The Fox News Joe Muto and Soupy Sales Show

The latest on  Fox News and former employee Joe Muto.   If you havent heard the scuttlebutt it seems that Joe Muto published comments etc: on the sly as an employee of Fox News.  I use the words “seems” and “news” lightly.

Joe Muto - by ""

After Muto’s identity became known  he was on the payroll of the Web Site Gawker.  I had never heard of Gawker and so I was curious.

It didn’t take me long to realize that Muto’s new employer’s work product is strangely similar to the product produced by Fox News.  It sort of makes sense since Muto was an assistant producer to the Bill O Riley show.

It’s a little suspect though  isn’t it?

Anyway after my 2-4 minutes of looking at the site I logged on and made this comment to Mr. Muto.  Thought you all would find the comment interesting or even entertaining. The real scary thing about all this is that when you read the other comments its clear  how serious these people take all this.  We are in serious trouble.

Soupy Sales

Comment to Mr. Joe Muto

I find this whole thing interesting enough to give it about 5 seconds attention.  It sounds like Mr. Muto is an intelligent person, college educated and all, but everyone knows that Fox News, NBC, MSN, CBS and others are not really serious sources of news or the truth.” 

 “Fox News is probably the very last place one would consider a source of News or the truth.  Fox is on the level of the Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Soupy Sales show.” 

” Mr. Muto did you really, really, think you were working for CSpan?”

“God help those that live, vote and die by what Rush, Sean, Soupy and Bill regurgitate.”

Hey Gawker HR.   How much do you pay?

Protect Your children


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