Biden Raised Record-Setting $3.8 Million in One Hour During Presidential Debate, Campaign Says

Donations made between 10 and 11 p.m. broke records for both the Biden campaign and any candidate on ActBlue.

2 GA Deputies Killed in Interstate Crash

Deputy Anthony White and Deputy Kenny Ingram were killed when state troopers said their county-issued vehicle struck a tractor-trailer that

Indiana Community Gathers for a Weekend “Back the Blue” Rally

Citizens from Lawrence County (IN) gathered at the Lawrence County Courthouse on Saturday afternoon for a “Back-the-Blue” rally in support

China Takes Up Mantle of Climate Leadership, Corporations Follow Suit

Reading Time: 2 minutes New Document Reveals Scope and Structure of Operation Warp Speed and Underscores Vast Military Involvement (Reader

Citing NYT Tax Story, Pelosi Questions Whether Putin Has Financial ‘Leverage’ Over Trump

Pelosi questions how that Trump’s financial burden, according to the report, might have influenced policy or relations with foreign nations.

KY Lawmaker Wants to Change Legal Definition of “Rioting” After Colleague Charged with Rioting

Kentucky law currently states that participating in a riot where someone damages property is enough to face first-degree felony charges.

Louisville Man Asked for $30K to Kill Officers on Live Video

A criminal complaint said Cortez Lamont Edwards had started a livestream on Facebook September 23, holding in his possession an

The Capital Note: Election Trades & Real Estate Troubles

On the menu today: Wall Street braces itself for November, trouble in commercial real estate, and a look at exponential-growth

NYC Principals Union Votes ‘No Confidence’ in Mayor Bill de Blasio, Chancellor Richard Carranza

The executive board school principals union unanimously voted, calling on the pair to relinquish control of the school system to

Trying to Stop the Election Attacks: Scrutineers, Part VI

Reading Time: 19 minutes A recent Public Service Announcement from the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Will the Integrity of the Supreme Court Die With Ginsburg?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The enormous outpouring of respect and admiration for Ruth Bader Ginsburg last week surprised even the

How Republicans Quickly Lined Up to Confirm a Supreme Court Nominee

The big question is, Can they get it done before Election Day?

CA Deputy Wounded in Ambush, White Supremacist Suspect Killed

Deputy Richard “Ted” Lehnhoff was wounded in the shooting and was flown to a hospital for treatment where he is

KY Legislator who Authored No-Knock Warrant Bill Arrested in Louisville Riot, Police Say She Tried to Burn Library

State Representative Attica Scott was part of a large group that was told to disperse but failed to do so.

South Carolina Officer Killed in Head-On Crash

Sergeant Ethan Kaskin of the Anderson City (NC) Police Department was killed early Friday morning in a head-on vehicle collision.

Trump Has Reportedly Chosen Amy Coney Barrett to Fill Vacant Supreme Court Seat

It was reported Friday that the president had selected Barrett ahead of Trump’s official announcement, which is expected to come