Cruz’s Mother Eleanor Darragh Birth Certificate in Question

SUNDAY POST 01/16/2016

We at Codefore were amused with the birth certificate posted by the  Breibart Blog.

Breibart  claims that the mother of Ted Cruz, Eleanor Darragh, was born in Wilmington Delaware and therefore Ted Cruz is a US Citizen.

Breibart says, (Darragh Ted Cruz’s mother) “ was born in Delaware on Nov. 23, 1934, establishing her citizenship by birth–and, according to U.S. law, that of her son, even though he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on Dec. 22, 1970.”

Not so Fast Breibart.

Cruz’s Mother Eleanor Darragh Birth Certificate in Question

In a  CNN interview with Candy Crowley, Cruz himself says “ My mother was born in Wilmington Delaware.”

The National  news media is assuming that since his mother was born in Delaware  and that makes her a US Citizen therefore Ted Cruz is a US Citizen. . No one that we could find  has checked out his mother, Mrs. Eleanor Darragh’s birth certificate in the State of Delaware. The claim is that on the Cruz birth certificate   Eleanor Wilson is named as his mother  and that she received the name Wilson due to a previous marriage.  Cruz claims  that his mother’s maiden name is Darragh.  For now we will assume that this is correct. But is the Darragh birth certificate credible?  The birth certificate posted by Breibart is the same as the one that Codefore received from the State of Delaware archives.

Birth cert 5 a

 We decided to take a look at the birth certificate. Briebart claims that Cruz’s birth certificate lists a woman named Eleanore Elizabeth Wilson (Cruz.s mother).  As you can see from the  birth document, the  name  of Cruz;s grandmother is Elizabeth Cekine and the father is Edward J Darragh.  They named their child Eleanor Darragh. For now Codefore will not take issue with the names on the Document. For PDF click HEREOrginal Eleanor Darragh Birth Cert.

As a disclaimer we remind the readers that the document we looked at was taken from the Breibart web site.  Breibart claims that it is a copy of an original document. Codefore verified Breibart’s claim and obtained this document from the State of Delaware. We at Codefore are not professional document examiners  and our opinions are based on visual computer inspection.  However JD Benish of Codeforeblog is a retired police  investigator and has had the opportunity to have seen many forged documents during his career.  Additionally we at Codefore have access to  people that know their way around Adobe Photo shop and other similar photo editing software. These people were invited to take a look at the document also.

We began by enhancing the photograph with filters to make the official looking stamps easier to read and to expose possible color difference.

Inhanced Eleanor Darragh Birth Cert. 4

There are several items on this document that indicate that the document has been created after the advent of photograph editing capabilities. There are also items on this document that indicate that one of the date stamps has been altered, and that both date stamps existed on the document before the document form was created  and the hand written information was added.

These items are as follows:

a.We will begin by assuming that the document form was pre-printed on or prior to November 23rd, 1934. We will also assume that some time after that the form was filled out and signed and the date stamps were put there to authenticate the date of birth. Based on these assumptions we assume that the vertical page border on the left side of the document was a part of the original pre-printed form.  A visual inspection indicates that there are several portions of the form wherein the form itself appears to overlap the date authentication stamps.

b.The words “PLACE OF BIRTH” slightly overlaps the stamp that says “Delaware, Jan 11 1935 Department” In particular the word “Department” is overlapped. We assume that the words “Place of Birth” were a part of the original printed document and if so, the date stamp should over lap the word “Department” not the opposite.

c.The same situation exists as indicated in the above “a”. The date stamp on the upper right corner of the document is clearly overlapped by the document heading word “BIRTH”.

 d.On the upper left corner of the document you will see a stamp that says “STATE BOARD OF HEALTH”. The page border on the left side of the document clearly overlaps the word “STATE” and is visible to the naked eye.

e.About one third down the left side of the document you will see the hand written word “female in the box labeled “sex”. The “f” over laps the vertical page border. Ordinarily you would expect to see this type of overlapping on a pre-printed form, but it has already been established that this page border was added after the date stamps were applied to the document because the date stamp is overlapped by the page border. If this is accurate, the hand written word “female” was added after the Page border and therefore sometime after the date stamp.

There are other suspicious inconsistencies that we see on this document.

  1. On the box labeled “VERIFICATION OF NAME BY PARENT” the number 31 is inconsistent with all other numerical texts. The number 31 font is several sizes larger than all of the other numbers. It is highly unlikely that in 1934, the font size for this box would have been changed to a larger font than the others  The number 31 is the same font size as the words “Verification of name etc:” and it is noted that this font size is the only place it is found on this document. Remember that in 1934 typewriters font size and type were all unique to the typewriter and that is assuming that this document was created using a typewriter. If the document was created by a printer the change in font sizes, in particular the number would be highly unlikely. If the document was created later on a computer, the number font size consistency with the words Verification….;would be an easy error to make.
  2. As previously stated, filters were used to enhance the coloring of the document in particular the red date stamps. This filtering also revealed another inconsistency. You can see what, appears to be, words that are on the back side of this form. This is not uncommon on birth certificates.  On box 22. “Birth place.”  The color of the document has changed and is lighter and the visible wording on the back side of the document is not visible in this particular box.  In fact the wording on the back side of the document is only not visible in two boxes on this document. Box number 22 and box number 13, Both these boxes indicate place of birth of the parents.  The non existence of the visible wording on only these two boxes is highly suspicious and may be an indication that these boxes have been changed. When altering a document such as this, it is very difficult  to match exactly the background color and if the background color is to be identical it necessitates changing the background color of the whole document to make all portions appear identical.
  3. On the bottom right corner we noted that the signature of the physician is missing the top of the “J” and is not similar as the  “J” on Jr. . This may be the result of improper stamp application but this signature does not appear to have the characteristics of a “signature stamp” however it  does have the characteristics of an actual signature. If this opinion is accurate, the signature on this document may have been “cut and pasted” on the document and the top of the “J” in the name James was not properly cut.You can also see a possible cut error at the top of the letter “B” in the Doctors signature.. PDF HERE.Eleanor Darragh Birth Cert. 4 with arrows.

In the opinion of Codefore, this copy of a birth certificate is not a copy of an original unchanged 1934 document.  It is a copy of a document that has been changed using modern photograph editing software. Additionally it appears that the changes were not made by a professional photograph software editor.

There is more. When it became probable that the document was fraudulent, we made further inquiries into the information contained in the document. We accessed the 1940 US Census to see if the Darragh’s actually lived at the address they reported on the birth Certificate. PDF HERE1940 Census Darragh

We specifically made an effort to validate the hand written addresses on the document indicated in boxes 10 and 19.  The addresses are different. Box 10 says 222 West 17th St. and Box 22 says 222 W. 7th St.  There are currently two such streets in Wilmington but 222 7th  St. did not  exist when the 1940 US Census was conducted.  This would be a possible assumption if and  when the original document was edited because today there is a 222 7th St. according to Google Maps. Codefore suggests that whoever made the changes to the document didn’t do enough 1934 research. An address that exists in 2015, didn’t necessarily exist in 1934.

The problem in verifying the residents in 1934 is that there was no  verification of residence for the particular year of 1934. However in  1940 when the  US Census was conducted the verification survey asks  the question of residence for the 5 previous years in the box labeled “Residence April 1st 1935.  This would be 97 days after Ted Cruz’s mother was born. It’s the closest date verification of the Darragh family we could get at this time to the exact birth date. (we are still working on this)

At  222 W. 17th St. Wilmington, the 1940 census indicates that  Mr. Edgar Welch, a fireman lived there. Welch told the census taker he had lived in this house on April 1st 1935 until present . The Census question as to the total length time  Mr. Welch lived there was not asked or required. He could have possibly lived there for 10 years or more. Mr. Welch reported the he, his wife, two children and a lodger who was a barbershop owner named “John”  age 32 lived there at the time the census was taken.

A 1940 name search on Darragh produced a Census document for the residence located at 1311 Loll or Toll Rd. unincorporated New Castle county known as Gordon Heights. The address could not be confirmed but the residents were Edward J. Darragh, his wife Elizabeth and children Eleanor and Caroline. Mr. Darragh claimed that all were US Citizens.  This research seems to validate, somewhat, the Eleanor birth certificate but does not explain the alterations.  At this time the only way to authenticate, or verify  the birth certificate of Eleanor Darragh is the St. Francis Hospital Archives or the Catholic Church birth records.

With all of this information taken into consideration, the question of birth certificates should be expanded to include Ted Cruz.s mother. If his mother’s birth certificate is fraudulent then she may not have been a US Citizen. If that is the case, Ted Cruz himself is not a US Citizen naturalized or not  and cannot posses a passport nor can he hold a seat in the Senate. We at Codefore are concerned that if Ted Cruz used the above Certificate of Birth to prove citizenship and or obtain a passport, who performed Cruz’s  background investigation??  Based on  our  opinion its apparent that whoever changed this document had co-operation from someone within the Delaware Government. Their Document   We also noted that included with the Birth Certificate obtained from the Delaware Archives was a transmittal sheet that indicated that it was for Eleanor E. Darragh.  Nowhere in any of the documents we researched was the middle initial “E.” used to support the birth of Eleanor.  This birth certificate states that Eleanor Darragh was born  1934. Was one of the changes made to the Birth Certificate erroneous?

Darragh birth cert 4a.

Codefore Publishing


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  2. Interesting but not relevant. A natural born citizen is a natural citizen at birth not a naturalized [adopted] citizen at birth. The U.S. has always been a ‘by soil’ republic. There are more than a dozen Supreme Court decisions where the court has repeatedly and consistently affirmed that a person not born on soil even to citizen-parent(s) can only be a naturalized citizen. Place of birth alone disqualifies R. E. Cruz for President.

  3. Nobody thinks that the mother, ELIZABETH, signing her name at the bottom as the name of her child, ELEANOR, is suspicious too?

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  5. I am not sure if this was pointed out but in looking at the document I also noticed that the handwriting of the signatures of the parents is the same… especially this can be seen in the last name of the signatures…. the signatures were almost certainly done by ONE person. I find it odd that the signatures are the same… when my daughter was born my husband and I EACH had to sign our own names as the parents. I suppose it’s POSSIBLE that one parent might have signed for the other but why?? It does not make sense to me that one person would sign for both of them…. it just adds to my doubt about the authenticity of this document. I am also an expert in photo manipulation programs being a graphic designer for 17 years… I agree with the findings above in addition to the parent signature anomaly.

    1. One other thing… she was born in Dec 1934 but the date at the top right is Mar 1935… I suppose it COULD have taken 3 and a half months to certify the birth but it does seem very odd.

    2. The mother didn’t sign that BC anywhere. In the section you are talking about, the block on the left says Verification of name by parent and under the line it says “correct name of child”. In the block on the right, is where her father signed Edward J. Darragh. He filled in the name of his daughter and then signed his own name. He wasn’t signing his wife’s name. The only other handwriting is the doctor’s.
      Ted Cruz, born in Canada to Eleanor Darragh Wilson Cruz, an American citizen, and Rafael B. Cruz, a Cuban born citizen who may or may not have naturalized to Canada, was born with dual citizenship, two reasons why he is not a “natural born citizen” and not constitutionally eligible to be president…birth on foreign soil and father who was not a U.S. citizen. Even if both of his parents had been citizens, his foreign birth would have disqualified him. Must be born on U.S. soil to parents who are themselves, citizens, owing allegiance to no other nation.

  6. Would it be possible to check property records for 222 W. 17 Street, Wilmington, Delaware? The house was built in 1920, according to Zillow.

    1. Also, could Eleonor have possibly been adopted, and the form was altered with the new names?

      1. The ciitizenship of his mother is in question for a couple of reasons. She apparently claimed citizenship in Canada but I believe that Canada doesn’t allow duel citizenship. That issue might not make a difference if she was in fact born in the US. Codefore maintains that Ted needs to come up with a birth certificate for his mother thats been altered by someone who knew what they were doing.

    2. I suppose a property check could be run and it would answer the question of if they lived here… not sure it would help with the actual citizenship issue though. Maybe it would help though…

    3. Yes thats possible, we checked the census. Checking the property records would require a personal appearance and it doesn’t nec’ssarily mean they didn’t live there if their name isn’t on the records. Codefore has put this temporarily on the back burner but its not forgotten. There needs to be a Grand Jury investigation into the people and system that holds the birth records. A good detective can probably get to the bottom of it.

    1. Really?? And how exactly did you do that? To obtain a copy of someone’s birth certificate you have to have a RELATIONSHIP with that person.. and PROVABLE relationship. So what relationship did you claim to have with Eleanor Darragh?? If you claimed any relationship at all to get a copy of that birth certificate then you lied, which is a CRIME. Either you are lying now and did not really obtain a certified copy or you lied on the application for the copy. Either way, you are a liar. Also on your stupid little story that you posted a link to above, you only have an image of the upper half of the document you claim is a “paid for copy”. Where is the bottom half huh?? Sharon, you are a fraud and a liar. So don’t try to claim you paid for a copy when you could not have done so… most people are not stupid enough to believe you.

      Just in case, below is a link to the application you would have to fill out in order to get a copy of a Delaware birth certificate. Pay attention to the second field in which you have to prove your relationship to the person whose bitch certificate you are requesting.

  7. Is it normal to have a number out of sequence “prophylactic used in eyes” is a Clear #80 and not the number 30 which will be the natural number following #29. It is definite #80, and there does not appear to be a #30 anywhere else on the form. Now lighter versions of this document online show that number as a 30. Is it possible the color alteration that you made to expose flaws created, or spotted an anomaly?

    1. Yes, this is why we use color filters. For instance if you use a red enhancer, it will bring out the weak reds etc: Remember they didn’t have computers back then so the obvious changes were made years later, probably some time around when Ted decided to go into US politics. Someone out there has an original. Id like to see the one that the Delaware people copied and sent to us so our experts can look at it. Maybe transform it back to the original.

  8. Ted Cruz– Parents Rafael Cruz born in Cuba and Eleanor Darragh born in Delaware. Ted’s maternal grandfather was Edward John Darragh born in Delaware and lived at 507 Broom Street according to the 1930 census records. Ted’s grandfather married his maternal grandmother Elizabeth E Cekine, also born in Delaware, in 1931. Ted’s mom was born in Nov 1934, as it correctly lists her age as being 5 on the 1940 census recorded in April of 1940. Next, the left margin is for filing as it clearly states. They did not have computers back then and, moreover, the quality of typewriters was poor. I’m sure they stamped as best as they could trying to get it as straight and accurate as possible. If you would go look at your mom or grandmother’s birth certificate from 1930ish, I’m sure you’d find discoloration from over the years as well as other imperfections. Remember, you are looking at an original document that didn’t not get scanned and put into a computer system until 70 or 80 years later. Imagine the damage that can happen in that amount of time! I’m sure the font on the “verification of name” was bigger so the parents would make sure one last time that the name from the top will match the bottom. Again, this is a formal document. Also, there were many times more than one person filling in info on those documents, writing with different styles, etc (nurse, parent, MD, registrar’s office). Next, as working MANY hours in family history over the years, many times the address of a person does not really match up with the what they are telling the recorder. If the person wasn’t home at the time, they would go to a neighbor’s house to get the info. The info would have only been as accurate as the neighbor’s knowledge. The neighbor could have stated, “I think they lived in this same house 5 years ago”, meaning the documented Lore Avenue address on the 1940 census. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t but the recorder writes down they did (just a scenario). So, maybe they lived at the West 7th street address, whoever was filing the info out on the birth certificate for his mother mistakenly wrote 17 on one and 7 on the other. That wouldn’t be the fault of the parents. My point to all of this is that one cannot grab a couple of documents and think they have the whole story. One has to continue grabbing from multiple sources, realizing that there are, indeed, possible minor mistakes on these documents. As one continues to collect info, hopefully a close to accurate picture will emerge. Next, as far as your so called speculation that photo shop was possible done because of lightening of the document in certain places. Again, remember, these are quite old documents that have been sitting around in binders for decades. Whatever pages were to the front or back, it’s a good chance that some of that ink will have transferred onto the document you happen to be looking at. If your closely look at the birth certificate, it hasn’t been photo shopped. Look again at it, study it out. The letters of the transferred ink are backwards indicating that it was probably a paper that was sitting directly on top of that birth certificate and the ink from the letters bled through onto the certificate. Study it out. You can tell that there were columns of short paragraphs/wording on that paper that had bled onto the birth certificate. Wherever it is lighter, there were no letters in those spots for the ink to bleed. So, look again and I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about. Again, all of these “issues” are from older typewriters, and the amount of time the certificate had been sitting around in a binder somewhere causing discoloration of the color of the paper itself as well as the bleeding through of the letters from the page before onto the certificate. I would more so question if a birth certificate from that long ago was clear, no bleeding of letters from pages directly in front and behind, and everything perfectly straight and neat. You need to read some of this old stuff to know what I’m talking about. And as far as the middle initial goes, in my research in my own family, people used there middle name sometimes and other times there first name. Birth years are wrong on the census records, etc. I’m sure if you begin to do family history on your own family you’ll find plenty of errors. Again, this might not at all be on the part of the family members but on a neighbor who was trying to be helpful but was not accurate in their divulging of information. Any documents you may find might not be totally accurate. Example, I spent 12 years looking for the death certificate of my husband’s great-grandmother born and died in Pennsylvania. The state claimed they didn’t have a death certificate but they should have had one since she died in 1910 and by law she should have had one filled out. Long story short, I did some foot work, wound up at the house of someone whose father had been a caretaker. The guy I was talking to was like 80 yrs old. He brought out an old ledger that was his dad’s. In that ledger was the name of my husband’s great-grandmother, where they buried her, and how much the family paid his dad for the burial lot. Well, the name was misspelled in that book. The caretaker would have been the one the fill out the info for the death certificate. I wrote Pennsylvania (12 years after I started my hunt), explained to them what I had learned about the name possibly being misspelled on the certificate, sent a check with the form, and then received the death certificate in the mail a few weeks later– misspelled name and all!!! So, again, my point is please don’t look at these old documents and draw some sort of conclusion that they are 100% accurate. As far as I can tell, Ted Cruz’ mom was born in Delaware in Nov 1934, was still here in 1940, and didn’t leave for Canada until she married his dad Rafael. Can she help the fact that her husband was working in Canada and she had to deliver her baby there? It happens so frequently. Back in 1970, his mother being a citizen had to live in the USA for at least 10 years with 5 of those years being after the age of 14 for Ted Cruz to qualify for automatic citizenship. The qualifying factors are more lenient for those born after 1986.

    1. Nice try. I suppose there is merit to some of your conjecture as to why the document is the way it is but most of it is weak conjecture. Yes documents can get yellow or discolored and we took that into consideration, but the yellow or color change is naturally slow and affects large areas and the edges of the discoloration gradually increase or decrease and is not limited to printing, such as boxes on the document. Please see this link for further information of the ageing of paper.

      The discoloring has nothing to do with the fact that the printing on the back side of the form magically disappeared only in the same boxes that were discolored. There is absolutely no way to account for how the lines on a preprinted document naturally transposed themselves over hand printed letters that were added after the document was printed. And please, for you to assume the changes we spotted on “close examination” have something to do with what the people who filled out the form were thinking is a stretch at best. If you know anything about photo shop or other similar software you have seen almost identical amateur attempts at changing photos or documents. You comments are welcome and please don’t take our response personal. We had some very competent unbiased people look at this document. Its a fraud.

    1. the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case as explained in a letter to Ron Paul from A.Gofen $2000==good for late history but not the right thing they did for We the People==there is also a letter about the congress being afraid of a country uprising if OB was removed from the oval office being that he was the first afro–american to that office

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