The Barrett Vote: There’s Not a Good Reason for Mike Pence to Preside Over It

After being exposed to a COVID-infected staffer, why would the vice president sit in a windowless room with elderly senators

Ocasio-Cortez Declines to Promise Support for Pelosi as Speaker, Will Back ‘Most Progressive Candidate’

The remarks came after Pelosi confirmed she intends to run for speaker again should Democrats retain their majority in the

Pelosi Says She Will Run for Speaker Again as Coronavirus Stimulus Talks Remain Stalled

Disagreements persist among House Democrats, Senate Republicans, and the Trump administration over what the next relief package should contain.

Oklahoma Democrat Rejects Biden’s Promise to ‘Transition’ Away from Oil Industry

Representative Kendra Horn immediately distanced herself from Joe Biden’s claim during the Thursday presidential debate.

Boycott-Barrett Ploy Shows Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

It makes no sense to participate in the testimonial hearings that prove the nominee is highly qualified but then not

The Capital Note: Google Under Attack, the Fed Frets about Risk

On the menu today: The war on Google, the Fed worries about what ultra-low interest rates might mean, the Biden

Hunter Biden’s Purported Laptop Connected to FBI Money Laundering Investigation

The FBI subpoenaed a laptop and hard drive allegedly belonging to Hunter in connection with a laundering investigation.