Trying to Stop the Election Attacks: Scrutineers, Part VI

Reading Time: 19 minutes A recent Public Service Announcement from the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

COVID-19 May Severely Reduce Voter Turnout on College Campuses

Reading Time: 6 minutes Canceled voter registration drives, delays setting up first-ever campus polling sites, and the decision to vote

Voting Rights Dashed for Ex-Felons in Key Battleground State

Reading Time: 5 minutes When Florida resident Angel Sanchez was finally able to vote at age 36, it was one

Georgia Elections Chief Accused of Voter Intimidation

Reading Time: 3 minutes During a press conference Tuesday, Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state, claimed to have found “potentially

America Decides 2020: Provisional Voting, Explained

Reading Time: 4 minutes President Trump ignored the pleas of election officials across the country and once again, during a

America Decides 2020: Registering to Vote, Explained

Reading Time: 4 minutes Election Day will be November 3, but there’s little agreement on anything else. In America Decides

Voting by Mail Faces Obstacles Beyond the US Postal Service

Reading Time: 3 minutes As Congress debates cuts to the economically troubled US Postal Service, proponents of voting by mail

Problems with Electronic Poll Books: Scrutineers, Part IV

Reading Time: 22 minutes In this episode of the Scrutineers Series, host Emily Levy interviews election security advocate and social

An Attempted Coup in Slow Motion

Reading Time: 7 minutes Why does the Republican Party hate the US Postal Service with such damning intensity? The answer,

The US Postal Service May Be Broken. It Doesn’t Need to Be.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recent attacks on the US Postal Service may seem timed to the upcoming election. But the

Supreme Failures to Protect Elections from Partisanship

Reading Time: 8 minutes In July, Barack Obama tweeted, “Voting by mail shouldn’t be a partisan issue — especially during

America Decides 2020: Voting by Mail, Explained

Reading Time: 5 minutes Election Day will be November 3, but there’s little agreement on anything else. In America Decides

US Postal Service’s Ability to Deliver in November Questioned

Reading Time: 4 minutes November is less than four months away, and it is expected that a record number of

America Decides 2020: Early Voting, Explained

Reading Time: 4 minutes WhoWhatWhy is providing voters with critical information about how to cast a ballot this November and

Activists Worry New Georgia Voting Machines Open to Cyberattack

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thirty thousand brand new voting machines have been rolled out across 159 counties in Georgia. The

Absentee Voting in New York Seen as a ‘Challenging’ and ‘Scary’ Experience

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pamela Block requested an absentee ballot for New York’s June 23 primary election. The Long Island

Georgia Certifies Election Results Despite Serious Flaw in Ballot Scanners

Reading Time: 4 minutes Jeanne Dufort, a poll watcher for Georgia’s primary election, did not expect things to go as

Voters in Georgia Frustrated by Long Lines and Broken Equipment

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tuesday brought chaos to Georgia, as voters across the state’s 159 counties stood in line for

Fear of Potential Vote-by-Mail Fraud Sparks Clashes Between Voting-Rights Groups

Reading Time: 5 minutes Since narrowly losing the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race in an election marred by voter suppression, Democrat

IRS Kills Requirement to Reveal Dark Money Donors

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recent IRS rule changes will exempt many politically-active non-profit 501(c) organizations from having to annually report

Touchscreen Voting Machines and the Vanishing Black Votes

Reading Time: 12 minutes Votes from predominantly black precincts have mysteriously vanished from touchscreen voting machines in both Tennessee and

Trump Doesn’t Let Pandemic Curb His War on Absentee Ballots

Reading Time: 3 minutes Grappling with more than 50,000 coronavirus infections and nearly 5,000 deaths, Michigan officials last week encouraged

From the Front Lines of the Fight for Fair Elections

Reading Time: 19 minutes The COVID-19 pandemic has already affected the 2020 election, as demonstrated by April’s chaotic Wisconsin primary,

The Media’s Most Important Job in 2020: Countering Postelection Chaos

Reading Time: 7 minutes Almost all signs point to a significant delay in reporting the final results of the 2020

States Grapple With Germ-Ridden Voting Machines Amid Coronavirus

Reading Time: 4 minutes Election officials have long dealt with faulty and vulnerable voting machines, but this year, they are

No, Voting by Mail Is Not ‘Ripe for Voter Fraud’

Reading Time: 5 minutes President Donald Trump and his allies continue to make unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in an

GOP’s Response to Vote-By-Mail: More Voter Roll Purges

Reading Time: 3 minutes Republicans hoping to give themselves an edge in swing states have set their sights on yet

Badger State Shame: What Actually Happened in Wisconsin

Reading Time: 16 minutes While some people are happy with the outcome of Wisconsin’s primary, the ongoing litigation is a

COVID-19 Exposes GOP’s Anti-Voter Stance

Reading Time: 5 minutes Every once in a while, Republican officials will say out loud what everyone knows but is

‘We Did It’: Voting-Rights Advocates Laud Early-Voting Expansion for Students

Reading Time: 3 minutes Voting-rights groups celebrated a major victory Friday for college students ahead of the 2020 election: Florida

Coronavirus Pandemic Exacerbates Poll Worker Crisis in Swing States

Reading Time: 5 minutes In a swing state like Wisconsin, turnout matters, and, in 2016, it reached a new low.

Your Vote… or Your Health: Voters Go to Polls Despite Virus Fears

Reading Time: 3 minutes Voters in Florida, Arizona, and Illinois have a choice to make today that goes beyond their

Lawsuit Fights Disenfranchisement of Native Americans

Reading Time: 3 minutes For many Native Americans living in rural areas and on reservations, having their neighbor take their

Despite Shattered FEC, One Commissioner Is Still Fighting for Clean Elections

Reading Time: 7 minutes Since the Federal Election Commission (FEC) lost its quorum, Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub has used her

Election Officials Balance Super Tuesday and the Coronavirus

Reading Time: 4 minutes With fears of a coronavirus outbreak sweeping the US, voters are worried about a different type

New Generation of Black Leaders Fights to End Voter Suppression

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was a major milestone for civil rights activists, but in

Congress (Finally) Considers Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most Americans agree on background checks for gun purchases, lower prescription drug prices, and the need

States Lead Fight to Keep Foreign Corporate Cash Out of US Elections

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spending in US elections is at record levels since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision unleashed

Caucuses — the Undemocratic Way of Choosing a Nominee

Reading Time: 4 minutes Caucuses can be a thrilling moment for politically engaged voters. Unlike a traditional election, caucus-goers gather

The Unholy Trinity of Illegal Campaign Coordination

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ever since the Supreme Court reopened the floodgates for unlimited political contributions in its controversial Citizens