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It’s an undeniable truth. Our options  for president this year are not the best. We have two candidates who just don’t completely meet basic requirements, 1. Honesty,Professional 2.Qualifications, 3.Character,and 4. Morality. It’s debatable which of these basic human attributes is the most important. Ideally we would expect our president to have them all.

One might argue that my twitter post (Indi Pendent) has been biased and  posting all anti Democratic information. This is mostly true, but not because I am a Democrat or political party biased. In 58 voting years I have always been an independent. I voted for Obama twice. He disappointed me  in many ways especially in his second term. I  believe that the last several presidential choices have been a choice between two evils and in my humble opinion Obama was the least evil of his two terms.

Today (this election cycle)  the Republicans are forced to suffer for their past actions. If, during President Obama’s term the Republicans could raise enough support to advocate the “shutting down” of our government not once but twice  in an act born out of spite I think voters are asking themselves  what in the hell would these maniac’s do with a Republican president? To make bad things worse for themselves the hard core senior Republicans and their financial backers don’t like the reason they are in presidential contention.  (Trump) Its obvious Trump is not a Republican insider and maybe not even a real Republican. Just ask one of them. The Republican Czars would rather see Trump in one of their soup lines than representing their party. So what we remember about the Republican party when we are in the voting booths is that they wanted to shut down the country because they didnt like the outcome of two elections and now they hate their candidate.  

So I keep putting up my seldom read posts in the hope that some readers will vote independently and vote at least partly because of the information I put forth every week. 

But I am concerned that we have lost our choices. What I mean by that is that it appears that the choices we have for president  are both very risky and neither candidate has the necessary character or experience to lead this country back to what it was founded on..  It’s common knowledge that our political system is infested with liars and if the candidate can’t be trusted to tell the truth when running for election, can we really expect a sudden change when president?   The answer is no. We are in part to blame for the deterioration of our country. We have become complacent, ignorant of important issues, lazy and most dangerously, too many people vote straight party lines.  To vote for straight party candidates no matter who is running  is not only an ‘I don’t care who is president attitude it’s a recipe for the collapse of our Federalism. Its just plain sheep following the herder over the cliff.  Its also a signal that the intelligence of our populace is depreciating.

The reason that Donald Trump has risen to the top of the Republican barrel of apples is not because he is a good Republican nor is it because he is most qualified.  His character, morality and honesty has not been necessarily verified but neither has he been shown not to have these good qualities  . So he’s a gamble isn’t he?  He is a gamble that has received over 13 million popular bets, more than any other candidate of any party in the history of the United States Elections.  I believe the reason is that independent thinkers in all political factions want a change. They want politics with a conscience. We want a quality  president who’s goal is to serve the constitution and the people.  Obviously if that’s correct they cannot vote for the Clintons. I say plural because the notion that Bill Clinton’s partnership with his wife Hillary does not play into this election is a notion consumed with naivety.Bill & Hillary 7

And so back to the admittance that I have been constantly posting and tweeting about the Clintons to the point of being considered a ‘one sided journalist’. It’s because I feel a patriotic duty to scream “The Red Coats are coming” to those of you who are not aware of the complete  Clintons history, or are not paying attention to the biggest issue in this election. Its not jobs, its not our economy, its not experience. Its plain and simple honesty, integrity, and morality. The Clintons do not have any of these qualities. and it’s  so easy to find proof of this, even on Federal Documents,  that I think there are some that assume its not true..  It only takes a few minutes of a good Google search to be reminded of the constant inference of corruption in almost everything that the Clintons have done for over 30 years beginning with Bill Clintons Viet Nam draft dodging with the help of his friend Senator Fullbright.  Bill and Hillary’s histories are not without some good accomplishments but these political accomplishments in the name of ritchousness when fullfilling their elected positions were similar to accidents that happened while traveling their road to political power. Most of the time it was them who was being investigated and scrutinized. They are like the Al Capone mob who couldn’t be pinned down to an actual crime so the Feds created a law “tax evasion and later the organized crime act” just so they could get guys like Capone.  

Al Capone
Al Capone

 In the Clinton’s case, laws are created by congress  to make their activities legal (the opposite of Capone laws)  such as the new non profit corporation laws or the Political Campaign finance laws that allow millions of dollars to filter into non profit corporations and then into the pockets of people like the Clintons and their “Foundation”.  The difference in the to types of laws, Capone laws and  Clinton laws is that the tax evasion laws applied to all us citizens, and  the political and finance  laws to legalize illegal activities usually only apply to the politicians.  So if you and I violated these laws we would go to jail.  But even in ideal situations where actual laws that were created to protect US citizens and our Federalism, prosecution isn’t being pursued because the prosecutors are in someones pocket.

Compared to Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, if Trump’s history is at all skeptical, he is still a minor league participant in the world of corruption, deception, and legal thievery. Most likely this is because he doesn’t have 30 years experience in political  skulduggery like the Clintons.

Hilary and her group, (yes Hillary) is being and has been in the past, protected and she and Bill have stayed clear of honest successful criminal investigations by owning the investigators and judicial in whatever jurisdiction they happen to be in. This time it’s the US Federal Jurisdiction. How is it possible to have so much control that even our own Justice Department has been rendered irrelevant?

James Comey FBI
James Comey FBI
US Attorney General Loretta Lyncy
US Attorney General Loretta Lyncy

 After a little more research time it’s fairly obvious that James Comey (FBI) and Loretta Lynch (US Attorney General-Justice Department) are a part of the Clinton protection and there’s no doubt in my mind that there are a few Federal Judges in the mix too. (just in case). To add insult to injury, the political takeover of our justice system is public information and we the voters have become irrelevant to the Clintons. They don’t care who knows. As Hillary would say when testifying about Benghazi “What difference does it make?”  I am personally enraged at her audacity. I did my time in the military I spent almost 20 years in public service as a cop, I’m still trying to help society when I can at almost 70 years old and what do I or anyone else have to show for our support of our country?  Hillary and Bill Clinton possibly in the White House?  Its an insult to mankind.

To understand their legal Teflon is to understand their relationship. Hillary pointed Bill in a direction, Bill followed it, albeit he had a few diversions, and he still ended up as President of the United States.  During all the political and money grabbing  on the path to the Presidency, Hillary had Bill’s back but in reality it has always been  her real ambition and nemesis to be the first female president of the United States. She always felt that  she should be the president, not Bill.

But she lacked his smooth talking southern drawl and ear to ear back slapping smile. I’m convinced that during Bill’s impeachment the playing on words and later the concealment of actions through united diversified corporate conglomerates existed at Hillary’s direction.

Eight years ago she believed it was her time. But there was a complication. She had strong competition and its name was Barrack Obama. She didn’t like the odds. Time was closing in and she would rather back off than take the chance of losing to the first Black American running for President. Her exit would cost Obama heavily and the deal was made. She would prepare for eight years and then it would be her time.

The money kept rolling in, not directly to their pockets but into places she controlled. Many deals must have been made on her promises.  In her mind, becoming the Secretary of State under Barrack Obama put her on the map. It replaced her weak claim that being first lady was enough experience to be president. She handed out favors and government positions as Arkansas First Lady , and then later as the US Presidents First Lady and then the deal was made with Barrack Obama. She would become Secretary of State.  Its possible she wanted the VP position. We will probably never know.

She didn’t care about actually being the  Sec. of State. She just wanted to continue playing political monopoly at home using her own desk, her own phone and her own email system. She wanted to do her Secretary of State time , put the Secretary of State diploma in her desk and get back to the business of becoming the first female president. She began to build her hierarchy in Washington. When Hillary finally  arrived in Washington the Justice Department became  Justice for Hillary and no one else. For bowing to Hillary and Obama James Comey became an international embarrassment and tarnished the institution.

So here we are in 2016.  It’s the United States political arena but it might as well be Arkansas. Hillary has made a down payment on Washington without a single vote and all she needs to complete ownership is the real-estate and the high backed chairs. Their deeds in Arkansas have long since been swept under the rug and so will the current deeds as long as Obama is in office and her bedfellows James Comey  and Loretta Lynch keep investigators at bay and do as they are told.  J. Edgar has no doubt rolled over.

The Clinton fortune is protected by the Clinton Foundation so that no matter what the future holds, they have their money and Hillary knows that when it comes down to it she can always buy her freedom. However her greatest fear must cause her a lot of stress, agitation and trepidation.  What if she loses the election?  Is Trump actually her competition to the White House or possibly has a deal already been signed and sealed with him? Hillary certainly acts as if she isn’t concerned about losing at all. “Of course I’m going to be President” she said.

Clinton and Sandy Berger, Huma Aberden and husband Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills
Clinton and Sandy Berger, Huma Aberden and husband Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills

As a note to support my suppositions. Loretta Lynch (US Attorney General)  comes from the law offices of Hogan & Hartson, Hillary’s old law firm who also represents MX Logic Inc who has a patient  on the private email system used by Hillary as Secretary of State.   James Comey (FBI) was employed by HSBC- (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and an Associate of the Clinton Foundation ) and its suspected that HSBC is associated with off shore Sanwa Bank, now United California Bank. Its believed that   Sanwa Bank received hundreds of millions of dollars from money laundering operations in Arkansas when Clinton was Governor. Cheryl Mills  (Hillarys Secretary of State  assistant) is also from   Hogan & Hartson and Cheryl defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings.. Huma Aberden, husband of Anthony Weiner (New York fame) worked at  Tenso Holdings (created by Bill Clinton) and Sandy Berger deceased was (Hillary’s  other Secretary of State assistant who also plead guilty to removing Top Secret documents from the National Archives)  and was  also from Hogan & Hartson.  However these people are just gnats in the Clinton web. 



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