Chief Justice John Roberts Administers Judicial Oath to Amy Coney Barrett

Judge Amy Coney Barrett officially became a Supreme Court justice when Chief Justice John Roberts administered the Judicial Oath to her Tuesday morning.

Pelosi Cites Population Growth to Defend Potential Court-Packing Push

Pelosi remarked that perhaps the country needs more district courts as well to account for the larger population.

Clarence Thomas Swears In Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

Barrett was sworn in at an outdoor ceremony in the Rose Garden at the White House, with President Trump presiding

Senator Ed Markey Slams Judicial ‘Originalism’ as ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist,’ and ‘Homophobic’

In additional tweets, Markey also called for Democrats to “abolish the filibuster” and to “expand the Supreme Court.”

The Barrett Vote: There’s Not a Good Reason for Mike Pence to Preside Over It

After being exposed to a COVID-infected staffer, why would the vice president sit in a windowless room with elderly senators

Boycott-Barrett Ploy Shows Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

It makes no sense to participate in the testimonial hearings that prove the nominee is highly qualified but then not

Barrett, Obamacare, and Severability . . . Again

Democrats don’t have much chance of derailing Barrett’s nomination, so they might as well use the high-profile hearings to campaign.

Barrett Vows to Interpret Constitution ‘As Written,’ Says Courts ‘Should Not Try’ to Make Policy

Judge Amy Coney Barrett presented her judicial outlook as drawing on that of former Justice Antonin Scalia.

Joe Biden Falsely Claims Amy Coney Barrett ‘Said She Wants to Get Rid of the Affordable Care Act’

As the first day of Barrett’s confirmation hearings got underway, the former vice president spoke to reporters before boarding a

How Republicans Quickly Lined Up to Confirm a Supreme Court Nominee

The big question is, Can they get it done before Election Day?

Trump Has Reportedly Chosen Amy Coney Barrett to Fill Vacant Supreme Court Seat

It was reported Friday that the president had selected Barrett ahead of Trump’s official announcement, which is expected to come

Margaret Atwood Contradicts Herself on Whether Judge Barrett’s Religious Group People of Praise Inspired The Handmaid’s Tale

The author appeared to definitively put the controversy to rest in an interview published Wednesday.

Ben Sasse Calls Attacks on Potential Supreme Court Nominee ‘QAnon-Level Stupidity’

“These ugly smears against Judge Barrett are a combination of anti-Catholic bigotry and QAnon-level stupidity,” Sasse commented in a statement.