World Isn’t Meeting Biodiversity Goals, UN Report Finds

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Longtime Climate Science Denier Hired for Top Role at NOAA

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Media Help Adam Schiff Rehabilitate the Image of His Latest Whistleblower

Schiff had accused that same whistleblower of “deeply troubling” professional misconduct and lying to Congress in an attempt to cover

Think 2020’s Disasters Are Wild? Experts See Worse to Come

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The Trump Administration Began Scaling Back the Census Count. A Judge Stopped it — for Now

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‘Wrong-Way’ Migrations Stop Shellfish From Escaping Ocean Warming

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Jeffrey Goldberg Says Sources for Trump Military Remarks Refused to Go On Record to Avoid ‘Being Inundated with Angry Tweets’

The editor-in-chief of the Atlantic said that his sources refused to go on record because they were concerned about being

What Climate Change Does to the Human Body

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Hundreds of Thousands of Nursing Home Residents May Not Be Able to Vote in November Because of the Pandemic

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To Save This Palm-Filled Paradise, Biologists Must Kill the Trees

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Privacy Settings to Change in Your Browser ASAP: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

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Last Saturday, the Earth Ran Out of Resources (Again)

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Storm Surge: The Science Behind This Year’s Unusual Hurricane Season

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Black Workers Are More Likely to Be Unemployed but Less Likely to Get Unemployment Benefits

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TSA Finds 3 Times Usual Rate of Guns at Checkpoints, Despite Drop in Air Traffic

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Death Valley Reaches 130 Degrees, Setting Records and Alarming Climate Activists

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Rural Families Without Internet Face Tough School Choice

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Arctic Summer Sea Ice Could Disappear as Early as 2035

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Nationalism and Authoritarianism Threaten the Internet’s Universality

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The Oil Spill at Mauritius Is a Disaster — and Could Soon Get Worse

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Cybersecurity Spending to Reach $123B in 2020: Forecast

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Emissions Drop During COVID-19 Lockdown Will Do ‘Nothing’ for Climate Change: Study

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Blackstone’s $4.7B Acquisition of Ancestry Raises Privacy Questions

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Parks in Nonwhite Areas Are Half the Size of Those in Majority-White Areas, New Study Finds

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Scientists Have Backed Away From the Worst-Case Climate Scenario — and the Best One, Too

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Gun Sales Are Surging, but Background Checks Aren’t Keeping Up

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YouTube Says Removal of Heather Mac Donald BLM Livestream Was a Mistake, Adds Age Restriction

After National Review reached out to the platform about the incident, YouTube reinstated the stream, saying it had been mistakenly

Despite Coronavirus, 85 Percent of Americans Are Thinking About Sustainability as Much as or More Than Ever

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Google’s Web App Plans Collide With Apple’s iPhone, Safari Rules

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Red Sea Corals’ Heat Tolerance Offers Hope for Climate Crisis

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