Facebook Frustrates Advertisers as Boycott Over Hate Speech Kicks Off

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House Dems Lay Out Roadmap for Cutting US Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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TikTok and 53 Other iOS Apps Still Snoop on Your Sensitive Data

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Stop Seizing Paychecks During Pandemic, Senators Demand in Letters to Debt Collectors

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Parts of the Arctic Are Feverish and On Fire. And That’s Got Scientists Worried About What it Means for the Rest of the World.

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Planting New Forests ‘Can Do More Harm Than Good’: Research

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How a Raise for Workers Can Be a Win for Everyone

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Fed’s First Black President Is Speaking Out About Economic Inequality

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FCC to Probe ‘Unacceptable’ Hours-long T-Mobile Service Outage

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A Decade of Inaction on Climate Is Putting Lives at Risk

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Three Types of Laws Could Reduce Gun Deaths by More Than 10%: Study

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How Hackers Can Use an Ordinary Light Bulb to Spy on Conversations

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Climate Change Is Expected to Trigger Extreme Waves and Coastal Erosion: Study

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The Recycling Renaissance: How These Forbes Under-30s Plan to Transform Plastic Waste Into Detroit’s Greatest Asset

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FCC Awarding Up to $16B to Address Areas Lacking Broadband Service

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Blue-Sky Thinking: How Cities Can Keep Air Clean After Coronavirus

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Scientists Are Trying to Save Coral Reefs. Here’s What’s Working.

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Protesters March On Across US Despite Curfews and Arrests

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Renewable Overtakes Coal, but Lags Far Behind Oil and Natural Gas

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Grandma’s Refusal to Remove Photos From Facebook Tests Privacy Law

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Amazon Under Threat: Fires, Loggers, and Now Virus

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The End of Plastic Bottles? New Plant-Based Ones Will Degrade in a Year

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What Is Facebook Going to Do With 700 Million Giphy Users’ Data?

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The Food to Avoid if You Care About Climate Change

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Senate Votes Down Ban on Spying on Internet History Without a Warrant

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Peek Into a Wooden Mast Reveals Wind Power’s Towering Future

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Lethal Levels of Heat and Humidity Are Gripping Global ‘Hot Spots’ Sooner Than Expected

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AI Can Simulate an Economy Millions of Times to Create Fairer Tax Policy: Scientists

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Space Lasers Track Earth’s Disappearing Ice Sheets and Rising Sea Levels

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Judge Restores NY Democratic Presidential Primary on June 23

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‘Murder Hornets,’ With Sting That Can Kill, Land in US

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Predicted to Fall Nearly 8% — Largest Decrease Ever: Report

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Starving Grasshoppers? How Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels May Promote an ‘Insect Apocalypse’

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A Defeat for Gun Rights Advocates: SCOTUS Dodges NY Firearms Case

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Ruins in Pompeii Indicate That Romans Invented Recycling: Researchers

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Apple Confirms Vulnerability Affecting Nearly All iPhone Users

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Amazon Deforestation Accelerates as Pandemic Hinders Enforcement

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