What’s Richer Than Michael Bloomberg? His Tone Deafness

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It’s a Maze, It’s a War Zone, It’s a US School

Reading Time: 4 minutes President Donald Trump wants to arm teachers, schools are now being designed specifically to make it

Venice Floods: Climate Change Behind Highest Tide in 50 Years

Reading Time: 2 minutes Climate Change Intensifies Lake Erie’s Toxic Algae Blooms (Gerry) From the Chicago Tribune: “Every year, an

Why the Human Mind Can’t Deal With Climate Change

Reading Time: 5 minutes About eight in 10 Americans say that human activity is causing climate change. Approximately half of

Microsoft to Apply California Privacy Rules for All Users Nationwide

Reading Time: 2 minutes Judge Rules Against Suspicionless Search of Travelers’ Devices (Reader Steve) The author writes, “U.S. District Judge

Deadly Virus Spreads Among Marine Mammals as Arctic Ice Melts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fracking May Indeed Be Causing Earthquakes in Texas (Judy) From the Dallas Morning News: “Since Texas

Warriors Wanted: Does the US Military Prey on Teenagers?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Air Force veteran Eddie Falcon enlisted as a teenager just before the September 11 attacks, partly

Is Amazon an Even Bigger Threat to Privacy Than Facebook?

Reading Time: 2 minutes California’s Criminal Cops (Reader Steve) The author writes, “More than 80 law enforcement officers working today

These Are the Cities That Will Drown First as the Seas Rise

Reading Time: 2 minutes South Carolina Prisoners Appeal to UN for Relief From Torturous Conditions (Chris) From Truthout: “Prisoners held

Only Whistleblowers Can Save Democracy

Reading Time: 16 minutes Revealing the misconduct of others is always dangerous. Yet by exposing public and corporate corruption, whistleblowers

Fear of Mass Shootings Strains America’s Psyche, Survey Finds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Four years ago, “fear of mass shootings” did not even appear on the American Psychological Association’s

Climate Change: A ‘Clear and Unequivocal’ Emergency

Reading Time: 1 minute Judge Says Police Can Search Company’s Entire DNA Database (DonkeyHotey) From the Huffington Post: “Your at-home

Asia’s ‘Coal Addiction’ Must End, UN Chief Warns

Reading Time: 2 minutes How Gaggle Surveils Every Document, Email, Chat, and Picture That Students Create (Mili) From Buzzfeed News:

The People v Wall Street: California’s Public Banking Shake-up

Reading Time: 5 minutes For only the second time in 100 years, a people-powered coalition overcame the stiff opposition of

A Look at the California Inferno That Is Too Close for Comfort

Reading Time: 4 minutes The following is WhoWhatWhy contributor Steve Pizzo’s firsthand account of what it’s like to watch the

Border Agents Can Now Get Classified Intelligence Information

Reading Time: 2 minutes Government Officials Around the Globe Targeted for Hacking Through WhatsApp (DonkeyHotey) From Reuters: “Senior government officials

What If Everybody Is Wrong About Stopping Climate Change?

Reading Time: 15 minutes The prevailing scientific sentiment on the global ecological crises is that the only road to a

US Celebration of ISIS Raid May Be Short-Lived As Turmoil Brews

Reading Time: 2 minutes President Donald Trump has scored a win with the raid that killed Islamic State leader Abu

What a 150-Year-Old Gun Tells Us About the End of Colt’s AR-15

Reading Time: 2 minutes Purge of More Than 300,000 Voter Registrations Planned in Georgia (Reader Pat) From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Why Facebook’s News Tab May Not Be Enough

Reading Time: 2 minutes North Carolina Judge Tosses Current Congressional Map (Reader Steve) The author writes, “North Carolina judges on

Distinct US Culture at Risk of Losing Island Home to Climate Crisis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wall Street Spends Millions to Buy Up Washington State Water (Reader Steve) From the Seattle Times:

As Earth Chokes on Plastic Waste, Industry Expands Production

Reading Time: 19 minutes It’s no secret that plastic waste products — especially single-use items — are polluting the land,

Does Location of ISIS Leader’s Death Hint at Turkish Help?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the secretive Islamic State leader, died during a US raid in northeastern Syria

Will Britain’s Boris Johnson Put a Shine on Populism’s Waning Star

Reading Time: 3 minutes Across Europe, the populist wave that threatened to sweep away the politics of consensus may be 

Bernie Sanders Is the Original Invisible Man

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