North Carolina County Sheriff Says He Will Refuse to Enforce ‘Unconstitutional’ Gun Laws

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FBI: Saudi Government Helps Suspected Saudi Criminals Escape US

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Some Clarity on Flight 752

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The TSA Found a Record Number of Guns at Airports in 2019

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Brazil Opens ‘Spectacular’ Antarctic Research Base — but Will It Get the Cash Needed to Fulfill Its Potential?

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NSA Reveals Major Flaw in Microsoft’s Windows 10 Code

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The Unholy Trinity of Illegal Campaign Coordination

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Raising the Minimum Wage by $1 May Prevent Thousands of Suicides

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An Experiment in Decency

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California Budget Proposal Includes $1 Billion ‘Green Loan Fund’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Once again, California is leading the way in innovation. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) 2020 budget proposal

Gardening Trends for 2020: Think Unconventional, Sustainable

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Lawmakers Grill Voting Machine Vendors on Paperless Machines

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Iranian Cyberattacks Feared After Killing of Top General

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Australian PM Defends His Response to Deadly Fires

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Ignoring Warning Signs: Officials Approve Vulnerable Voting Machines

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‘We Sleep in Our Gas Masks’: Eyewitness to Australia’s Firestorm

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How Will Iran Respond After US Kills Top General?

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New Year’s Eve Sees Nationwide Gun Violence, Ending Record-High Year of Mass Killings

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Science Students, Teachers Get Times Square New Year’s Stage

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US Firms Are Forcing Workers to Train Their Own Foreign Replacements

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5 Green Reasons to Stay Hopeful as the Hottest Decade on Record Ends

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Study Shows How Pollution, Climate Change Could Make Us Dumber

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