Blackstone’s $4.7B Acquisition of Ancestry Raises Privacy Questions

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Parks in Nonwhite Areas Are Half the Size of Those in Majority-White Areas, New Study Finds

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Why Are White Evangelicals Primed for Trump’s Fear-Mongering?

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Scientists Have Backed Away From the Worst-Case Climate Scenario — and the Best One, Too

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More Separatist Rumblings Cloud Ukraine’s Future

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Supreme Failures to Protect Elections from Partisanship

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Pandemic Threatens American DREAMers

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Young Children Risk Being Undercounted in 2020 Census

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Gun Sales Are Surging, but Background Checks Aren’t Keeping Up

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Despite Coronavirus, 85 Percent of Americans Are Thinking About Sustainability as Much as or More Than Ever

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America Decides 2020: Voting by Mail, Explained

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Google’s Web App Plans Collide With Apple’s iPhone, Safari Rules

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Red Sea Corals’ Heat Tolerance Offers Hope for Climate Crisis

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Zuckerberg, Bezos, Other Tech CEOs to Testify on Competition

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US Postal Service’s Ability to Deliver in November Questioned

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First Underwater Methane Leak Discovered Near Antarctica

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Two Dozen Weapons Taken Off NYC Streets After Gun-Trafficking Ring Is Dismantled

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Trump Orders Undocumented Immigrants Excluded From Key Census Count

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The Possible Housing Opportunity Provided by COVID-19

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Global Warming Shrinks Bird Breeding Windows, Potentially Threatening Species

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Treaty Created to Stop Child Abductions Could Now Be Protecting Abusers

Reading Time: 8 minutes An international treaty initially created in 1980 to protect children from being abducted has now become

New Genes Control Plant Height and Could Lead to Flood-Proof Crops

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CDC Employees Call Out Agency’s ‘Toxic Culture of Racial Aggressions’

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America Decides 2020: Early Voting, Explained

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Stressed-Out Nurses Say Nation’s Hospitals Need More of Them to Care for Patients

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California Rejected 100,000 Mail-in Ballots Because of Mistakes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Global Brands Benefit From Systematic Exploitation of Uyghur Muslims (Russ) The author writes, “Big, well-known global