Powerful books published by Codefore Publishing. These true crime and fiction books are one of a kind thrillers. They are all priced as low as possible.  They are all available in the book store of your choice, or Amazon books, both hard copy and e books. You can purchase them by clicking on the book cover. Enjoy them on flights, with your coffee in the morning or an afternoon read. Of particular interest is “Protectus Prol” available in three languages and used internationally in the police industry as a training tool. If you value the safety of your children Protectus Prol is a must read. Just click on the book image to purchase any of these books.

The Fifth  Seal   (ASIN: 0989935442) is  a  true story of an intense effort to get a Federal Grand Jury impaneled to investigate the murder of 4 yr old Lacey Ruff and in doing so uncovered a confession to the murder by a second suspect. Fed Judge John Michael Sabright burried a request for a US Grand Jury and this precipitated the author’s investigation into  massive corruption in the HI Justice Dept., HI  Judicial  Dept  and  Fed  Attorneys  office.  Purchase  now  via  Amazon.     $8.00  or $2,00 Kindle  Twitter


Closed Eyes  (ASIN: 0982424914)   the   true story   that   began  in  1973  with the investigation  of  the  1984  murder  of  7  year  old  Tracy  Neef  in Thornton Colorado. Two persons of interest in this murder were in HI when Lacy Ruff was  murdered. One  of the two was arrested but the other who confessed to the Ruff murder is free.  $8.00 on Amazon $1.00 on Kindle


Hairbreadth.  (AISN ASIN: 0989935434)  An  exciting  mystery ‘who  done  it’ fiction  about  a  retired  police   detective  who  discovered  that  someone in  the  DA’s  office  has  hired  a  hit  man   to   kill   him.  This  is  the   book you  should  take  on  trips. Its a fast a fast steamy romance read ‘cant put down’ book with excitement and a surprise ending.  $6.00 on Amazon. $1.00 on Kindle


Protectus Prol (ASIN:0982424922) is a must have book for parents. Detective Benish used his vast knowledge obtained from his investigations of Crimes against children to write this book. It explains how pedophiles get access to children, what their motives are and how they plan out abductions and commit their crimes secretly. He explains the different classifications of pedophiles and how they go about setting up conditons to molest children. He  explains the clues that indicate whether or not a man is a pedophile or not. (what to look for) Available via Amazon $4.00 or $1.00 Kindle.

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