  He said that her actions were “bad judgement” and not criminal actions.  I ask you how many bank robbers are in jail for using “bad judgment ” when they entered a bank wearing a mask and brandishing a gun. How many of these bandidos went to prison yelling and screaming “I didn’t commit a crime, it was all a mistake, it was only my bad judgement.” The answer  is all of them went to prison and the probable cause to get them in a criminal court was their location in the bank, the mask they were wearing and the gun they were carrying.’  A reasonable person would think that they probably went into the bank to rob it.  Yes it was bad judgement, but it was also a crime.

Probable cause means that something “probably happened’ based upon statements, evidence, police officers experience  and sometimes some lesser described reasons.  Probable cause is a subjective term and could be disputed by some people but ultimately our law says a judge decides what ‘probably happened’ and what did not. The law says that when the judge is deciding this, he must put on his ‘average and normal’ human being hat and think like one when making probable cause decisions.  James Comey, the man who is in charge of the elite of the elite police agencies in our country made statements that Hillary Clintons actions  don’t equate to “probable cause”  No police investigator worth a salt in this country believes James Comey. I dont think his subordinates believe him either.

And now I’ll get to the real point of all this.  I’m a true independent voter. I vote each term for the person I think is best qualified to be president and who I believe will represent the people of the United States above all other things, except the US Constitution.

I began looking into the two candidates for president about 6 months ago.  When I say “looking into” I mean doing research on the internet.  I’m a very firm believer that if you want to get as close to the truth about something as you can, you will not find it by listening to the radio, watching tv or reading the rags they call news papers.  You will not find it on the internet mainstream posts they call news either.  I have a list of many internet sources that I believe provide unbiased independent information about politics, criminal activity, and personal information about candidates.  When I say biased, or unbiased I mean that the opinions, facts and history provided is backed up with some kind of proof and is not blank uninformative gossip, or statements that are not based on some type of research or fact. Biased information comes from mainstream media who are lining their pockets with money from political action committees or the candidates themselves and these types of information sources use the word coincidence or luck or accident frequently. You all know they type of propaganda I describe.

And so 6 months ago I began digging in depth into Trump, Clinton, Cruz and some of the others. In my mind two of these three were going to be the candidates for president. First I looked at Cruz because I believed like most that Trump was not going to make the cut. I discovered that Cruz “Probably was not a US Citizen” based on my research into his mother’s birth certificate. I wrote about my findings.  I felt like that was enough research on Mr. Cruz for me. If this guy would lie and produce an obviously forged birth certificate, he wasn’t going to get my vote.  Then came Trump. Trump was a little more difficult to get information on because his whole history was in private enterprise.  There is no ‘Freedom of Information Act,’ available to assist in getting information from private enterprize.  Trump had some questionable things in his history alright. But nothing that I would categorize as ‘probable cause’ of fraud etc:  But I knew that most likely  I didn’t know all there was to know either.  The plus for Trump to me was that he wasn’t a professional politician who made a living off of the Federal budget and the deep pockets of people whom he could befriend and do ‘favors’ for.

Then came the Clintons.  I use their name in the plural because I think it’s very naive to think otherwise. I realized that I knew very little about Hillary and Bill’s claim to fame.  The memory that I placed importance on was that Bill was impeached for being a dipshit. I’ll never forget watching Hillary on television denying all the allegations leveled at Bill by numerous young ladies. She lost my respect for her  then because I believed she had no respect for herself.  To me she was the submissive woman Bill was married to and was afraid to speak the truth.  I was wrong thinking she was submissive.

I began with Hillary’s stint on the Nixon Water Gate investigation Committee.  She was a 27 year young aggressive attorney who was allegedly asked to leave the Committee by a guy named Zeifman that was apparently not based on any kind of probable cause but as he stated she was guilty of ‘questionable or improper behavior’.    It appears that Hillary has not denied nor addressed anything he or others said or wrote about her during those early years except to say that she “was not fired” and although Zeifman at first stated he fired Hillary later admitted he did not have the authority to fire her so he couldn’t have fired her..  Credible sources do not disagree with Zeifman but the allegations’ of lying, falsifying records  etc still persist..  Rather than to continue to look into this to learn whether or not she was fired, or whether or not she was involved in some other type of legal shenanigans…. the bottom line is that her first documented high echelon position of importance as a lawyer and her first chance to establish her character and morality is shrouded in cloak and dagger accusations by fellow Democrats.  All this achieved at the young age of 27. Similar accusations are and have been in the cards since.  Very soon after her Watergate experience she moved in with Bill Clinton and they were later married.

Bill Clinton got himself elected as the Arkansas Attorney General then elected as the Governor of Arkansas. It appears that during his and Hillary’s time during the Arkansas Governorship allegations of misconduct, malfeasance, corruption and even Murder skyrocketed and continued into his tenure as President.

I began to look into some of the allegations to include the Clinton’s involvement in the Barry Seal Mena Arkansas drug trade, the transfer of 50 million from Arkansas to a bank in Fuji and the murder of two teenage boys who happened to stumble on a drug deal in progress in Arkansas. (Bill Clinton later characterized the “mistake” his state coroner made when he ruled the boys cause of death as a drug overdose by simply saying the coroner was “over worked and probably tired”.) Clinton didn’t think the new ruling of murder was enough to reopen the investigation. Then there was the Rose Law firm where Hillary was a partner. The firm was at the heart of the Whitewater land scandal, and there was much more. The list of possible Clinton crimes  kept getting longer and longer and became too long for me to devote time to it.  It would be a huge undertaking and anyway there were already numerous books written about the Clinton Arkansas era of alleged Organized crime involvement.  These scandals and more continued into Bill Clinton’s presidency and it was obvious to me that Hillary was at the very least his partner and at best the CEO of their enterprises.  The web of deceptions, and under the table business deals and political funding via Political Action Committees, banks, off shore accounts, etc;  was so elaborately convoluted that it would take a virtual task force to follow the money from all of the sources to the Clintons.  It looked  to me like the Washington investigators were getting close when in 1997 Ken Starr began his investigation into the sudden death of a long time  Clinton crony Vince Foster.  It was that same year, 1997 that Bill and Hillary Clinton changed their tactics and founded the “Clinton Foundation”.  As an investigator I sometimes solved crimes with the old “what would I do in that situation” technique.  I believe that the Clintons made a calculated decision to stop in their tracks and leave Ken Starr  hanging with nothing to go on.. By that I mean, Starr was getting close, maybe the FBI and Justice Department were too. If your a culprit being trailed, you will want to  lose your tracks, walk down a flowing creek, or cross a creek by walking over a log bridge so you don’t leave a trail. Do you get the picture? The Clinton Foundation was created to cover them and allow them to fry bigger fish.  I reasoned that they would launder money via the Clinton Foundation by claiming that it’s a Charitable Organization.  The Clinton Foundation is not a charitable foundation. Its a non profit corporation and serves as a Clinton Family Bank but they want everyone to think its there to distribute funds to the needy underprivileged. . Now this Clinton Foundation might be  something I could sink my teeth into.   Instead of following the money, I would go to the recipient,  the Foundation and track the money backwards.  Why was the donation made to the foundation and who made it and what was done to justify say 10 million dollars?   Other investigative sources began doing the same thing, in different ways.  The Judicial Watch Organization is doing wonderful things with the Freedom of information laws and using the courts to enforce the Clintons’ to produce records.

The Foundation money collection and washing philosophy works this way.  Imagine a  donor who needs a Washington favor and donates  100 million to the foundation.  It doesn’t matter much  where the money comes from as long as it is from some sort of business that has no intimate association with the Clintons or the ‘Foundation’ The Clintons will not receive any of the 100 million directly except that the Donor will also agree to hire Bill or Hillary as a speaker. One of them  will receive these agreed to funds as payment for their service.  In the mean time their “Family Foundation” grows, and grows and grows and later the money will be distributed to another source that will most likely be out of the country and finally distributed to the Clinton family.  In return Bill, as US President will grant you a wish or favor.  In their minds there’s no proof that either one of them  has done anything illegal since they did not receive money personally other than the speaking fees. (this is a money trail and even if its legal it draws attention to the donor.) The favor granted to the donor will be duly concealed (as much as possible) as a normal performance of  the duty of President or in Hillary’s case as Secretary of State.  I find it difficult to believe that this finely tuned criminal enterprise operated under the nose of President Obama without his knowledge. In fact there’s an early indication that he did have advanced knowledge of what was to happen should he appoint Hillary Clinton Secretary of State and so the Obama transition team created a “Memo of Understanding”  between the The Clinton Foundation and  Obama’s transition team to sign  as if it was the Clinton Foundation who was going to be appointed the Secretary of State before he ever took office and another ethics document was to be  signed the following year by the Hillary Clinton after she was in the Secretary of State chair. Both docs were meant to cover Obama’s ass in the future should anyone become suspicious and look into Hillary’s or Bill’s reception of funds while Federal employees. . A year later 2010 the Clinton Foundation received $500,000 from Algeria.  These documents have recently been resurrected in light of the possibility that Mrs. Clinton be elected President. But even now, the ho opla about the documents seems to be that the Clinton Foundation signed the documents as a vehicle to protect the State Department.  Obama hasn’t yet commented on the two documents and for good reason. Theses docs actually were conceived and one actually signed  prior to appointing  Hillary as Secretary of State before Obama took office. Hillary had not yet assumed the position so Obama was making sure he was protected as President once Hillary was appointed as Secretary of State the next year.  Its kind of like Obama and possibly some in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee knew what was going to happen so he wanted to be certain that the fence was around him and locked before he unleashed the dog.

And whats Hillary Clintons people have to say about all this? Its seems that they don’t really understand how Hillary can  be held responsible for something an Aid said or did.  I guess they believe  rats will not eat each other too.

I believe that the Clintons knew that the only way they could continue to extract money from the system and keep themselves out of jail it would be if one of them is in the White House or holds a position in the Presidential cabinet for two reasons.

1.) It was imperative that they maintain influence in the Justice Department to stall, avoid or abate any investigation into their Foundation activities and

2.) If one or the other didn’t have this influence their house of cards risk extinction and even worse they could be indicted for their crimes. Its against the law to open a storefront selling favors to people who want to avoid prosecution themselves or avoid complying with Federal law on US Government land and staff the store with US Government employees.

When Hillary was at risk of losing the Presidential nomination to Barack Obama in the primary elections their situation suddenly was in extreme peril.  Rather than risk everything by losing the primary democratic election to Obama they decided to ‘make a deal’ with him. Nothing illegal about that is there?  Hillary would back off and virtually guarantee Obama’s nomination on the Democratic ticket and in return Obama would protect them and give Hillary the cabinet position of Secretary of State.  Bill Clinton must have thought it was Christmas. Now instead of only 8 years in power via Obama, they potentially would have another 16 years. Eight years with Obama and another 8 years with Hillary as president.  16 years of carnage and destruction were on their horizon.  But there’s more, after Hillary’s 8 years there will be Chelsea Clinton.

The deal was done and eight years later Hillary has her hands full. There has been many deals and millions going into their family bank account, (the Clinton Foundation), but neither Bill nor Hillary anticipated that their emails would be hacked or given up under the Freedom of Information Act.  The information about their criminal activity is being exposed now almost every day despite the stalling of their friends. First the Department of Justice Thomas Perez, then Loretta Lynch, and most recently James Comey of the FBI.  All protected the Clintons and  refused to bring charges against them. But thanks to the Justice Integrity Project and the Judicial Watch Organization, the heat is on the Clintons and its getting hotter. The extent of the granting of ‘favors’ for contributions by Hillary Clinton when serving as Secretary of State is almost beyond comprehension.  And Hillary and Bill were forced to get the Justice Department (Loretta Lynch) to petition the Federal court to stop or delay producing incriminating evidence (emails to and from the Clinton Foundation) until  after the election (27 months after)  because the emails might be “Classified Documents”. So Hillary (via Loretta Lynch) who has previously stated she didn’t have any Classified  type emails in her private server is now telling the Federal  court that not only did she  have them but her family owned bank, the ‘Clinton Foundation’ has them too and therefore the should not be released.   Can you imagine someone asking the FBI to petition the court to stop themselves (the FBI) from accessing information relative to criminal activity?   That’s exactly what the Clintons did.  And recently it appears that the FBI might be protecting themselves because the scuttlebutt is that some of the ‘to and from’ emails to  the Clinton Foundation  might have the names of people in the Justice Department.

Based on my many years filing affidavits to courts to accept charges or requesting prosecution  at almost every level  I know what probable cause is and in my view there is more than probable cause in most of the allegations against the Clintons to file charges. The problem is that the agencies and  persons who are supposed to be representing us, the citizens of the US are no longer representing us, they are representing the Clintons and themselves.

Signs that something else isn’t right. 

Since Hillary Clinton entered the presidential race the pollsters have shown her anywhere (depending on the poll and the State etc) from one point ahead of Trump and Sanders to as high as 10 points yet her average body count at a rally is 1,000 people. Trump’s average is 20,000 plus.

Finally my intuition tells me that Hillary and Bill Clinton are crooks and the best of the two presidential candidates  is Donald Trump. My intuition also tells me that if the Clintons have enough in their bag to control our Justice Department they can certainly get major polling companies to publish “friendly” poll results or even manipulate the election.  I think that history tells us  that the most popular person is the person who wins elections and popularity is exhibited in the number of people who show up to see, talk to and listen to the candidates.


Please listen to your mind and logic when voting at the polls.









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