NYC Orthodox Community Holds Protest Over New COVID Restrictions, Chants ‘Jewish Lives Matter’

The demonstrations, held into early Wednesday morning, grew more chaotic as the night wore on and protesters resisted orders to

Black Lives Matter Removes Language about Disrupting the Nuclear Family from Website

The organization has received criticism for its extremist views, including a co-founder’s admission that the founders are “trained Marxists.”

Group of Anti-ICE Protesters Arrested at World Trade Center after Reports on Forced Hysterectomies

Eight protesters were arrested as a group of 50 to 60 made their way from Foley Square to World Trade

‘We Act Like a Bunch of Punks:’ Black Tennessee Lawmaker Shames Rioters, Invokes Family Legacy of Peaceful Protest

Tennessee State Representative John Deberry, a Democrat from Memphis, tore into rioters and demonstrators in Portland, Seattle in a blistering

Oregon Gov. Agrees to Cooperate with DHS on Portland Riots, But Contradicts Sec. Wolf on Removal of Federal Officers

Officers from the Border Patrol as well as ICE have been deployed to augment personnel from the Federal Protective Services

Federal Agents Have Left Seattle after Local Officials’ Complaints, Mayor Says

Mayor Jenny Durkan had rejected the deployment of tactical forces sent to the city last week, saying it did not

Trump Admin. to Send Additional Federal Police to Portland

Mayor Ted Wheeler has condemned the deployment of federal officers to the city, accusing the Trump administration of “abuse” of

Portland Rioters Injure Six Federal Agents With Fireworks, Lasers

Protests have been nearly constant in Oregon’s largest city since the police custody death of George Floyd in May.

NYPD Department Chief, Officers Injured at George Floyd Protest

Chief of Department Terence Monahan was admitted to a local hospital with “non-life threatening injuries.”

De Blasio: Black Lives Matter Protests Exempt from Large-Event Ban

The mayor has canceled all large events in NYC through September, but will continue to allow protests in the city.

GOP Senators Propose Scrapping Columbus Day, Adding Juneteenth Federal Holiday

Republican senators Ron Johnson (R., Wis.) and James Lankford (R., Okla.) introduced an amendment Wednesday that would replace Columbus Day

Police Investigating Protesters after Confrontation with Armed St. Louis Homeowners

Law enforcement is determining whether the protesters committed trespassing and fourth-degree assault by intimidation.

Seattle Autonomous Zone Begins to Disband as Protesters Leave the Area

The “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” (CHOP) moved towards disintegration on Thursday as protesters began leaving the area.

House Republican Proposes Criminalizing Destruction of Presidential Monuments

Representative Jim Banks is proposing a bill to protect statues of former U.S. presidents and the signers of the Declaration

Seattle Mayor Says City Will Move to Dismantle Protest ‘Autonomous Zone’ after Back-to-Back Shootings

Seattle police will peacefully return to the East Precinct building soon, the mayor said, a message echoed by Police Chief

Senate Republicans’ Police Reform Bill Will Restrict Use of Choke Holds

The legislation, which was spearheaded by Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, the Senate’s only black Republican, is set to

Cuomo Says New York’s Christopher Columbus Statue Represents ‘The Italian-American Legacy,’ Supports Keeping It

Statues of Columbus in Virginia, Massachusetts, and Minnesota were targeted on Tuesday night as protests continue against racism and police brutality.

Milley Apologizes for Attending Trump’s Church Photo-Op: ‘I Should Not Have Been There’

“My presence in that moment, and in that environment, created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics,” the

‘They Folded Like House of Cards’: McConnell Mocks NYT for Caving to Critics of Tom Cotton’s Op-ed

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell accused the New York Times of lying about the substance of Senator Tom Cotton’s controversial op-ed.

N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy Says He ‘Can’t Imagine’ Enforcing Social Distancing Rules on Protesters

The governor attended protests in Hillside and Westfield, two of the more than 130 protests across New Jersey over the

N.Y. Judge Extends Initial Detention Period for Looters Due to Civil Unrest

Holding facilities in the city have seen an increase in suspects arrested either for looting or peacefully protesting after an

Social Media Explodes With Ways to Help #BLM Movement

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, protests of police brutality against African Americans have erupted

‘Mayhem’: Four St. Louis Cops Shot, Police Chief Questions Goal of Riots

St. Louis P.D. chief John Hayden said that the four officers had been hospitalized but had sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

NYPD Counterterrorism Head Says Organized Groups Planned Looting in Wealthy Neighborhoods

A number of stores, many of them in the upscale Soho neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, were looted on Sunday evening