Democrats Demand Trump Stop Border Wall Construction during Coronavirus

Democrats made the request in a letter, arguing that the construction of a border wall threatens communities and “compromises” efforts

Sen. Chris Murphy: ‘The Reason We Are in This Crisis Today Is Not Because of Anything China Did’

The senator laid out the case that Trump “didn’t take this virus seriously,” and that he “viewed this as a

Strengthen Climate Commitments to Improve Economy: New Study

Reading Time: < 1 minute VIDEO: Reporter Who Investigated Weinstein Says Biden’s Accuser Deserves to Be Heard (Chris) From Rising:

Trump Halts Funding to WHO Pending Review of Agency’s Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic

President Trump on Tuesday announced he would halt U.S. funding to the World Health Organization pending a review of its

DOJ Backs Churchgoers Fined for Attending Drive-In Easter Service

The Justice Department on Tuesday filed a statement of interest supporting the Temple Baptist Church of Greenville, Miss., whose congregants

Justice Department Declines to Support Blocking Hillary Clinton Deposition

Far from being political retribution, the move, which came in a FOIA case related to Clinton’s private-server use, applied standard

Artificial Intelligence Is Evolving All by Itself

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hostility to Corbyn Curbed Labour Efforts to Tackle Anti-Semitism (Chris) The author writes, [A] new internal

Impose Campaign Finance Restrictions on Our Opponents, Not Us

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a move that is stunningly hypocritical even for Washington standards, Citizens United, the group eponymous

Twitter Will Now Give More of Your User Data to Advertisers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ninth Circuit Revives Claims Facebook Tracks Logged-Out Users (Chris) The author writes, “[A] three-judge panel

Trump Retweets Call to Fire Fauci after He Admits Earlier Lockdown ‘Could Have Saved Lives’

The tweet came from former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine. She accused Fauci of downplaying the danger of the coronavirus outbreak.

Why Trump’s Contempt for Oversight May Sink Pandemic Stimulus

Reading Time: 5 minutes President Donald Trump lacks the social graces and the administrative competence of the French monarch Louis

Forced Court Appearances Jeopardize Migrants and Their Lawyers

Reading Time: 3 minutes In spite of nationwide sheltering in place orders, federal immigration officials are still forcing migrants to

AI Is Helping Scientists Understand an Ocean’s Worth of Data

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sweden Challenges Trump — and Scientific Mainstream — by Refusing to Lock Down (Russ) The authors

Barr on Durham Investigation: ‘Evidence Shows That We’re Not Dealing with Just Mistakes or Sloppiness’

“And if people broke the law, and we can establish that with the evidence, they will be prosecuted,” Barr stated.