YouTube Suspends Trump for a Week, following Facebook and Twitter Ban

YouTube said it would temporarily suspend Trump’s channel after he uploaded videos that the company asserted could incite violence.

Journalists’ Behavior over Luke Letlow’s Passing Is Abhorrent — and Telling

In no other health circumstance would such brutality toward the afflicted be tolerated.

Florida Gov. DeSantis: State Didn’t Manipulate COVID-19 Death Data before Election

DeSantis’s office said the numbers reflected a policy change that took effect after millions of Floridians had already voted.

The Intercept Co-Founder Glenn Greenwald Resigns, Alleging ‘Censorship’ of Views ‘Critical’ of Joe Biden

Greenwald wrote that the article his editors wanted to censor referred to newly released documents pertaining to Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden’s Purported Laptop Connected to FBI Money Laundering Investigation

The FBI subpoenaed a laptop and hard drive allegedly belonging to Hunter in connection with a laundering investigation.

Biden-Boosting Journalists Have Become the Censors

For many in the media, it’s not about investigating the alleged abuses of the powerful. It’s about getting Democrats elected.

World Isn’t Meeting Biodiversity Goals, UN Report Finds

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Like an Experimental Concentration Camp’: Whistleblower Alleges Mass Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Center (DonkeyHotey) The author

Longtime Climate Science Denier Hired for Top Role at NOAA

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ransomware Could Be Biggest Threat to Upcoming Elections (Judy) The author writes, “Cybersecurity professionals have long

Media Help Adam Schiff Rehabilitate the Image of His Latest Whistleblower

Schiff had accused that same whistleblower of “deeply troubling” professional misconduct and lying to Congress in an attempt to cover

Think 2020’s Disasters Are Wild? Experts See Worse to Come

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fire Destroys Greek Camp Leaving 13,000 Without Shelter (Dana) The author writes, “Fires have destroyed Greece’s

The Trump Administration Began Scaling Back the Census Count. A Judge Stopped it — for Now

Reading Time: 2 minutes Is Trump Planning a Coup d’État? (Russ) The author writes, “This summer, shortly after scores of

‘Wrong-Way’ Migrations Stop Shellfish From Escaping Ocean Warming

Reading Time: 2 minutes How Trump and COVID-19 Have Reshaped the Modern Militia Movement (Dan) From FiveThirtyEight: “In the video,