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Last week it is said that  Arizona  passed the most stringent State immigration law in the nation. Yesterday there were mini protests nationwide. The organized groups touted numerous ,from accusing Arizona law makers of being racists to disregarding the United States Constitution. Arizona was even compared to  Nazi Germany.

Who is actually behind these groups is open to speculation. One thing is for sure, there is plenty of frenzied fear rising out of the implementation of this new law.  California seems to be the State with the most to lose from this form if immigration law, especially coming from a neighboring border state.

It would be logical to think that immigrants crossing the US  border illegally would seek refuge in California rather than Texas or Arizona.  Between Texas, Arizona and California, California is the least resistive to illegal immigrants.DEA Pic

Texas, it seems, is waiting to see what kind of back lash Arizona suffers.  It may be  that when the hoopla subsides,  Texas may pass a similar law.

After president Obama picked Napolitano as the new Secretary of Homeland Security and as she  packed her bags for Washington the cheering could be heard echoing through the canyons and over the desert of Arizona.  It was too little and too late for the Arizona Police officers killed in the line of duty during skirmishes with immigrants.

As the Arizona political chemistry surrounding the immigration issue has changed so has support for immigration reform by  Arizona politicians.   Senator John Mc Cain who is fighting to keep his long held senate seat has politically acknowledged the 64% public  support for the immigration bill.

FBI says 41 police officers killed in 2008.

Two days after Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s arrest of 60 people in a two day crime sweep, the FBI reminds us of the number of police officers killed in the line of duty for 2008.  41 police officers were killed in the United States and Puerto Rico in 2008. There have been 530 police officers killed in the line of duty since 1999.

Sheriff Arpaio’s tactics have been severely criticized since he took on the responsibility of enforcing federal immigration laws. His critics say that he is profiling and that profiling is not acceptable. But if the FBI statistics are accurate, they seem to suggest an outrageous increase in the number of police officers murdered in states that have immigration issues. Do we really want to stop Arpaio’s efforts?

Although the FBI statistics reflect crimes committed by race region and many other tables, they apparently do not reflect crimes committed by immigrants, whether legally in this country or not.

Arizona ranks sixth in Officers killed since 1999 with 16 officers lost. Arizona rose to fourth in officers killed in the last two years losing 5 officers, behind an astounding 12 officers killed in Texas, 9 in Florida and 7 in California and Louisiana.   All of these states are either on the Mexican border or the Gulf of Mexico. Not even New York with its huge populace can equal any one of these statistics.

Arizona lost three officers during 2007. Of these three, a Glendale police officer and a Phoenix police officer were killed by illegal immigrants. All three officers were killed by persons with extensive criminal histories.”

Examiner.com (JD Benish)

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