Trump Administration to Ban Americans from Downloading TikTok, WeChat

The Commerce Department will prohibit U.S. business transactions with messaging app WeChat beginning September 20 and TikTok on November 12.

USC Professor Who Used Chinese Word That Sounds Like English Slur ‘Not Dismissed Nor Suspended,’ Admin Says

USC’s Marshall School of Business’ dean is on the defensive after receiving widespread backlash for his handling of the incident.

‘China is Rooting for Joe Biden’: Tom Cotton Accuses the Vice President of Aiding China’s Rise Throughout His Nearly 50-Year Career

Cotton juxtaposed Biden’s record with that of Trump, who he is said is addressing America’s geopolitical competition with China head

American University Administrators Must Step Up to Fight Beijing’s Authoritarian Influence

The CCP seeks to make American campuses less conducive to open inquiry, and more dangerous for students and professors. It

State Department to Require Chinese ‘Confucius Institutes’ to Register as Foreign Agents: Report

U.S. agencies and elected officials have warned that the institutes serve as propaganda centers used by China to project soft

TikTok Threatens Litigation After Trump Issues Executive Order Banning the App in 45 Days

“We are shocked by the recent Executive Order, which was issued without any due process,” the company said in a

Trump Admin Looking to Boost Arms Sales to India after Deadly China Clashes

The Trump administration is seeking to boost arms sales to India following deadly clashes between Chinese and Indian soldiers.

‘Dark money’ group tied to Tom Cotton targets Democrats in Trump-won districts

Senator Tom Cotton (Tom Brenner/Getty Images) A “dark money” group launched by allies of Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is spending

‘We Were Basically Working for the Chinese Government:’ Former NBA Employees Detail Abuses of Students at Chinese Academies

The NBA received multiple employee complaints that instructors in China were physically abusing pupils, and that students were not receiving

Zuckerberg To Testify that Anti-Trust Legislation against Facebook Will Only Aid China

Facebook chief executive officer will argue that any weakening of U.S. companies will cede territory to Chinese companies.

China Orders U.S. Consulate in Chengdu Shut in Retaliation for Houston Closure

The closure was a “legitimate and necessary response to the unjustified act by the United States,” China’s foreign ministry said

DOJ Indicts Two Chinese Suspects for Hacking U.S. Firms, Stealing Trade Secrets and Coronavirus Research

The Trump administration warned in May that China was attempting to steal or set back American research on a coronavirus

U.S. Social Media Companies Cease Hong Kong Data Requests, Citing National Security Law

Several U.S. social media companies have ceased reviewing requests by Hong Kong authorities to search residents’ data, following China’s implementation