The Real ‘Preexisting Conditions’ That Explain Black COVID Deaths

Reading Time: 5 minutes In Greenville, MS, not long ago, workers at a commercial laundry were told to stay put

Renewable Overtakes Coal, but Lags Far Behind Oil and Natural Gas

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GOP Leaders Cover Up COVID-19 Threat After Rep Tests Positive

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The Real Problem With Inequality

Reading Time: 5 minutes Unless you live on Billionaire’s Row, you’re probably aware that economic inequality is as salient a

Touchscreen Voting Machines and the Vanishing Black Votes

Reading Time: 12 minutes Votes from predominantly black precincts have mysteriously vanished from touchscreen voting machines in both Tennessee and

Grandma’s Refusal to Remove Photos From Facebook Tests Privacy Law

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Everyone Else Is to Blame for Virus (Reader Steve) From the LA Times:

Trump Doesn’t Let Pandemic Curb His War on Absentee Ballots

Reading Time: 3 minutes Grappling with more than 50,000 coronavirus infections and nearly 5,000 deaths, Michigan officials last week encouraged

Amazon Under Threat: Fires, Loggers, and Now Virus

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Black American Amputation Epidemic (Mili) The author writes, “Despite the great scientific strides in diabetes

Email Blunder Reveals Student Info and University Negligence

Reading Time: 5 minutes A US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recruiter exposed the sensitive information — including visa status

Can Municipal Broadband Bridge the Digital Divide?

Reading Time: 6 minutes What industry group has the lowest customer satisfaction rating — lower than airlines, health insurers, or

The End of Plastic Bottles? New Plant-Based Ones Will Degrade in a Year

Reading Time: < 1 minute In California’s Crowded Prison System, COVID-19 Takes the Vulnerable (Reader Steve) The author writes, “California

From the Front Lines of the Fight for Fair Elections

Reading Time: 19 minutes The COVID-19 pandemic has already affected the 2020 election, as demonstrated by April’s chaotic Wisconsin primary,

What Is Facebook Going to Do With 700 Million Giphy Users’ Data?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Trump’s Emergency Powers Worry Some Senators, Legal Experts (Reader Steve) The author writes, “[Ten senators] have

Pandemic: How Big Banks and Big Ag Share Blame

Reading Time: 5 minutes President Donald Trump’s comments blaming China for the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are misleading

The American Way: Call Them ‘Hero,’ Pay Them Zero

Reading Time: < 1 minute The post The American Way: Call Them ‘Hero,’ Pay Them Zero appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.

Russian Roulette: Orthodox Church Gambles With Worshippers’ Health

Reading Time: 6 minutes In the US, some Catholic and evangelical groups are pushing back against state and local public

The Food to Avoid if You Care About Climate Change

Reading Time: 2 minutes Has COVID-19 Killed Globalization? (Dana) From the Economist: “Trade will suffer as countries abandon the idea

Senate Votes Down Ban on Spying on Internet History Without a Warrant

Reading Time: 2 minutes Study Pours Cold Water on Oil Company Net Zero Claims (Mili)  The author writes, “Claims by

Supreme Court Battle Over Electoral College Begins

Reading Time: 4 minutes Can the Electoral College be the last line of defense to protect the United States from

Peek Into a Wooden Mast Reveals Wind Power’s Towering Future

Reading Time: < 1 minute Trump’s Latest Effort to Gaslight America Is Falling Apart (Reader Jim) The author writes, “How

COVID-19 Hits Hardest at the Poor — No Matter Where They Live

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nigeria has more people living in “extreme poverty” than any other country; the United States is

Lethal Levels of Heat and Humidity Are Gripping Global ‘Hot Spots’ Sooner Than Expected

Reading Time: 2 minutes A High-Tech Coronavirus Dystopia (Lisa) The author writes, “It has taken some time to gel, but

The Media’s Most Important Job in 2020: Countering Postelection Chaos

Reading Time: 7 minutes Almost all signs point to a significant delay in reporting the final results of the 2020

AI Can Simulate an Economy Millions of Times to Create Fairer Tax Policy: Scientists

Reading Time: 2 minutes Colorado GOP Chair Ken Buck Pressured Local Official to Submit Incorrect Election Results (Reader Steve) From

Religious Nationalism and the Reopening of America

Reading Time: 17 minutes Many of the anti-lockdown protesters we’ve seen in places like Michigan, Florida, and Texas are part

Space Lasers Track Earth’s Disappearing Ice Sheets and Rising Sea Levels

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘It Makes No Sense’: Feds Consider Relaxing Infection Control in Nursing Homes (Mili)  The authors write,

Dissident Russian Doctors Have ‘Accidents’ Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Reading Time: 4 minutes She “fell out of a window.” This is Russia’s official mantra explaining the April 25 incident

Judge Restores NY Democratic Presidential Primary on June 23

Reading Time: 2 minutes VIDEO: The Grave, Three-Pronged Crisis Crippling Brazil (Russ) The author writes, “Brazil currently faces a confluence