It took Police in London England just 34.83 seconds to attempt to subdue a suspect in a stabbing and then shoot him.  The Video does not do the incident justice. The real drama can be seen through the eyes of a computers ability to slow down the video frame by frame. Some internet outlets are refusing to show this video and Twitter has apparently  blocked it. They are all claiming either copyright infringement or in Twitters case, some kind of violation.  We are posting the video and still frames in the spirit of journalism and the public’s right to know. No money is being made on this video and we claim no intended copyright infringement. The video has not been altered. The front and back end of the video was clipped to comply with internet video restraints. The 38.83 seconds of video are as it was originally posted.  More

The still frame size and pixels have been altered  to expose certain details that  become visible but were not visible to the naked eye when viewing the original video.

We make no claim as to guilt or innocence on the part of any person shown on this video. The viewer can decide for him/her self.  The stills eventually show the involvement of a person who is in plain clothing. It has not determined whether or not this person is a civilian or a plain clothes policeman but it appears this person was  critical to subduing the suspect identified as Mr. Kahn. This person appeared to be one of the initial persons to subdue the suspect.

When viewing the stills there is a scenario that can only be assumed by the actions of persons attempting to restrain Mr. Kahn. That scenario is that there was apparently a fierce struggle and that Mr. Kahn was lying face down on the ground with a plain clothes person straddling him. both Kahn;s hands are visible. At one point, one of the police officers backs away from the persons struggling with Mr. Kahn and seconds later every person  stops restraining Mr. Kahn and release him.  Two police officers rush in and grab the plain clothes person and attempt to pull him away from Mr. Kahn. The plain clothes person gets to his feet and runs away from Kahn. All the others had quickly backed away from Kahn. This would indicate that someone, probably the police officer aiming the weapon at Kahn told the persons restraining Kahn to release him because he was going to shoot Kahn.  Once everyone was clear Kahn was shot as he was attempting to roll over face up.

Although the whole incident was much more involved than the last 38 seconds of Kahn’s life the media is reporting that it was civilians that initially caught Kahn and subdued him.This is supported by the video.

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