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New US Rules Would Let Patients Download Health Records to Phones

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Maple Farmers Fear Climate Change Will Upend New York’s Industry

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How to Stop Political Texts From Spamming Your Phone

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There Is Shockingly Little Oversight of Private Companies That Create Voting Technologies

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Australian Summers Now Twice as Long as Winters, Researchers Say

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Facial Recognition Company That Works With Law Enforcement Says Entire Client List Was Stolen

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Opening New Online Accounts Is the Ultimate Privacy Power Play

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Fertilizer Could Be Used to Power Ships, Report Says

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A Small Change in Airplane Altitude Could Reduce Climate Impact of Contrails by 59%

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Fake Coronavirus Claims Are Causing an ‘Infodemic’

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Winter 2019-20 Has So Far Been the Warmest on Record in the Contiguous US

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Dems to Use App for Caucus Results Despite Hacking Fears

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North Carolina County Sheriff Says He Will Refuse to Enforce ‘Unconstitutional’ Gun Laws

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