Biden to Reopen Obamacare Marketplaces for Special COVID Enrollment Period

Biden plans to bolster outreach and enrollment programs as well as scrap changes to Medicare made by the Trump administration.

White House Chief of Staff Defends Teachers Unions Refusing to Return to School

Klain advocated for President Biden’s plan for reopening schools in 100 days and backed teachers’ objections to teaching in-person.

Toledo 8-Year-Old Raises $13,000 for Family of Fallen Officer

Max Titkemeier donated all of his proceeds to the family of Toledo Officer Brandon Stalker who was shot and killed

OH Trooper, Cleveland Officers Rescue Man in Wheelchair from Burning Home

Seconds later, highway patrol dash camera video shows Trooper Hiram Morales run to the side door asking, “Anyone in the

Phoenix PD Releases Video of Fatal OIS of Gunman Holding Baby

“An officer armed with his city-issued rifle shot at the suspect when he saw the suspect point the gun at

Javad Zarif’s Chutzpah

Desperate to win sanctions relief, Iran’s foreign minister pens a falsehood-riddled essay in an American magazine.

WA Officer Drives Through Crowd After Patrol Vehicle Mobbed

Tacoma police spokeswoman Wendy Haddow said the officer sped out of the scene for his own safety, fearing that the

Judge: Baltimore PD Has All the Elements Necessary to Succeed Under Consent Decree

Well-meaning officers need to be trained that the ‘warrior model’ of policing does not fly in Baltimore; that the city

University of Wisconsin Police Chief Bans Thin Blue Line Symbol

In the e-mail Roman wrote that extremists who have “so visibly coopted the thin blue line flag” place officers at

Time for a Congressional Hearing With Lt. General Charles A. Flynn

Reading Time: 6 minutes With little public notice, just six days after Donald Trump pardoned his disgraced, but loyal, former

Indigenous Women Engage Feds To Combat Violence in Alaska

Reading Time: 8 minutes “You people take death too seriously.” Those words, from a commander with the Alaska State Troopers,

Video Released of Suspect Slashing New Jersey Officer’s Face

Antwan Whitlock, 35, of Union Township, allegedly slashed an officer with a knife in late December, officials said. He was

Man Accused of Fatally Ramming Retiring FL Deputy Faces Murder Charge

Travis Zachary Garrett, 28, intentionally plowed his car into the marked patrol car of LaVigne earlier this month, meriting the

Major who Commanded Unit in Breonna Taylor Raid Demoted

Major Kimberly Burbrink, head of the Criminal Interdiction Division, which carried out the March 13 raid at Taylor’s apartment, is