Cant find a Dodge Dakota light module or fuse locations and numbers ?  Here they are!! Free too.

Mr. Daryl Palmer made a Youtube video about changing when fog lights are on and off. I discovered this video when looking for the existence and location of an electric control module for my 2003 Dakota and when I saw where he was working on his lighting wires I knew that this was the infamous secret light control module, referred to on all relevant Chrysler electric schematics as the “Body Control Module”. Imagine that. Chrysler referring to an electric control module as a “Body” control module. Of course we can’t locate an electric control module if its referred to as a component of the “Body”. We are looking for electricity not a fender or hood. What does the “body” have to do with the electronics? Thank you Mr. Palmer and no thanks to Chrysler.

I knew this box referred to by Mr. Palmer was there, but didn’t know what it was. I took it apart once when it got wet, cleaned it and checked the circuit board for faults. (shorts, corrosion, and burn areas). Its located behind the plastic cover between the drivers door and the brake/clutch pedal on the Dakota and probably the Durango 2000 and later.

The Body control module (BCM) is referred to in the Chrysler Repair documents relevant to front and rear lights.

I was able to find two Chrysler electronic schematics. Chrysler has chosen not to describe what vehicle or year these schematics refer to. I believe the schematic that doesn’t have the BCM on it is for vehicles older than the 2000-2004 Dakota models. This Chrysler PDF is protected by Chrysler so I doubt you will be able to download it but if you can, go for it. As you can see on the schematic, the fuses and circuits are also included as well as  their  numbers.

In my case, before locating the BCM I checked every single fuse in my Dakota and couldn’t find a bad one nor was the driver side head light bulb which was the issue with my Dakota.

On one of the Youtube posts I reviewed, the statement was made that the lights are constantly receiving power and the on and off switches only control the ground. I think this is also evident in the schematic.

So after viewing Mr. Palmer’s video I accessed the BCM on my Dakota again. There are a lot of wires going in and out of this module and so I decided to take the Module apart when I had more time and guess what.

After I forced all the wiring back into the small area and put the foot cover back on, the Drivers side headlight was working again. This tells me my problem is a loose wire or connection. It also tells me that the circuit board is probably OK.  When reviewing the attached schematics pay particular attention to the “RS Wiring Diagram information” section.  This section also gives you individual wire color codes and all the wiring data codes. Hurahhhh.By the way, if you do need a new BCM or just the circuit board or even a rebuilt BCM they were originally made by Motorola and can be purchased on sites such as Ebay and probably other sites. The one below was located on Ebay.

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