The Haves and the Have-Nots

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Sadly it appears that this country is leaning toward a society of two factions. The Haves (rich people) and the Have-Nots (the rest of us)
 The signs of this are everywhere.  It is glaring in our education system. Going to a university or college is quickly becoming out of reach for the Have-Nots. The Haves go to the head of the education line by entitlement.

The Haves group together in the most affluent neighborhoods and eat and drink on the money provided to them by the labor of the Have-Nots. The Have-Nots group together in the unemployment line or in the parking lot of the football stadium while the Haves enjoy the game.

The jails are full of Have-Nots convicted of crimes against both the Haves and Have-Nots.  The court system is a revolving door of the Have-nots going from freedom to incarceration.  The Haves don’t have to worry about the court system.  They are the court system.  After all in most states the Judges are not elected they are appointed…. by the Haves.

There is one Have who thinks he might purchase the Presidency.  Donald Trump.  He thinks he doesn’t need the Have-Nots, he has been ruling over them all his life. If they don’t vote for him they are all “fired”.

The San Diego Union Tribune reminded the Have-nots that Donald Trump (a Have) has not voted in a primary election for 21 years. The Trump responded to this by threatening “You’re going to pay a big price because your wrong. I have records that I voted and so does the Board of Elections…I signed in at every election”.

California is familiar with a “Have” trying to purchase an election like buying a new car.  Meg Whitman who has an estimated wealth of 1.4 Billion dollars thought that she would like to buy the Governorship of California at the Governor store.  Whitman had not voted in any election prior to 2002 and did not register to vote until she was 46 years old.  Whitman put  140 million dollars down on a brand new governorship. Fortunately the Have-Nots would not allow Whitman’s purchase.

Meg Whitman (a Have)

Its doubtful that voters across the Nation will take kindly to any Have’s purchase of the Presidency with money made on the backs of the Have-Nots

The Have-Not’s philosophy is that if there is an election to be purchased it should be purchased with donated Have-Not money.

Whitman’s maid (a Have-Not and illegal alien)


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