‘Underground Golden Age Is Over’: Epic Dark Web Opioid Bust Sees 179 Arrests, $6.5M Seized

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Exciting Announcements on National Voter Registration Day

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At Least 8.7 Million Americans at Risk of Losing $1,200 Stimulus Checks

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Claims of Medical Abuse of ICE Inmates in Georgia Prompt Outrage

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COVID-19 May Severely Reduce Voter Turnout on College Campuses

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World Isn’t Meeting Biodiversity Goals, UN Report Finds

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Voting Rights Dashed for Ex-Felons in Key Battleground State

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Longtime Climate Science Denier Hired for Top Role at NOAA

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Upends Mailing of Absentee Ballots

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Title IX Lawsuit May Create More Problems than It Solves

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Georgia Elections Chief Accused of Voter Intimidation

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Think 2020’s Disasters Are Wild? Experts See Worse to Come

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America Decides 2020: Provisional Voting, Explained

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The Trump Administration Began Scaling Back the Census Count. A Judge Stopped it — for Now

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Another COVID-19 Side Effect: Less Competition, Higher Prices

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‘Wrong-Way’ Migrations Stop Shellfish From Escaping Ocean Warming

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Labor Day: Art from the Great Depression

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Great Depression was characterized by unemployment, homelessness, hunger, bankruptcies, home foreclosures, dust, drought, and inequality

Trump’s Department of Voter Suppression

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Uncharted Territory: Teaching Special Ed Amid COVID-19

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What Climate Change Does to the Human Body

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For Poisoned Critics of the Kremlin, Cure is a Healthy Dose of Lies

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Hundreds of Thousands of Nursing Home Residents May Not Be Able to Vote in November Because of the Pandemic

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To Save This Palm-Filled Paradise, Biologists Must Kill the Trees

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Hurricanes Rage While the RNC Ignores Climate Change

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last Monday night, Tropical Storm Marco brought record-level rainfall to Pensacola, FL. Even as the torrents